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Intergalactic truly transports you to your own galaxy filled with colourful constellations of glittery stars among the deep blues of outer space.

This is truly the ruler of all #bathart.

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Remember to enter our Ultimate LUSH competition before it closes Monday morning.

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Summer often sees bare feet on scorching sands and piping hot pavements, which isn't great for our feet.

Take extra care of your little tootsies with our range of foot care - [ Link ]

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This is Rochelle from Pacific Fair in QLD. This wonderful woman has graced our windows previously and we just can't get enough!

"I don't see women like me represented in media, so it's really empowering for me to not just see that, but do that. I actually feel super proud of the way I look every day and I want that to be more common."
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Highpoint Charity Pot Party

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When the Australian summer is just too hot, hop in the tub and be transported to a winter wonderland with Frozen bath bomb.

(Fill your bath with luke warm or cold water to really escape the heat).

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When you make the perfect batch of Ocean Salt. #saltbae

Featuring the wonderful Maddy.
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How are you feeling today?

Shop on our app to discover all the products that are suited to your mood.

Come on get app-y and download using the links below.
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Campaign Against Canned Hunting (CACH) is a South African based registered wildlife charity. They have received global recognition for their campaigning to secure a ban on captive breeding of lions for the canned hunting industry, and for their contribution towards the fight against canned hunting in South Africa.

Both LUSH Australasia and LUSH UK contributed towards the purchase of an...
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You might recognise this gorgeous gal, Amy, from our Swanston Street store.

"Everyone has a flaw and it's something we shouldn't hide but instead should embrace and be proud of."

And what does Amy love most about herself? "I love my intelligence."
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It's time to say goodbye to Porridge soap, Granny Takes a Dip bubble bar, Honey Bee bath bomb and Milky Bar soap.

Stock does vary by store so give your local shop a call before heading in.
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Need a refreshing spritz? Breath of Fresh Air is a summer handbag essential filled with cooling Aloe Vera gel, mineral-rich carrageenan extract and toning rose absolute. The name says it all.

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We've hit 100,000 fans!

To thank our Lushies for the wonderful support, we're giving away the Ultimate LUSH Prize.

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The lovely Annie is from our Murray Street store in WA.

"I love my hair, I love my eyes, I love my boobs. I love a lot of parts of me that I thought I would never love."
Brighten up your shower routine and wash in colour with our vibrant shower gels!

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Rub Rub Rub, the wonder scrub, is packed full of wonderful fresh lemon juice, orange flower absolute and sea salt to give your skin and even your hair a really good clean without hurting the earth.

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(Image via @madiba_adam)
See how we create the wonderfully zingy Whoosh shower jelly.

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All credit to Lush Cosmetics North America.
Put an extra zing in your step with the grapefruit shower gel, Happy Hippy β˜€

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(Image via @LushKorea)
This queen here is Kanya from LUSH Head Office.

"It doesn't matter what size, shape or colour you are, your confidence doesn't come from your body, it comes from being fun, fabulous and just being yourself!"