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PowerPoint slides don't have to be boring. Make your next presentation epic by following these tips:

5 Best Practices For Making Awesome PowerPoint Slides
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If you want to rise to the highest levels in tech, here are the skills you need to learn:

The Skills You Need to Learn to Become CTO
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Do you use Microsoft Outlook? Because the version you use can dramatically affect your experience:

Do You Have the Right Outlook? Not on Life, But on Your Computer?
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Interesting data shows the times people today are most eager to learn something new:

When Today's Professionals Most Want to Learn
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The skills that'll most help tech workers progress into management:

The 3 Skills IT Pros Should Learn to be Promoted
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It’s time to finally learn Photoshop and create something awesome: [ Link ]
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One of my favorite lessons – "Your head is for having ideas, not for storing them."

5 Productivity Tips That'll Make You Rethink Your Day
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Companies often promote the wrong people in tech. Here's how to avoid that mistake:

What to Look For When Promoting Employees in Tech
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How do you get a job you love? It starts with becoming the employee people love:

Forget Finding a Job You Love, Instead...
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Why you should go to the gym on your first day at a new job (if you want to get in better shape):

Why You Should go to the Gym The First Day of a New Job
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Have a micromanaging boss? A mean boss? An incompetent boss? This will help you:

The 3 Most Common Types of Bad Bosses - And How to Handle Them
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We all, err, umm, do this, you know, when we speak. It's, umm, natural. But you can, you know, learn how to make it, um, stop. [ Link ]

How to Stop Saying "Um" and "Err" When You Speak
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Bill George was once one of the world's best CEOs and is now a leading coach of CEOs. Watch his full course on LinkedIn Learning on leadership for free: [ Link ]
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If you are exhibiting at least two of the seven signs in this article, well, it's probably time for a vacation.

How to Know if You Are Burnt Out at Work
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The 34 new courses this week on LinkedIn Learning are (drum roll please)...

The New Skills You Can Learn at LinkedIn Learning This Week
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Dreaming big is not always a good idea. New research shows often, you need to start small:

No, Setting Stretch Goals is Not Always a Good Idea
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If your company does any of these 10 things, there's a good chance your employees will start losing interest:

10 Things Companies Do That Kill Employee Motivation
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MicroStrategy's employees use at the highest rate of any big company. The reason? Their awesome L&D team.

This Company's Employees Use More Than Any of its Peers. Here's Why.
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If you really want to improve your employees, you need to coach them, instead of managing them.

Why You Should Coach Your Employees (And How to Do It)