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It's amazing how bird species’ have evolved over millions of years, to develop the necessary features to hunt and fly! Specialized wings, beaks & feathers – they have it all!

"Animal Strategies: The Power of Wings” on the Love Nature app explains all!

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Did you know that Germany is renowned for having a huge diversity of bird-life?

Check out “Germany's Wild Birds” on the Love Nature app to learn more!

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The Majestic Black Stork has started to emerge once again from the forests of Germany!

Watch as they defend their nests, raise their young and learn to soar high.

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#LoveNatureCelebrates #NationalLoveYourPetDay Have you got any funny stories about your beloved pets?

Share them with us below, we'd love to hear them!
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"Zoo Juniors” is the perfect series to enjoy with the family!

We follow the youngest animals of Berlin Zoo & Animal Park on their daily adventures!

The next 2 episodes in the Zoo Juniors series are now streaming on the Love Nature app: [ Link ]

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#LoveNatureCelebrates #WorldWhaleDay

Can you tell us what length a humpback whale can grow to?
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⭐Did you know that new and exciting nature documentaries are added to the Love Nature app every week? ⭐

We’ve put together a playlist of all this week’s fab new shows , so sit back, relax and enjoy every awe-inspiring nature moment with us!

Check out our “New This Week” playlist here: [ Link ]

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Stuck for something to do this weekend? We can help...!

Why not sign up for a 30 day free trial on the Love Nature app? Immerse yourself in the world of nature and enjoy ad free nature documentaries on demand!

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“Primates of the Caribbean”

Your chance to follow in the footsteps of researchers and study the primates who have inhabited a small island in the Caribbean!

Start your free trial and begin streaming today: [ Link ]

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Discover the world of bears in IMAX!

From black bears in Montana to polar bears in the arctic, learn about the challenges facing each of these species and why protecting them benefits wildlife and people everywhere!

Watch “IMAX:Bears” on the Love Nature app: [ Link ]


IMAX: Bears
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Dolphin lovers, this is for you!

Want to experience how dolphins live and play, and unravel the mysteries of dolphin communication?

Check out this Academy Award-nominated IMAX film streaming on the Love Nature app!

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Happy #NationalHippoDay! Here is a quick Hippo quiz for you... Can you guess what a Hippo typically weighs? #LoveNatureCelebrates
This wild lot are certainly feeling the love this Valentine's Day! ❤
There's still time to give the #GiftOfNature this Valentine’s Day! Cosy up tonight and enjoy hours of 4K nature documentaries with that special someone ❤

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❤ We are feeling the love at Love Nature HQ ❤

We’ve got an entire show dedicated to an adorable Koala joey and its mum! Follow them as they cuddle up, snooze and explore the tree tops!

Watch “Babies: Koala” on our app: [ Link ]

Watch "Babies: Koala" on the Love Nature app today!
Witness one black-footed penguin's dramatic story of life and death, set against the backdrop of one of the harshest coastlines in the world!

Watch “Penguins Under Siege,” now streaming on the Love Nature app. [ Link ]


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Did you know that a percentage of every Love Nature app subscription will be donated to our charity partners around the world?

Not only can you enjoy amazing nature documentaries on demand, you can support great causes too!

Together we can make a difference ❤

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It’s a risky business working in the wilds of Africa. Follow a game capture team on the highs and lows of their perilous job!

Caught in the Act Episode 3 on the Love Nature app: [ Link ]


Caught in the Act Episode 3
Dolphins are pretty efficient at mating. Don't blink or you will miss it!