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Naae was confused to find her newborn wearing not one but two onesies. It's not how she dressed him that morning! Then she was instructed to unsnap the blue one and look closer at the white one underneath.

Mom Doesn’t Know Why Their Baby Is Wearing 2 Onesies, Then Dad Says ‘Take Off The Blue One’
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Dr. Brad Armstrong of Greenslopes Private Hospital was absolutely baffled. In all his years of practicing medicine, he had never seen a case like this before. But there was something else about Kate’s pregnancy that made it even more surprising…

Doctor Sees Second Baby Appear In Ultrasound, But Mom Is Shocked To Learn It’s Not A Twin
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When it came time for Tyler and his wife Beth to start planning a family, they were convinced they wanted to adopt a sibling group, but they weren't expecting this.

Couple Adopts 5 Orphan Siblings
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Cooking beef in your slow cooker is really as simple as it gets. All beef really needs to shine is a great recipe and a few hours of cooking time—after which you’ll be left with fork-tender meals that will delight the whole family!

7 fantastic beef recipes for the slow cooker
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He added a new one to his grove every day for nearly four decades. Now he's amazing the world with what he created...

Man Plants Trees In The Same Spot Every Day. 37 Years Later, Here’s What It Looks Like
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His nephew is following in his uncle’s footsteps and working hard to launch his career in the singing business. This gave me the chills!

It Makes Sense Why His Voice Is So Special After He Reveals Who He’s Related To [video]
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"He's so cute!" That's all this little boy could say as he broke down in tears. This is so precious...

Little Boy Holds Puppy In His Hands, Cries Over How Cute The Puppy Is
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Dolly has been able to keep her personal life pretty private over the years, despite her worldwide success, but her sister, Stella Parton, is finally spilling some of the beans about Dolly’s long-lasting marriage to businessman Carl Dean.

After 50 Years Of Keeping Secret, Dolly Shares Closely Guarded Truth About Her Marriage
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Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soulmate, ever, let alone at such a young age, but these two give some people hope in the fairy tale. As CJ says, “It’s not about waiting for the right one, it’s about being the right one.”

Emotional Groom Loses It At Altar, Then Camera Pans To His Bride Coming Down The Aisle
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Kylie and Phillip hoped their second pregnancy would result in twins, since multiples run in both of their families. After Kylie got pregnant, the doctor looked closer at her ultrasound — and she couldn't help but laugh at the shocking news.

Couple Expects Normal Pregnancy, But When Doctor Reveals Ultrasound, Mom Is In Hysterics
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Friendship knows no bounds, and nothing displayed this more than the unlikely friendship between Erling Kindem and Emmett Rychner, a WWII veteran and a six-year-old boy respectively.

Boy says farewell to his best friend - a 91-year-old World War 2 veteran who lives next door
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Art can be incredibly powerful, and for people in marginalized communities that don’t always get the opportunity, it’s vital for everyone to have a voice within society. With an organization like Rex and Friends helping to give disabled people a voice, they are truly working on helping an entire group of people a chance to release artistic energy and provide a safe space for them.

He was born with autism and blindness. Then he found music and it changed his life
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Did YOU know about this trick? Grow an endless supply of tomatoes.

Man shows off 'quick and dirty tip' for growing tomato seedlings