Recent history may be a big feature of South Africa, but it’s the ancient history that truly leaves its mark! #wowSouthAfrica
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It isn’t just a hike. It’s a pivotal moment where your life changes forever! That is the power of the Drakensberg. #wowSouthAfrica
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Dry landscapes and red dunes provide the backdrop to a one-of-a-kind experience. Step into the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. #wowSouthAfrica

The Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park – an inspiring desert wilderness.
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Say hello to summer and all the delicious celebrations that come with it – explore these winelands activities today! [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
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WATCH: Once you've been part of the electrifying pantsula dance, you'll soon come to realise that it's more than just a dance - it's a lifestyle! #wowSouthAfrica
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A sunrise in the city, a balloon ride over the savannah, a wild encounter, beaching with the locals, a mountain sunset, all topped off with a groovy night out with some South African Jazz. This is 24 hours of wow! #wowSouthAfrica
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A defining moment on your first safari drive is when you spot your first member of the Big Five! #wowSouthAfrica
As South African Tourism, we are committed to promoting sustainable, responsible and ethical tourism practices. Read more here: [ Link ]
When overlooking the Blyde River Canyon in Mpumalanga, keep in mind this might be the most breathtaking sight you’ll ever see, so take a camera! #wowSouthAfrica
When the sun goes down, the Mother City comes alive in the most spectacular way. Have a night off in Cape Town. #wowSouthAfrica
Strap on your backpack and mosey on down the famously breathtaking Garden Route all the way to the Mother City with this ultimate backpackers guide. #wowSouthAfrica

Brilliant Backpacking along the Garden Route
Wake up in the wild, horse ride on the beach, stop for a coffee, walk down a cultural road, tube down white waters and spot the Big Five on a night drive. This is 24 hours of wow! #wowSouthAfrica
Head off on a sunset cruise in Durban, which only has room for one passenger. Bliss! #wowSouthAfrica
Have you ever been told that you need to relax more outdoors? Well here’s one way! #wowSouthAfrica
History in South Africa goes back further than you think. A trip to Mapungubwe will bring a lost civilisation back to life. #wowSouthAfrica

Mapungubwe - Home of the golden rhino
From camping to shark-cage diving, South Africa will make you feel alive! Explore 24 hours in this outdoor playground [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
Step by step, you’ll discover the hidden treasures of the South African wild on a walking safari. An opportunity not to be missed! #wowSouthAfrica
Get in the water and stare face to face with the ocean's most fearsome predator. You’ll never get closer than this! #wowSouthAfrica
With art, food and plenty of soul, welcome to Maboneng, the modern and cultural heart of South Africa’s City of Gold, Johannesburg. #wowSouthAfrica

The Maboneng Precinct; pioneering Jo'burg’s inner-city way of life.