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To everyone marching today, time for some well-deserved bubbles! #bettertogether #womensmarch #loveislove
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Our Lover Lamp Bath Bomb is filled with vanilla absolute and Brazilian orange oil to uplift with a hint of sweetness. The fair trade cocoa butter hearts will soften your skin and make you melt! ❤ [ Link ]
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Four different rose ingredients will make you fall in love with this soothing soap. Come behind the scenes with us to see how Love You, Love You Lots Soap is made! #lushvalentines
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Bigger is better: larger Lush shops are on the way in 2017! Where would you like to see the next Lush mega-shop?

Lush Cosmetics brushes off downsizing trend with major bricks-and-mortar expansion plan
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Better together: Our limited edition Valentine's Day goodies and gifts are even better when you've got someone to share them with. Find them online and in shops now! [ Link ]
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Find the Unicorn Horn Bubble Bar at a Lush shop near you tomorrow - along with the rest of our limited edition #lushvalentines range!
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It's all about balance: our self-preserving products are formulated so that no synthetic preservatives are required.

Going beyond preservative-free.
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We're crushing on the fact that our #LushValentines products hit shops Jan 19. Tag someone who you'd like to share these sweet treats with!

We're Totally Crushing on Lush's Valentine's Day Bath Bombs
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Our self-preserving masks have been expertly-balanced, so that no synthetic preservatives are required. They help your skin look and feel fab, and they take your selfie game to the next level. Here are some of our #selfiepreserving faves!
Every Intergalactic Bath Bomb is pressed by hand, with bold colors, plastic-free glitter, and a peppermint, grapefruit, and cedarwood perfume. #intergalactic #outofthisworld
We’re going live at Lush Manufacturing to talk about self-preserving skincare! Over 65% of our products are expertly-formulated so that no synthetic ingredients are needed, and today, Kate from our Fresh room will be showing us how it’s done! We’re making Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask, and we’ve got our trainer Meghan here to help answer all your skincare
Self-preserving Mask of Magnaminty is 30% honey, so your skin is left feeling soft, smooth, and cleansed, with no synthetic preservatives required. Come behind the scenes at Lush HQ to see how this minty mask is made!
In addition to being deliciously sweet and beneficial for our skin and hair, honey is also a natural preservative.

Honey’s Sweet Effects
Love and Kisses! Our limited edition Valentine's Day products are available online now (and will be in shops next week). #lushvalentines [ Link ]
Join us online this Friday at 1pm PST / 4pm EST for another Facebook Live! See how our self-preserving fresh face masks are made, ask our skincare experts which mask is best for you, and have a chance to win prizes, too. Can't wait to get fresh with you - see you Friday!
Our self-preserving products are expertly balanced, so that no synthetic preservatives are required. Learn how to choose the right products (and ingredients!) for your skin.

How to Choose Self-Preserving Products for Your Skin
Strong, scrubby, and stimulating for the skin: Cup o'Coffee Face and Body Mask will kick-start your day! See how this self-preserving mask is made at Lush HQ. #selfpreserving
No filter, no filler. Our self-preserving cleansers and face masks are expertly formulated with natural ingredients instead of synthetic preservatives to help your skin (and your selfies) always look their best. by @briennejanae on Instagram. #selfiepreserving