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"She doesn’t stand up often like that, I don’t know why she did that but it was very funny."
(courtesy: Geneviève Savard)
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They saved a sweet ginger girl, 10 days later, she brought them 4 tiny mini mes.

They Saved Sweet Ginger Cat, 10 Days Later She Brought Them Four Little Mini Mes
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It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this!
(courtesy: Love2foster)
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Sweet mama and her mini mes.
(courtesy: @purrminators)
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They posted photos of a shelter cat, but got more than they expected. (with update)

Shelter Cat Was Looking For Home, Ended Up Helping 10 Other Cats Get Adopted
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The Bengal cat saved by rescuers was so happy that her kittens survived...

Rescue Bengal Mama So Happy Her Last Two Babies Survived and Won't Let Them Go...
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Foster dad comes home to his very meowy kitties
(courtesy: @zucaskittens)
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The kitties love their kittensitter Suzie :)
(courtesy: @suzie_and_kushi)
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A kind woman took a chance on a sad shelter cat, it changed his life forever.

Woman Takes a Chance on a Sad Shelter Cat, a Few Days After Adoption..
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Those tiny toe beans!
(courtesy: foster_kittens)
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A rescue cat mama and her 5 babies welcome a tiny motherless kitten into their family.

Rescue Cat Mama and Her Babies Help a Teeny Motherless Kitten
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Kitten Marmalade after he was adopted. So much cute!
(courtesy: Cole & Marmalade)
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Wrestling match between Tigger and Roo.
(courtesy: @fosterkittys)
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Sleepy buddies
(courtesy: @midorinotanbo)
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Kitty was clinging to oysters under a bridge... deputy came to the rescue..

Deputy Saves Drowning Kitten Clinging to Oysters Under Bridge (with Updates)