Don’t know how to Upload your Halloween costume this year? It’s easy. Just add a bit of zombie to it.
Think you could stop LeSean McCoy? Think again. Watch him bring his gridiron skills to a brand new #FullyUploaded here or at .
Lunchables is bringing a new flavor to touchdown dances, check out the steps to the “Deep Dish Bacon Pizza Shuffle”.
Poor freddiew, always the Wongifier, never the guest. Until now. Check out a brand new #FullyUploaded here or at .
We’ve seen freddiew “Wongify” our guests, but what happens when he Wongifies himself? Check out the behind the scenes peek below of a brand new #FullyUploaded dropping later this week.
We’re #Thankful for the #Turkey Sub Lunchables Uploaded Combos. Happy Thanksgiving, you Turkeys.
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Lunchables Own the Fantasy Instant Win Game
Some show their love of Lunchables by wearing it on their sleeve; others wear it on their shirt. Show us how you sport your Lunchables love.
Watch now for some big time behind-the-scenes action. Shooting pics. Shooting baskets. Shooting shooting, shooting. Shoot, that looks like fun. Then check out LeSean McCoy’s episode of #FullyUploaded coming soon.
Live the life of lunchtime luxury at The House of Uploaded with bigger food and bigger fun.
More food brings more fun. Let the fun out with Lunchables Uploaded.
Get ready to bring lunchtime to the next level with Lunchables Uploaded.
This Year’s Homecoming Queen has officially stolen a pizza our hearts.
Q: If you have 10 Walking Tacos and someone asks for 1, how many Walking Tacos do you have left?

A: 10. Never give up your Walking Tacos. Also, cool goggles, Becky.
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