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"The last thing any of us want is people’s pity. What we want is their understanding. Understanding comes through conversation. Understanding can change the climate for people with chronic illness."

Why We Need to Bring Our Chronic Illnesses Into Conversation
"Chronic illness has become commonplace, and we have been poorly prepared to deal with it. Much of what ails us requires a more patient kind of skill...

Success, therefore, is not about the episodic, momentary victories, though they do play a role. It is about the longer view of incremental steps that produce sustained progress. what making a difference really looks like."

The Heroism of Incremental Care
Up to 80% of first time applicants for Social Security Disability are denied and must appeal. Thanks to recent changes, the appeals process is now simpler. We believe this improvement will make the application and review process work better for people with lupus.

Notice of improvement to Social Security Disability appeals process
Please join us for our first healthcare providers’ webinar of the new year, which will include important information on the prevalence and outcomes...

Lupus in Hispanic Communities: Challenges and Resources to Support Early...
We're excited to be partnering with The Mighty to bring lupus awareness and resources to a larger audience. Check out our first feature and tell us what else you'd like to see us share.

10 Things to Tell Your Friends About Lupus
Thank you for all that you do Ian Harding!
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Lupus Foundation of America
Lupus is mysterious and unpredictable. It makes sense that our most popular health education resource reviews what scientists know about the causes of lupus. Take a moment to brush up on fundamentals and then share with your friends and family. Let's resolve to step into 2017 with awareness!

What causes lupus?
Continuing the countdown of essential information on lupus.

What causes joint and muscle pain in lupus?
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Survey - Join our community - Lupus Foundation of America
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We're counting down our top 3 most read health education resources on lupus to kick off 2017 with awareness. Read and share!

How does lupus affect the skin?
We all wish for a cure in 2017, and we can all play a part in helping to solve the cruel mystery of lupus.

What is one thing you resolve to do in 2017 for yourself or someone you love with lupus to make a difference in the fight?
The voice of the LFA, our CEO Sandra C.Raymond, sits atop this list of top Research!America posts from 2016. A good sign of the progress made this past year in elevating lupus on the national research agenda. We're especially grateful for Sandra's leadership.

The 10 Most Popular Research!America Blog Posts of 2016
At the Lupus Foundation of America, we challenge what isn’t working and support research that is most likely to uncover the causes of lupus, understand its progression, and accelerate the search for cures. It is unacceptable that people can still potentially die from this disease. We need your support to change this.
Because her symptoms were so mysterious and unusual, and she was accustomed to toughing it out, Victoria's diagnosis almost came too late.

Victoria Gibbs: The Long Road to Diagnosis
New on the blog: Read the story of one of our newest advocates on the LFA Young Leadership Committee.

Brittany Wolf: From patient to provider