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If you're around the Newcastle area, stop in to VCV Newcastle's Mack Driver Reviver this week! [ Link ]
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This month we have a 2+1 deal on coolant. Includes: 2 x 20L Bulldog Premium Coolant and 1 x 5L Bulldog Premium Coolant FREE. [ Link ]
What do Slingo Earthmoving think of their beautiful new Super-Liner? Find out! [ Link ]
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This Mack Super-Liner based in the Northern Territory has done four million kilometers and is still ticking along [ Link ]

Mack Super-Liner makes it to the four million mile club
Big Rigs has a good write-up on the NikeWomen Metcon Mack today! [ Link ]

Nike team up with Mack for some heavy duty fitness
Jillaroo Jess taking a tour of the NikeWomen Metcon Mack
Take a look around the #metconmack
Did you see the NikeWomen Metcon Mack? This Mack Super-Liner, powered by a 685hp MP10 and equipped with an mDrive automated manual transmission is touring NSW and VIC with a B-Double taut-liner trailer combination that has been completely transformed into a cross fit gym on wheels, complete with weights, training equipment, sound system, screens, and Nike Master Trainers. If you're in...
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Check out the NikeWomen Metcon Mack! Fully decked out with a customised gym for Nike, this beautiful truck is in Sydney today and in safe hands with Jillaroo Jess behind the wheel.
Thanks for sharing Clint Parker! Great to see these Macks working hard.
The Mack team are hard at work preparing for an even bigger 2017!
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We are so thrilled to have been a part of your Celebration Day Redcliffe Special School! Wishing all of the staff, children and their families a festive and happy holidays!
In Sydney this week? Don't miss to test drive a Mack.

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Great delivery shot from VCV Darwin - "Go the Mighty Bulldog on the Frontline with Australians Finest"