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Did you know that lupus affects at least five million people worldwide? Check out more facts and statistics on the National Resource Center on Lupus: Your one-stop resource for all things lupus

Lupus Facts and Statistics | National Resource Center on Lupus
Announcing our NEW National Resource Center on Lupus! The Resource Center is a one-stop resource for all things lupus from treatment to living to relationships.
Visit the Resource Center:

National Resource Center on Lupus
TFW we were recognized alongside top medical and health research advocates who have made an impact in advancing the nation’s commitment toward research.

Lupus Foundation of America
We're excited to announce that Research!America has named LFA as its distinguished advocacy organization of the year.

Our advocacy efforts have helped stimulate millions of dollars in new and expanded funding for lupus research. The award also recognizes our efforts to rally stakeholders and elevate lupus on the nation’s healthcare agenda.
225 top fundraisers are using our app to reach their goals. Can you help us make it 300?

Lupus Foundation of America
Thank you to all our lupus advocates who shared your stories with law makers at Georgia's State Capitol last week. We'll also be hosting a national lupus advocacy summit this June in Washington, DC.
What is your best advice for handling allergy season?

Some of your answers will be selected for inclusion in our next Sharing the Journey.
This critical vote is a big step toward establishing a research program at DoD to help solve the cruel mystery of lupus.

House Passes Defense Appropriations Bill with $5 Million for Lupus Research Program
BREAKING NEWS: Data released Tuesday by Aurinia Pharmaceuticals comes as exciting news for people with lupus-related kidney disease. Lupus nephritis, or lupus-related kidney disease, is one of the most severe complications of lupus affecting as many as 40 percent of those with this chronic, auto-immune disease.

In the phase 2b study, nearly half of lupus nephritis patients treated with a low...
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"I feel that mentally I am still that person trapped in this body that can’t expend the energy that these other individuals are illustrating so effortlessly."

We're so proud of Brittany Wolf, one of our many Young Lupus Leaders for bravely sharing her struggle to accept the impact of lupus on her body.

Realizing Our Self Worth in the Midst of an Illness
Thank you JoJo Rings for making the Lupus Foundation of America your February #KeysforChange charity partner.

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Thanks to everyone who shared their insight this month!

Sharing the Journey: Maintaining Relationships
You'll be in good hands if you join Team Make Your Mark to run the Seattle Rock'N'Roll Marathon or Half Marathon. As a person with lupus, nothing is more personal to him than helping solve the cruel mystery.

Meet Team Make Your Mark Coach Dan Walmer
Lupus affects every aspect of daily life, including intimate relationships.

Back to Basics: Four Ways to Rekindle the Fire
Flowers and candy only last so long. Give your Valentine something lasting: hope for a cure.
Need a last minute gift? Give your Valentine something lasting: hope for a cure. Donate $14 for 2/14.

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We are excited to introduce Team Make Your Mark, our new initiative that links races and walks with fundraising to support the fight against lupus.

Lace up your shoes!
What is your best advice for maintaining and strengthening relationships during a lupus flare?

Post your answers in the comments and some will be selected for our next Sharing the Journey.
The Foundation is currently accepting applications from lupus investigators and student researchers for our Career Development and Student Summer Fellowship grant programs.

Faculty/Researchers: please share with your networks.

New Grants Announced to Support Research in Pediatrics and Underrepresented Communities