Luisa Omielan
Luisa Omielan
06/21/2017 at 15:20. Facebook
Here she is with two chickens ❀
Here she is with two chickens
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She is just brilliant ❀
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Sophie Elizabeth Thow
The Ministerial Correspondence and Public Enquiries unit replies on behalf of ministers to letters, emails and telephone calls from members of the public. The unit is in close contact with ministers on a daily basis.
Luisa Omielan 06/19/2017
Jessica DeCarlos Stansell-Aiyegbusi
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Claire O'Callaghan
Luisa Omielan
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Stephanie Von Pratt
I feel like my mum has been failed at every turn.
First by the GP who missed the diagnosis. Six times she went and they all said it's nothing sinister. She waited months for a colonoscopy appointment only to be told at the last minute it wasn't an actual colonoscopy at all. It was an appointment to see is she warranted one.
Then by the nurse who told her 'No, you're not an emergency'. My mum...
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I feel like my mum has been failed at every turn
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I just love her so much. This was only a few weeks ago. How can one person be so beautiful and so kind and so lovely and just perfect. She's 64 and has the health of a 20 year old. I just don't understand what is happening right now.
I just love her so much This was only a few weeks
Luisa Omielan
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One uncle just made this for me and my bro, we communicate in the language of food #ChickenSoup #PolishTime
One uncle just made this for me and my bro we communicate
Agnieszka Olenska
Naomi Lloyd
Karen Holton
Mums in so much pain. Have given oils, paracetamol, morphine, morphine patch. She shakes with it. Have called the one nurse I know at the hospital to help get this tube out as it's causing so much distress. Oncologist is looking into it but he's away on training. If they take the tube out she has to go back in. I asked if I could take her back to ward, I can but through A&E, I don't want her...
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Mums in so much pain Have given oils paracetamol morphine morphine patch
Luisa Omielan
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That was a hard show and the crowd was so generous and patient and kind and loving. I felt the love. Thank you #mightyhoopla #festival
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Holly Clark
Diane Adams
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Lisa O'hagan
She's mowing the Fucking lawn
Elise Egebjerg Rischel
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Charlotte Heidi
You guys are amazing. I have had a few messages from people but this morning I was sent this link, your thoughtfulness and kindness is incredible. I can't believe you lot. I also had some good news this morning that something I was working on before has been picked up for later in the year. Right now everything is on hold and we are doing everything we can to explore our options. I just want...
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Help raise Β£3000 to care for Luisa Omielan's beloved Mumma as she deals with double cancer.
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The city of Manchester has responded to the death and chaos triggered after an Ariana Grande concert, with offers of beds for the stranded, cups of tea for those stunned and bewildered and free taxi rides home as public transport ground to a halt.
Luisa Omielan 05/23/2017

People in Manchester offer up their homes to strangers who can't get home after the explosion
Theresa Genevieve Somerville
John Barnett
Oh my goodness. I cannot believe people's kindness and how many of you have reached out and sent words of encouragement and offered help. From love and support to GP's on call to help with fees and oils and charity. I am so touched by this I can't tell you. One of my gorgeous fans @jegoliz has sent us a Tesco Food shop. I can't believe this. Thank you so so much. You really do have all of my...
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Oh my goodness I cannot believe peoples kindness and how many of
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