Love and Respect
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"Applying respect talk on my son changed the world for me COMPLETELY."

How One Mother’s Respect-Talk Found the Hero in Her Son
Love and Respect
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Valentine’s Day is a favorite holiday of many. It can also be a day where those same love birds become selfish toward one another.

On Valentine’s Day: The Disappointed and Sad Person
Love and Respect
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How to touch the heart of God by your obedience to Him.

Who Moves First?
We could not do what we do at the live Love and Respect conferences without teams like this. Thank you LifeAustin for your hard work and gracious hospitality this weekend!

It has been so encouraging to meet team members and attendees alike who have been changed by and are ambassadors for this message. We are looking forward to working with other teams in the coming weeks!
Shout out to everyone who is showing up this morning at either our live or video conferences! We hope you have your coffee in hand and are ready to laugh, learn, and be challenged.

We had SIX video conferences across the country and one live one at LifeAustin! Thank you to everyone who showed up!
Shout out to Austin, TX!

Tonight is the first night of our Live Conference season! Attendees will learn about how to motivate one another through meeting their spouse's need for love and respect.
This weekend and throughout the rest of this month, thousands are gearing up to laugh, learn, and be challenged at Live and Video Marriage Conferences across the country.

Comment below and let us know where you'll be!
If this describes you, are you willing to try a new approach?

What To Do When Your Marriage Doesn’t Work
Learn how to effectively resolve conflict and energize your spouse at an upcoming marriage conference!

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We don’t hear too much about submission anymore. And if we do, it’s considered a bit archaic in today’s modern culture.

Should a Husband Submit to His Wife?
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As I pondered God’s clear command (not suggestion) in Ephesians 5:33, I uncovered what I came to call the ‘Love and Respect Connection.’ I am commanded to love Sarah because she needs love; in fact, she ‘speaks love.’ Love is the lan- guage she understands. But when I speak to her in unloving ways, her tendency is to react with disrespectful words. Sarah is commanded to respect me because I...
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"We were on the Crazy Cycle, but I knew how to stop it, and I did!” Don't miss our latest #testimony!

It Began with Simply Deciding to Respect
We will be in AUSTIN, TX February 10-11, and many places after that. Early bird to register ends February 2nd!

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Remember: you can apply "Respect Talk" to your sons as well.

Calling All Moms! Apply “Respect Talk” to Your Sons
"The more you trusted and respected me, the further I was able to fly."

A Son’s Letter to His Mother
My response to one wife who wrote to me.
-Dr. E

What To Do When Your Husband Is Having an Affair
If the roles were reversed, we’d expect another to confess to us.

Why We Should Confess Our Unloving and Disrespectful Comments
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