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Chris & Beverly our Destination Love winners shared a picture of them taking in the NYC sights! They are enjoying their tour of our beautiful city and taking advantage of the warm weather. Enjoy your honeymoon!
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Today's #SpotlightSunday goes to Jeremy L., our $1,000 Wyoming #WinAcrossAmerica winner He loves playing in the morning and is excited to have won! His word of advice "is to be patient...eventually something good is going to happen!"

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It's Andre, Olga and Katie here! We're getting ready to go live. In 2 minutes! #Lucktastic
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We LOVED all of the submissions from yesterday's Facebook contest! Let's hear it for Michael G. from Weirsdale, FL who shared a special memory he has of his family. Congrats and enjoy your dinner!
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What long-term goals are YOU preparing yourself for?

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