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Lucozade Energy Ireland
01/13/2017 at 11:40. Facebook
Come play our new fun game over on SNAPCHAT! Can you guess the object? We are giving away loads of Just Eat Ireland vouchers.

*******To enter, snap us what you think the object is!********
Lucozade Energy Ireland
01/12/2017 at 15:45. Facebook
Play or get played? Game Flow starts in 24 hours over on our Snapchat.

We are giving away loads of vouchers for Just Eat Ireland. Follow us and try out our new, super fun game. If you're not in, you can't win!
Want to escape the January Blues? Get ready to play Game Flow over on our Snapchat to win some well-deserved treats.
Ugh! Back at work? But at least it's FriYAY and the first week is almost over... Join us on Snapchat to celebrate! Snap: Lucozadeie #FindYourFlow
It's been quite a year and DailyEdge.ie has 23 people who absolutely slayed in 2016! [ Bit.ly Link ] #FindYourFlow

23 people who absolutely won 2016

With both hands! #FindYourFlow
Mr Cian Twomey - #ChristmasGoals #FindYourFlow
When the weather outside won’t snow…..Let It Flow, Let It Flow, Let It Flow.
Santa or Santy? The DailyEdge.ie have all you need to know about a proper Irish Christmas. So, Let it Flow, Let it Flow, Let it Flow....#FindYourFlow
Cyber Monday, yay, don't delay, find a present for bae! #FindYourFlow
It's Black Friday, don't delay, Santa needs to fill his sleigh #FindYourFlow
Flow - that unmistakeable feeling of unstoppable; of no problem that can't be solved; of no one else can do it better; of whatever the day throws at you, you simply take it in your stride…because you know how to #FindYourEnergy #FindYourFlow
Doing a smooth job of your to-do list this weekend #FindYourFlow
Breaking free, without breaking your Stride #FindYourFlow
Bonfires, Barmbrack, Nothing Like Some Irish Craic...Happy Halloween! #FindYourFlow
Grab A Bottle, Hit The Street, One Night Only, Trick Or Treat…Happy Halloween! #FindYourFlow
Want to WIN €300 Cash? We've teamed up with the DailyEdge.ie for a Snapchat competition to help you Find Your Halloween Flow! Just find one of our hidden bottles on today's Daily Edge Snapchat story and send it back to dailyedge - it's scarily simple to enter!

WIN: €300 in cash AND watch us scaring our co-workers

Our Win/Fail Zone on The DailyEdge.ie is back! This week's Top Flow Moment just had to be this Halloween wall in Bray :) dailyedge.ie/harbour-bar-bray-3018515-Oct2016/

This pub in Bray has its very own Stranger Things wall for Halloween

Bring it on, you're on a roll. #FindYourFlow