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Do you know which animal produces toxic venom that is deadliest to human beings?

Travel around the world with us to find out!

Check out “World's Worst Venom” on the Love Nature app:
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World's Worst Venom
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the Jane Goodall Institute is just one of the charities we support. We donate a portion of all proceeds from the Love Nature app to this inspiring charity.

Jane Goodall is an animal lover, scientist and conservationist, who has dedicated almost 60 years of her life supporting Chimpanzees in Africa.

Read more about her “Lifetime in the Field” : [ Link ] #charitytuesday

Jane Goodall: A lifetime in the field
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Quiz time…! Can you name the longest snake in the world?
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Next up in our Animalogic Series is all about Pythons! Snake lovers, you won’t want to miss this one!

Watch it now on the Love Nature app: [ Link ]

Animalogic: Pythons
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Cat lovers, this one is for you!

#LoveNatureCelebrates #AnswerYourCatsQuestionsDay What do you think your furry friend ponders over? Tell us below!
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Oh hello there… !

#LoveNatureCelebrates #SquirrelAppreciationDay! Comment below with your best caption for this fab pic!
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Watch how this Orangutan and her baby cope with an unlikely enemy... Venomous Bees! #DiscoverLoveNature

See the full story in "Twenty Masterpieces of Nature: Gunung Leuser." Now streaming on the Love Nature app: [ Link ]
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New this week on the Love Nature app! Don’t miss the next episode of Zoo Juniors, featuring a new sea lion pup and some tiny bear cats!

Watch it here: [ Link ]

Zoo Juniors Episode 307
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Today #LoveNatureCelebrates Penguin Awareness Day! What do you think of these City Slickers who have adapted to their new environment?!
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A recent report compiled by conservationists from Conservation International, revealed that over half the world’s wild primate species are at risk of extinction if action isn’t taken!

Help support this wonderful species from the threat of extinction by subscribing to the Love Nature app today!

A portion of all App proceeds with be donated to charity, including the Jane Goodall Institute,...
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Can you guess what age Bonobos are when they get their adult teeth?

Clue: It’s very similar to humans!!
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High above the jungle floor there are many species who have cleverly adopted new skills, allowing them to live the high life in the treetops!

Watch “Animal Strategies: The Ground or the Tree” on the Love Nature app to find out more! [ Link ]

Animal Strategies: The Ground or the Tree
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We salute these “Angels of the Jungle” who work tirelessly to care for and protect a group of primates living deep in the jungles of Africa and Southeast Asia. Follow their story on the Love Nature app: [ Link ]

Angels of the Jungle
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The amazing team at the Conkouati ape sanctuary look after Apes who have survived animal trafficking, sheltering them until they are fit to go back into the wild! Watch their incredible work in “Land of the Apes,” now streaming on the Love Nature app. [ Link ]

Land of the Apes
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What a great day we had at the Jane Goodall's Roots & Shoots UAE Awards, with all the finalists of the Roots and Shoots documentary competition. Budding file makers & nature enthusiasts were asked to create a documentary on any topic relating to environmental issues, on the theme of “inspiring change."

The lucky winner receives the trip of a lifetime, to join Love Nature on a documentary...
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#Didyouknow Chimps are really good at sign language if someone teaches them! What’s your favourite thing about Chimps?
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Learn about the amazing Jane Goodall and her work with Chimpanzees! the Jane Goodall Institute #CharityTuesday

Jane Goodall: The conservation revolutionary - CNN Video
Experience the incredible wonders of the natural world, in breathtaking IMAX! Check out our IMAX playlist for hours of amazing nature documentaries. [ Link ] #DiscoverLoveNature

IMAX Films
#LoveNatureCelebrates Dian Fossey’s birthday today! What an inspirational woman, who worked tirelessly to research and protect the amazing Mountain Gorilla.