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Chris and Mariesa stumbled upon a heavily pregnant shelter dog named Storie. It was clear Storie was ready to pop at any moment — but she was reluctant to go into labor. Chris and Mariesa took her home anyway, and later that night, something incredible happened.

Pregnant Pit Bull Refuses To Give Birth When Foster Parents Are Stunned By Her Ultrasound
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After Angela and her husband wipe away their tears, they’re finally ready to learn the gender of baby Fleming. But the surprises aren’t done yet.

She’s Pregnant With 1 Baby, But When 3 White Balloons Pop Out During Gender Reveal, She Weeps
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When we know we’re being watched, we often curb our distaste, or temper our excitement, depending on who’s around and how we believe we should behave. Some of the greatest reactions, though, are the candid ones we see accidentally...

Homeless Man Hears Back About His Job Application — And Goes Charging Into The Street
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For a moment, this policewoman stopped being an officer of the law because she had to be a mom - to a child not even her own!

Policewoman holds starving newborn baby, breastfeeds the baby to save her life
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Work these into next month's meal plan for ease and DELICIOUSNESS!

5 slow cooker pork chop recipes to die for
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Doris Jenkins collapsed on the floor of her home. She crawled to open the door, but no one was around to help. With no other choice, Doris whispered in her dog's ear and begged him to go get help. Doris was shocked when the dog ran out of the house — though what was more stunning was who he brought back with him.

Grandma Falls And Can’t Get Up, Then She Whispers In Dog’s Ear To Get Help
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A food service aide at a Chicago-area children's hospital quietly saved up for an incredible surprise for the children at the hospital.

Hospital Worker Hid Secret On Job Every Day For 8 Years, Then Boss Sees It
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If you're stumped about what to make for dinner tonight, look no further! This genius recipe brings together two crowd-pleasing favorites — tacos and pizza.

Roll meat and cheese in dough for a meal that'll have your family begging for more
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She was caught a few times but never wavered or broke. She continued to save these children from an oppressive regime...

Nurse saves Jewish kids during Holocaust, hides them in coffins and sneaks them out of camps
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He provided meals to his neighborhood, and this time didn't charge a dime - awesome!

A Selfless Chef Won a Reality Game Show And Used The Prize Money To Feed His Community
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Johnny is a college student, so some people might be confused by his reaction to this bear, but when FOX explains how this bear is made, everyone will be touched: Megan creates each bear out of the uniforms of fallen officers to give to their children.

14-Year-Old Surprises Son Of Fallen Officer With A Bear Made Of Mom’s Uniform
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Using the ocean as a backdrop, Mozer had his wife, Angeline, pose. As he took the picture of his smiling wife...

Dad-to-be snaps photo of pregnant wife, never expecting to see this in the water
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"It won’t mean anything to him until he is a father himself, with kids who are turning into young men and women who mumble instead of talk, who won’t wear coats on freezing cold days, who don’t need Teddy anymore. Yes, maybe I will tell him then. I will tell him about how he was ready to let go of his Teddy way before I was."

My Growing Son Doesn’t Need His Teddy Bear Anymore, But I Still Do
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Agnes, not wanting her granddaughter to feel lonely on the road, gave Meghan an original letter from New Year’s Eve in 1943. In turn, 32-year-old Meghan transformed the priceless letter into something spectacular for her grandmother before she passed away in December 2016 at the age of 94...

Grandma Lends Out Late Husband’s Love Notes, But When They’re Returned, They Look So Different