Brexit Meeting With Michel Barnier. Please read and share.

The big news from yesterday’s European Parliament Plenary session is undoubtedly the election of Antonio Tajani as President to succeed Martin Shultz, who had reached the end of his term. From an Irish perspective, however, the bigger news vis-a-viz Europe was the Theresa May speech on Brexit, this is the one that’s going to have by...
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A Treaty most of you have never heard of but one which will have a major impact on all our lives on this island came a step closer to ratification this week with a decision by one of the most powerful Committees to recommend its acceptance by Parliament at a Plenary session next month.

CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade...
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This week at the European Parliament we vote on who is the next President. Lots of candidates. It will most likely boil down to these two. One is a sheep. The other is a buddy of Michael O' Leary. I didn't include their replies. Why. These people don't really reply. They just exercise their larynx for fun. Please share..
As expected (this isn’t my first experience with the ECB), Mr Draghi’s response to the Written Questions I submitted after the Jonathan Sugarman allegation of extreme breaches of financial regulations by Unicredit (Irl) in 2007 have themselves raised more questions.

In his response, Mr Draghi states ‘The Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM) aims to ensure coherent and high-quality prudential...
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In spite of all the obvious evidence that the EU project is falling apart at the seams – the UK pulling out, major opposition building in France, Italy and even in Ireland – its supporters and apologists always return to one very basic argument as to why it needs to be maintained: the EU has given us an unprecedented period of peace in...
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Yesterday I posted my contribution on fisheries. We have 25% of the fishing water yet we can only catch less than 5% of the fish. I was supported in my comments by two British MEPs. Sean Kelly however didn't agree. That's why we are where we are. Please watch and share.
Your fish. Your future. Please share. Not the fish! The Post.

There is a documentary going the rounds at the moment made by Risteard Ó Domhnaill, the man who made ‘The Pipe’. It’s called Atlantic, was shown on RTE last week – no matter how you manage, get to see it. And if you're Irish, if you have any sense at all of right and wrong, prepare to be a little bit incensed.

In 1973 we joined...
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Last Monday nights Vincent Browne interview with Jonathan Sugarman. Compulsive viewing. Please share. The establishment will try to bury this. They wont succeed. Share.

In Buswells’ Hotel on Friday morning last we launched Jonathan Sugarman’s e-book, ‘The Whistleblower’.

For those of you who haven’t heard (and if you've been tuned in to RTE, radio or television, you haven’t heard), Jonathan is a whistleblower, a former Risk Manager with Unicredit (Irl) who exposed the circus that was the IFSC in 2007, the clowns, the ringmaster and how...
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The Whistleblower - Lifting The Lid On Ireland's Banking Sector Just Before The Bust, an Ebook by Jonathan Sugarman
A Limerick for our lord.
Vera Twomey spoke at our Medicinal Cannabis event in Brussels las week. This woman is driven by something politicians can't spin. The love of her child. [ Link ]
Jonathon Sugarman launched his Whistleblower book on Friday in Buswells Hotel. The shit will stick yet. Please share. Your money. Your life. Time for this shit to stop.
My contribution on the "European Semester" process and how it is preventing public investment at a time of record low interest rates. Please watch and share.
This is a no brainer. Please share and support. Big evening ahead in the Dail. [ Link ]

Minister For Health : CBD For Ava Support
Funny how international media can pick up on my work with Jonathan Sugarman but none of our national rags show the slightest bit of interest. I received one contact from the national media in the last week. The Irish Examiner. Was it about Sugarmans revelations? Was it hell. They have in fact contacted me to ask would I pen a letter to Santa Claus. I kid you not. Dear Santa, Can we have some...
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When The First Small Piece Of Shit Finally Sticks... | Zero Hedge

Nine years ago Jonathan Sugarman walked into the office of the then Financial Regulator at the Central Bank of Ireland in Dublin and presented him with solid evidence of serious regulatory wrong-doing by his (Jonathan’s) bank.

It should have prompted an immediate investigation of the bank by the Regulator, resulting in major fines and reprimands for...
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The Whistleblower - lifting the lid on Ireland's banking sector just before the bust, an Ebook by Jonathan Sugarman
Today I got to ask Mario Draghi, the President of the European Central Bank, the following question on Jonathon Sugarmans' experience as a risk assessor in Unicredit bank. Mario Draghi has said that he would answer it in writing! We'll see. He better. I'll be back for another shot at him if not.

Question going to him this evening on the finest of writing paper. Only the best for Mario....
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Interview with Johnathon Sugarman regarding his experience as a whistleblower in the Banking sector. Please share. I will be questioning, Mario Draghi head of the ECB, this evening. What did you know Mario?
Jonathon Sugarman spoke out. What did the authorities do. Tried to ignore him. Tried to marginalise him. Tomorrow in the European Parliament I will be asking Mario Draghi the following question. What did he know about potential loss and abuses at Italy's largest bank? Please share. More to come.
Video courtesy of Vasileios Katsardis.