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There's nothing more special than a mother's bond with her baby

Why not give the #GiftofNature this Mother's Day by gifting your Mum a Love Nature App subscription? With over 200 hours of nature documentaries and new shows added weekly, it's the gift which keeps on giving! [ Link ]
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It's time to join in the UK #EarthHour2017! #MakeClimateMatter #EarthHourBuddies
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There's just a few hours to go until #EarthHour 2017.

Don't forget that by subscribing to Love Nature today using promocode 'EARTHHOUR' you will receive 50% off for 12 months!

You’ll get access to 200+ hours of nature shows on demand and 100% of proceeds go to the #EarthHour campaign.


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Subscribe today with promocode 'EARTHHOUR' and get 50% off for 12 months!
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Some fab pics from #EarthHour2017 across the world! #EarthHourBuddies #MakeClimateMatter
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It’s been a super busy night for Team Love Nature as we join forces with WWF at the 2017 Earth Hour run!

We are delighted to have been part of this amazing event in the countdown to #EarthHour in Singapore. Over 6000 runners turned out to support this amazing cause, and that’s in Singapore alone!

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A poignant reminder of how global warming affects nature's landscapes and animals.

Join the #EarthHour campaign this evening to show your support.

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Quiz time – fill in the blanks!

Binturong are sometimes compared to bears, but once fully grown they are closer in size to ________.
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We’ve added loads more great nature documentaries to the Love Nature app, including the next episodes in our adorable Zoo Juniors series!

Dive in today and see what’s now streaming on the app!

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See what's new on the Love Nature app
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03/24/2017 at 18:58. Facebook
Team Love Nature are in Singapore ahead of Earth Hour 2017!

We had a great day today on our stand and are getting some last-minute training in for the “Run for Wildlife” 5k run tomorrow! ‍‍‍

Wish us luck

#EarthHour #MakeClimateMatter
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Did you know that Volcanoes played a key role in forming the Earth? Can you tell us what percentage of the Earth’s surface above and below sea level is from Volcanic origin?
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03/23/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
"Saving the Chimps” follows the dedicated veterinarians and caretakers at the world’s largest chimpanzee shelter as they care for chimps who have been saved from a traumatic past involving years of biomedical testing.

Watch it here: [ Link ]

Watch "Saving the Chimps"
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03/22/2017 at 21:00. Facebook
#EarthHour 2017 is fast approaching!

Watch our Earth Hour playlist to see first hand how climate change has affected the world's ecosystems and what people are doing to reverse its effects!

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#MakeClimateMatter #DiscoverLoveNature

Watch our Earth Hour playlist!
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03/22/2017 at 19:00. Facebook
#LoveNatureCelebrates #WorldWaterDay today!

Water is a lifeblood for both humans and nature alike – we must preserve it!
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Namibia is bigger than England and France put together, but can you guess the population size?
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Don't forget that #EarthHour 2017 is fast approaching!

Subscribe to Love Nature today using promo code 'EARTHHOUR' & get 50% off for 12 months.

You’ll get access to 200+ hours of nature shows on demand and 100% of proceeds go to the #EarthHour campaign. #MakeClimateMatter

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Today #LoveNatureCelebrates World Frog Day!

What's your favourite Frog species and why?

We love the clever defence mechanism of the Dart Frog! They have bright markings and chemicals in their skin that make it taste bitter and unpleasant to eat!
Spring has sprung! What's your favourite thing about this season?
Ever wondered where the hottest, coldest & wettest places are on earth? Here’s our take on the 10 most extreme global locations!

[ Link ]

10 of the most extreme locations on Earth!