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But seriously... Inspiration galore, right here! How are you staying inspired to get moving this Monday? Snap it like a pro to show us!

The Nicila Sports Bra - [ Lorna.link Link ]
Cool Off Run Shorts - [ Lorna.link Link ]
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So which will it be? #THISISACTIVELIVING
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Hues that match your mood Can you handle the heat?

Shop the Align Sports Bra now - [ Lorna.link Link ]
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While you work on bringing your best #sweatgame, the Skyler Core are doing the exact opposite! The LJ Excelβ„’ fabric wicks the moisture away from your skin and dries extremely quickly!
Be ready for your next workout and shop them here - [ Lorna.link Link ]
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It's that simple... Yet we always seem to over complicate it! Tag a friend to remind them #LJLOVEYOU
Lorna Jane
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Comfortable, supportive and stylish - the Isla Sports Bra has it all! We are loving the wide underbust support band, let us know in emojis what you think!
Shop it now instore or right here -[ Lorna.link Link ]
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This bra is just peachy! This medium support sports bra will take you through your next workout in soft feminine style.
Is this on your LOVE list? Shop it now > [ Lorna.link Link ]
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Detail upon detail How many mesh panels can you see?

Shop the Alexandra Core F/L Tight in your local store or here -[ Lorna.link Link ]
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Smooth buttery crust, creamy caramel filling, topped with chocolate... Have we made your mouth water yet? Discover the recipe for this Paleo Salted Caramel Slice here - [ Lorna.link Link ]

(Refined sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, soy free, raw and vegan!)
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Who said that working out was boring? Make your next move session a groovy one like @katieaustin!
Divine Sports Bra - [ Lorna.link Link ]
Divine Core F/L Tight - [ Lorna.link Link ]
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When the going gets tough, the tough get going PR superstar, mother of two, and breast cancer survivor @roxyjacenko shares her top tips to MNB every day!
Check it out here - [ Lorna.link Link ]
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You asked for it, MISSION VIEJO…
Lorna Jane is bringing our SALE event to you!
Your active life starts here.

WHEN: Thursday, March 30th – Saturday, April 1st
TIME: Thursday & Friday 10AM – 8PM & Saturday 9AM-7PM
WHERE: Lorna Jane Mission Viejo: 555 Shops at Mission Viejo, Mission Viejo CA, 92691


Lorna Jane Mission Viejo Sale Event

EVENT - facebook.com
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Hustle and heart will set you apart ❀ Tag someone below to remind them to never, never, never give up!
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Are you ready to bring it 'om'? Team this lightweight tank with the Simplicity Yoga Bra for a combo that will brighten up every morning flow!
Shop now instore or here - [ Lorna.link Link ]
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Paddington we are coming for you!
We will be popping up at along Latrobe Terrace to bring you the latest activewear and empowering you to live your best life through Active Living.

Treat yourself with up to 40% OFF* and check it out!

The finer details…
WHO: YOU & your entire #girlsquad
WHERE: BrisWest Centre, 132 Latrobe Terrace,...
View details ⇨

Paddington Pop Up Sale

EVENT - facebook.com
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Hip, hip, hooray - it's FRI-YAY!

We're flipping today on it's head - how are you mixing up your morning move?
Lorna Jane
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Looking for an easy on & off? Adjust your fit with the Isla Sports Bra - tighten for your high intensity workout or loosen for your Sunday yoga session
Add it to your Active wardrobe now - [ Lorna.link Link ]
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Are you wearing the right tights for your workout? ???? The Brisk Core 7/8 Tights are the perfect option for comfort and style.

Featuring active core stability to engage your core, mesh panels on the thigh & lower leg for extra air flow for those hot sessions.

Shop them now - [ Lorna.link Link ]
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Picture this: a huge wave is heading your way... Will you duck under or will you ride it out? #THISISACTIVELIVING
Start the day focused, energised and centred with some #LJYOGA What makes you feel like you can take on anything?

Lorna wears:
Shannon Core 7/8 Tights - [ Lorna.link Link ]
Cool Off Sports Bra - [ Lorna.link Link ]