The mat is a space to connect to yourself and connect to others. New gear to take you there.

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Where the skies are pink, the days are warm and the tracks are untouched.

The Flip Side of Fiji
Don't let your surroundings limit you.

Train Anywhere
New gear to take you to your peak.

What's new
New gear to flow with you, your breath and your movement.

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No distractions, only focus.

Fast Times Bra
Heavy on the weights, light on the body.

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Sweat + Sunshine = The perfect combination.

What's new
New gear to take you to the end (and back).

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Feel the (rope) burn.

What's new
New gear that allows your practice to be all yours.

What's new
Finding a serene space in the heart of the City of Sails like Deedy Studio is a rarity. Find out more here.

Found in Auckland, New Zealand: Deedy Studio