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"I got issues just like you got issues. I've been hurt I've seen the scar tissue. If I showed you would you run away? Do I gotta hide em for you to wanna stay?" - At My Best [ I will announce title of album 3 next week ] @caseymcperry
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Thanks Spotify for adding #AtMyBest to the New Music Friday playlist! [ Link ]

New Music Friday, a playlist by Spotify
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'At My Best' feat. Hailee Steinfeld --> [ Link ]
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figured I'd post this to end the years of seeing people debate what my actual name is. so uh, hello, I'm Colson Baker. ????
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β€ͺ"ladies and gentlemen here's the exhibit: its my life...look a little closer you can see the highlights, gold ain't always golden" ‬
at my best ft Hailee Steinfeld - friday 3/17
what a journey...#BadThings
how did i get lucky enough to have the most beautiful date ❀ #TheBakers #EST4life #KidsChoiceAwards
for the youth. ???? and the jacket @roberto_cavalli is thank u !
concerts > anywhere in the world. #FanForLife
honestly @modsun i don't remember if it was ur decision to slam the cake or mine...but thank god u didn't go over the ledge love you brother, HAPPY BIRTHDAY and congrats on ur album release
TWO WORDS @jonmagazine
badass interview inside, and on the outside I spy the cover of @jonmagazine ???????? shot by @leighkeily
that's more like it. ????
temptation is a muthafucka
behind the scenes of the Alternative Press cover shoot!!