Guess what we've just had for brunch!!

A little treat from Oli in our office. He made this dreamy Cacao and Hazelnut Tart over the weekend. Its dairy and gluten free too. Recipe to follow shortly... x
Dear Monday...! ⭐
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Love this quote ❤
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The King of All Spices - Black Pepper ⭐

Read this interesting blog here - [ Link ]
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Thank you all so much for tuning in to today's LIVE play, Lucy and Meg are often really nervous on camera so all your positive feedback is hugely appreciated!

For those that watched, we offered 2 free gifts (a Lucy Bee Beauty Book and tub of bath salts). Our 2 winners are below...

Thank you again for your continued support.

See you again soon x
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Lucy & Meg show you how to use Coconut Oil in your beauty regime!

0:20 - Coconut Oil Hair Mask
6:45 - Hand Treatment
12:08 - Oil Pulling
13:45 - 12 Label Scheme (Get a free jar of coconut oil!)
16:40 - Where is our coconut oil sold?
17:00 - Coconut Oil for dogs/animals
21:54 - Coconut Oil for Babies
22:50 - Q & A

Got any questions? Leave them in the comments below!
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These crispy salmon fish fingers are super simple to make, with a soft flaky middle. This recipe is one for the whole family. Say goodbye to ‘Fish-and-Chips-Fridays’ and hello to ‘Scrumptious-Salmon-Saturdays’!
[ Link ]
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It's been a while since I last cooked steak!

Tonight I'm going all out with creamy garlic spinach, sweet potatoe fries and slightly over cooked asparagus ... umm ummm! (excuse the poor lighting!)

Have a lovely eve all x
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Facebook LIVE chat:

Lucy and Meg will be online tomorrow morning at 9am, answering all your beauty questions.

They will be showing you some beauty tips for the perfect pamper night at home this weekend, plus giving away some Lucy Bee goodies!!

If you have any questions please log in and speak to the girls then. Have a lovely eve x
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Eating well and in season couldn’t be easier! Try this hearty Cauliflower and Chickpea Curry. It’s packed full of flavor and goodness, plus it freezes well!

See the full recipe here - [ Link ]
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Rosemary, One of Nature’s Gems

Rosemary is a common herb which we use in recipes today and we can either use it dried or fresh.

It has been a staple ingredient to those living in the Mediterranean as it is native to these parts and can be added numerous dishes, bringing its own unique flavour.

It works well with lamb or beef dishes (think lamb tagine or roast beef); sprinkled over roasted...
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Try out this natural way of getting rid of those dreaded head lice. The fatty content of the coconut oil makes it hard for the head lice to stick to the hair follicle and it also suffocates them!
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#WIN Vegan Hamper full of our fav brands & products. Simply Like & Share to enter. Ends midnight 24.1.17. UK only.
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9 ways YOU can save money by using Coconut Oil in your beauty regime!

This do-it-all ingredient can replace so many everyday beauty products and it’s completely NATURAL & CHEMICAL FREE!

1. Moisturiser – Apply a small amount and gently massage into skin.

2. Cuticle Oil – It’s great for nourishing the nail bed, moisturising and conditioning, as well as revitalising rough, ragged...
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A few other delicious recipes we have coming to you next week!

- Baked Salmon Fillet Fish Fingers
- Smoked Haddock Crushed Potato Cakes

Stay tuned xx
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Nothing smells sweeter than the aroma of home-baked granola drifting through the kitchen first thing in the morning!
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Coconut oil works really well as a natural makeup remover.

It’s gentle on your skin and even wipes away water-proof mascara with ease. Not only that, you can also save money on cleansers and eye makeup remover.

Please excuse how hard I rub my eyes, I was a little nervous in front of the camera! Lucy x
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Filming day!

This morning we made this tasty hassle-back sweet potato baked with garlic and rosemary infused coconut oil. Topped with my favourite toppings... something a little different to my usual plain jacket spud for lunch! X
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