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Recipe for Mother's Day!! Gluten free clementine cake with almonds and pomegranates. Full recipe here : [ Lorrainepascale.com Link ]
F A L S I E S that minute your false eyelash falls of midway through conversation #awkward #eatlivebalance (always travel with tweezers!) ❤
Do you use turmeric? It is supposed to be amazing for the body. New blog post here [ Lorrainepascale.com Link ]

In praise of turmeric, the magic yellow spice. – Lorraine Pascale

Pilates! Loving it so much. Awesome
For the core and for the back and everything really. Mat classes are great too! Perfect after a day of baking! Big love. Lorraine #eatlivebalance
Some of you lovelies asking about my easy every day smokey eye makeup look for my @mumsnet Facebook live, so I did this video for you [ Youtu.be Link ]
Congratulations Charlotte Conroy and Fay Woodleigh You have won the mumsnet.com Lorraine Pascale Book competition! Congrats. mumsnet.comwill be contacting you soon! Big love xx
Come join us!!! #holidaybakingchampionship

interested in being on a show? We are now casting at bakingchampionship.com


I am live now answering your baking questions and conundrums #BAKE
On mumsnet.com tomorrow!! Come join xxx
Hey, pecan popcorn cake full recipe here xxxx [ Google.co.uk Link ]
Looking forward to meeting some of you today here! Can't wait!!

[ Eventbrite.co.uk Link ]

In the mean time, this is for you. I N S I D E . In a world that constantly pushes us to think otherwise it's good to remember that happiness is an inside job. No matter how much one obtains on the outside in all the desired areas of life... the good stuff is self-made and lies within! Love that....
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So much fun with holly and Phil this week for the launch of my new book. BAKE. Do check it out, I'm so proud of it. Also COME AND MEET ME TOMORROW here [ Eventbrite.co.uk Link ]
Come meet me! Tomorrow here [ Eventbrite.co.uk Link ]
Happy Friday! ❤
Live from
This Morning ❤
Happy Thursday to you. MY NEW BOOK IS OUT TORAY! with recipes like this easy Swiss roll in. Go buy it here [ Amazon.co.uk Link ]
Have a wonderful day... big love Lorrainexxx
Today is the day. My book is out. What makes it even more special is that it would
Have been my mums's birthday also... I miss her and I know she would
Have been so proud of this book also... have a great day ❤
Signing 700 books.. today. You can order the book now! It's out tomorrow xxx
B A C K L I G H T I couldn't resist a selfie! Have a wonderful day. I've just finished signing 700 books. Ready for tea and cake now. Big love Lorraine xxx #bakeandshare #eatlivebalance