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You’ve heard of wildlife safaris! How about reading all about what you can do on a city safari in South Africa - [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
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Today, South Africa celebrates #HumanRightsDay - The South African freedom struggle is an essential aspect of our history. Read more about South Africa's history and what makes the Apartheid Museum in Johannesburg a must-stop for tourists visiting South Africa:
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The Apartheid Museum, Johannesburg
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If you’re a fisherman at heart, cast away with some premium South African trout fishing - [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
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From a mountain biker's paradise to a hub for art, see Cape Town's Durbanville like you've never seen it before!

Neighbourhood Series video by Sledgehammer Studio via Love Cape Town #lovecapetown

Durbanville: The Love Cape Town Neighbourhood Series

From a mountain biker's paradise to a hub for art, see Cape Town's Durbanville like you've never seen it before in Cape Town Tourism's Insider's Guide to Dur...

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On safari, you never know who you’re going to run into! Have you had a close encounter of the wild kind? #wowSouthAfrica
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Imagine the stories you’d tell after embarking on a heart-pumping South African adventure safari. Read more on our blog - [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
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A golden sunset in the City of Gold always goes best with a cheers! This is 24 hours of wow - #wowSouthAfrica
National Geographic Explorer, Professor Lee Berger, connects with ancient humanity at the Maropeng – Cradle of Humankind. Have you been before? #wowSouthAfrica
Make your way up the Durban beachfront in cultural style! Learn the legend of the rickshaw - [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
Start the day out right! Where’s your favourite South African picnic spot? #wowSouthAfrica
It’s 7am, the perfect time to explore South Africa’s vibrant culture. This is 24 hours of wow - #wowSouthAfrica
Ever wondered what it’s like to take your taste buds on a food safari? Read our blog to begin your mouth watering journey. [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
National Geographic Photographer Thomas Peschak confesses his love for the South African coast. What do you love about South Africa? #wowSouthAfrica
Durban’s Golden Mile has some of the best surfing in the country! Check out KwaZulu-Natal’s best surf spots right here - [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
South Africa is a hiker’s heaven! Find your slice with these breathtaking day hikes - [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
It’s 6am, time to rise up with the sun on a hot air balloon! This is 24 hours of wow - #wowSouthAfrica
In South Africa, everything is a safari! Read more and unpack yours - [ Link ] #wowSouthAfrica
Dig your toes in the sand, take a dip in the ocean and experience the best of South Africa’s sun-soaked coast. With over 2700km to explore, you’ll find wow in every moment. #wowSouthAfrica
Let the road less travelled lead you to the adventure of a lifetime. #wowSouthAfrica
Why stroll through the forest when you can glide? It’s never been easier to explore beautiful Tsitsikamma! #wowSouthAfrica