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Our friends at South Texas Persian Rescue have a LOT of cuties coming in!!! Check 'em out!! xoxoxo Luna
ATTENTIONS CALIFURNIA! Pebbles is a beautiful chocolate PURRSIAN who is dreaming about having a home and family of her own for the holidays! She is being taken care of by Helping Persian Cats rescue in Los Angeles - email them about adopting. Please SHARE SHARE SHARE to help Pebbles' holiday wish come true!
My bro E is in baby jail and I'm paying a visit... I know I know I'm not dress i need a bath!!
So today was moving day can you find me?!?
Hello everypawdy!! I have been terrible busy but I have a surprise fur you all!! Take a look thanks a lot Kazzey fur including me!! But next time I want it to be Luna & Kazzey just they two of us lol
ATTENTIONS CALIFURNIA! Bunny is a super sweet cutie who is looking for a purrfect home. Well, she's more than sweet - she is actually a CUDDLE BUNNY! Email Helping Persian Cats rescue in Los Angeles to learn about adopting. Please SHARE!
ATTENTIONS CALIFURNIA! Helping Persian Cats rescue in Los Angeles is helping Spring find a purrfect home! Isn't she adorbs??? Email Helping Persian Cats to learn about adopting and remember to SHARE SHARE SHARE!

LOOK at these beatiful purrsian kittens!!! IMAGINE! These babies were going to be THROWN OUT INTO THE STREETS!! We have to help save them!! Donate whatever you can afford to - and SHARE!!! xoxoxo Luna

PS - donations can be made at [ Youcaring.com Link ]

More ultra cute purrsians are going to the US from Kuwait. Let's help our furriends at South Texas Persian Rescue get these kitties here!!

Any amount helps!! $5, $10 - it all goes to help the purrsians!!

You can make a donation here: [ Youcaring.com Link ]

If you can't donate - SHARE!!

xoxoxo Luna
ATTENTIONS CALIFURNIA!!! Pebbles is a supermega adorbs PURRSIAN who is looking for a purrfect furever home. Email Helping Persian Cats rescue in Los Angeles about adopting and please SHARE to help Pebbles!
OMC!!! This make me want to hop on plane to Kuwait and kick some butt!!!!

Our friends at South Texas Persian Rescue are trying to save these poor persians. Please donate anything you can - skip that pumpkin spice latte & donate that cash!!! Help save a life!!! xoxoxo Luna
NSFW (No Safe FUR Work) I hope @kimkardashian don't copycat my nude picture you know she might be out of ideas by now Lol #catsofinstagram #catsofinstagram #lunathefashionkitty #kimkardashian

Our friends at South Texas Persian Rescue need YOUR help!!! They are trying to save some poor kitties from Kuwait. Please SHARE! Please DONATE!! Skip Starbucks and donate that $5 to help save lives!!! xoxoxo Luna
Happy Halloween everypawdy!! #catsofinstagram #halloween #halloweencostume #toocute

Albus is an awesome little dude who needs a special furever home! Our friends at South Texas Persian Rescue are trying to help Albus. He has issues related to bad breeding. But he is still super special!! Check him out! Share - help get Albus a home! xoxoxo Luna
FYI (Fur Your InFURmation) I have dietary problems no candy fur me please be prepare with lots of temptations on Halloween, thank you Luna #catsofinstagram #halloween #lunathefashionkitty
Helping Persian Cats rescue just started their annual Halloween Photo Contest! Lots of PAWSOME PURRSIANS are rocking some stylish Halloween couture - check it out! Everyone can enter and vote (click on the Helping Persian Cats post for instructions). This is a super fun way to raise awareness about Persian rescue - please share!
Selfie tip fur teens NO you don't look cute with your tongue out... you are not me! You welcome, xoxo Luna #catsofinstagram #selfie #teens #ihatemondays