Olympic champion Adam Peaty receives FINA award while training at Loughborough's "excellent facilities"

Peaty receives FINA award in new home

The cedar of Lebanon near EHB is believed to be 250-300 years old. Many of your may remember in December 1990, the heavy snowstorm which damaged the upper canopy of the tree, resulting in the unique shape we know and love today!
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We love this #LboroFamily What's your top reason? Written by English student Avelina Joseph

20 Reasons Why You’ll Never Regret Studying at Loughborough University

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Ricky Hatton, Serena Williams and Johnny Wilkinson are all under the microscope.

Understanding depression with help from some of the names in sport

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1 in 4 children in the UK are carrying out nursing type responsibilities, and almost two-thirds of young carers receive no support.

New national study offers unique insight into life as a young carer

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A new report, helped to completion by a Loughborough academic, calls for legal action against football clubs who fail to cater for their disabled fans.

Premier League clubs could face legal action for failing disabled fans

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It's the start of a tough few weeks for Loughborough students. Best of luck to you all in your exams - we know you can do it.

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Looking for a quiet place to work on campus, or maybe you need a little extra personal support over the next couple of weeks? Here's how the University can help: [ Bit.ly Link ]
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A Secret Garden vibe on our Instagram this week. What's behind this door...?

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Current policies are 'alienating' transgender athletes and need to be revised.

That's what our academics are calling for after a recent review. Read more: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Current sporting policies restrict transgender athletes

Our research showing those who cram a recommended weekly amount of exercise into one or two sessions has been all over the world this week [ Bbc.in Link ]

Weekend exercise alone 'has significant health benefits' - BBC News

Good morning :-) A snowy start to the day here in Loughborough ❄ Take care if you're heading on to campus ☃
We asked some of the cleverest people we know (Loughborough grads) their advice on making it through exams. Here's 8 of their best tips: [ Bit.ly Link ]

8 exam and coursework tips from our graduates

As part of Keep Calm week, a group of student Action volunteers have been walking local dogs today. LSU Action Exec Officer Anna got her mitts on our Snapchat account to bring some cute pups to all our followers. Go see! Follow lborouniversity or click [ Snapchat.com Link ]
Female between 55-70? Please give us a hand with our osteoporosis research! Here's how: [ Bit.ly Link ]

January | Hip Hop Volunteers | Loughborough University

"We are extremely grateful to them for their exceptional teamwork"

Three members of staff have been presented with Royal Humane Society (RHS) awards for their acts of bravery following an incident involving the resuscitation of a student.

Life saving Security Officers presented with Royal Humane Society awards

Good news, night owls. The Library is now open 24/7 until 31 January.

Looking for somewhere else to work on campus? Click here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Our very own LSU President has written a poem for students feeling a little stressed out this January. Pretty good!

Don't panic this exam period. Here's how the University can support you through this tricky time: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Exercising on the weekend may be all you need to get the health benefits associated with physical activity.

Weekend warrior exercise: is it good for you?