Müller UK & Ireland
03/26/2017 at 15:31. Facebook
We're curious - Do any of our lovely followers have a #FridgeRaider in their home?

You know the feeling - getting home from the food shop and within an hour, all the good stuff is gone?

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Müller UK & Ireland
03/21/2017 at 07:26. Facebook
???? Spoons at the ready! ????
Today is the day we release our #NEW #LimitedEdition flavour and multipacks!
Have you tried one yet? They're definitely #mmmüllerlicious!
☀ What's that we hear? Spring has arrived? Hooray! ☀
We want to know, now that the official #SpringEquinox is here, is the sun peeping through the clouds where YOU are right now?
Happy #PancakeDay everyone!
We're curious; what will you be spreading on YOUR pancakes today?

Comments below please!
Tomorrow is #PancakeDay!
Did you know that you can make tasty alternative pancakes using our #Müllerlight yogurts?

Top Tip: The 'Banana Custard' and 'Vanilla' ones work best <3
Today is #CarnivalDay!
Check out our #throwback to when TastyB landed in Rio last year!
We're honoured to announce that the champion British sprinter, Adam Gemili, has confirmed that he is now a Müller brand ambassador! Welcome to the team Adam! #MullerAthletics
Ready.... Set.... GO! Don't miss our #MullerIndoorGPBham today in Birmingham! #MullerAthletics - [ Bit.ly Link ]
Hands up if your little ones are enjoying their Half Term this week!

Wondering what to do to keep them active and entertained? Try blowing away the cobwebs at your local park - Don't forget to pack a snack!
Happy #ValentinesDay to you all!
We wanted to let you all know that you mean the world to us!
Have a #mmmüllerlicious day <3
The half term break will be here soon,and the kiddies will be searching for snacks - Treat your little ones to a pot of dairy goodness with a #KidsCorner, they're #mmmüllerlicious!

P.S. - looking for activities to do with your little ones? Print this image and let them design their dream yogurt!
Enjoy a #GuiltFree 2017! Did you know that our Müllerlight Greek Style Yogurt's now have 0% added sugar? Go on, #TreatYourself!
January is over - Have you stuck with your goals for 2017 so far? We'd love to hear your stories! Comments below <3
Feeling that mid-day slump? Grab a #DeliciouslyFatFree Müllerlight to see you through!
Woohoo! It's the weekend!
Are you planning an adventure this weekend? Pack a scrummy Müller Rice in your cool bag for a tasty top-up!
It's GAME DAY! Let us know if you're heading down to #NBALondon by tagging us in your pictures. We'll share the best ones.
Hands (or Facebook thumbs!) up - How many of you would rather be at home snuggled up with a delicious Müller Corner than back at work this week?
PSSSTT - We have a little secret that we want to shout about....Watch with sound to find out!