I first posted this on December 23rd 2014. Very interesting response at the time. Many supportive. Many anything but supportive. Wonder how people feel now.

Hey Whistleblowers. Shut The F**k Up!

It's been one hell of a year. From proofing a by election leaflet in the maternity ward of Ballinasloe hospital to meeting a Garda whistleblower down a country lane in Offaly only to be given...
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Shocked and saddened are words you often read and usually gloss over but that was exactly how I felt this morning when word filtered through that Peter Mathews had died.

We came from very different backgrounds and very different political perspectives but we both arrived at the Dáil on the same day, first-time TDs after the February 2011 election, with similar ambition on...
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The Vilest Smear of all. Great piece as ever by Ciaran Tierney [ Blogspot.ie Link ]

The vilest smear of all


The beatification process for Enda Kenny has begun, the usual choristers all in harmony as they cite, among other miracles, how our saviour from the west made all the tough decisions and almost single-handedly turned Ireland’s economy around, saved the nation.

Allow me a discordant note.


In September 2012, 18 months after he...
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As a member of a minority group in politics, fighting to see that the interests of the people are served before the interests of the powerful vested interests who carry so much influence with the bigger groups, you expect to face an uphill battle. It came as no great shock to me then that last week in the European Parliament, the vote on CETA was...
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Mick Wallace - spells out not only the problems but the solutions when it comes to policing in Ireland. Please read and share this very important piece which is published in today's Irish Times.

-To change An Garda, get rid of its hierarchy-

"This policing crisis exposes a culture where dissent is not tolerated"

Clare Daly and I(Mick Wallace) first met Garda whistleblowers Maurice McCabe...
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Our Minister for Health is like the God of the Old Testament. Please read and share. [ Thejournal.ie Link ]

Ming Flanagan: 'Our Minister for Health is like the God of the Old Testament - mean'

RTE may not cover my many contributions in the European Parliament but Channel 4 have put this on their Facebook page. Please share.

Commissioner Vestager is I believe correct in her assessment that Ireland is taking the piss on Apples Corporation Tax rate. I also believe that sadly she is nothing but an unwitting Trojan horse for the EUs plans for ever increasing fiscal powers. If the EU...
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Anyone out there still deluding themselves about what's going on in the Garda Siochana should watch this. It's just over a minute long but nails it. You could be the next victim of this sick and twisted cabal. I've also posted the transcript. Read it. Watch it. Take it in. This is really happening

In early 2014, a journalist contacted David Taylor when he (Taylor) was (Garda) press officer....
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Yesterday I spoke in the European Parliament about Financial Whistleblowers. Please share.
Political policing is a major problem in our country. Yesterday in the European Parliament I made a short speech on the issue. Please watch and share.
The Acceptable Opposition.

Brendan Howlin is acceptable. Michael Martin is acceptable. People who vote for them have more of a right to be listened to than those who vote for the likes of Mick Wallace, Clare Daly and myself. That is the reason why over the last week both The Labour Party and Fianna Fáil have been allowed to move centre-stage on the issue of Garda malpractice. Mainstream...
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Tomorrow we vote. Please share.

Prior to CETA, both Canada and the EU applied higher customs duties in the agricultural sector than in any other. The significant drop in tariff barriers instituted by the CETA will thus have the greatest effect on the agricultural sector, with zero-duties now applying to most forms of production.

Just one example: Canada...
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Did you know that Mick Wallace and myself were going to "undermine democracy" according to Paul "the bullshiter" Williams.
The Bullshiter is very silent today.
LIVING ON THE LIST please share.

Occasionally RTÉ takes its remit as a ‘public service broadcaster’ seriously and last night was one such occasion. ‘Living on the List’, a programme by the RTÉ Investigates team on the tens of thousands who are on the HSE’s almost interminable waiting list for operations, exposed some hard truth about Ireland 2017 for the whole nation to see, and it was ugly,...
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I wonder how systematically removing services from Rural Ireland fits with Enda's 'plan' to save that very same Rural Ireland. [ Facebook.com Link ]

Aughavas Oifig an Phoist


Over to you Minister Noonan. Please share.

In a report in The Economist on July 12th last year, we read the following:

‘The Irish economy grew by 26.3% in 2015, compared with the expected rate of 7.8%, after foreign companies that switched their base to Ireland were included in the value of its corporate sector, pushing up the value of the...
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Ireland 2040 and the Rural Action Plan. Please share.

Yesterday's launch of what was titled "Ireland 2040" clearly states that 75% of our projected future population and housing growth will be in the greater Dublin area. So only a fortnight after the government launched the "Rural Action Plan" it has been shown up for the tokenism that it has engaged in.

“Through this Action Plan, I want...
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The Bird flu crisis and its impact on the free range sector. Jobs at risk! Please read and share.

At an extraordinary meeting of the Agricultural committee in the EP yesterday with AGRI Commissioner Phil Hogan to discuss the bird flu crisis, the difficulty facing the poultry industry and the complexity in tackling the core issues were outlined and while some issues were given clarity, many...
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