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Aside from the gong show that climaxed the Oscars, it was a historic evening—for Moonlight, for La La Land, and for Hollywood—as new landmarks were set left and right. Brian D. Johnson on last night's Academy Awards:

Disaster aside, the Oscars were a victory for diversity—and independence -
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Moonlight deserved to win the Oscar for Best Picture. But both it and La La Land didn’t deserve any of what happened first. And, inadvertently exposed by a total accident, the Oscars—the clothes-less emperor—can really only blame themselves, writes Adrian Lee:

Why the Oscars mix-up was the worst-case scenario for the Academy -
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'Moonlight' director Barry Jenkins after the Oscars' wild, weird finish: “Even in my dreams this cannot be true." What happened at a shocking Oscars night:

In historic gaffe, Oscars bungle Best Picture award for Moonlight—by giving it to La La Land first
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Some are skewering Warren Beatty in the wake of the Oscars debacle. But it should not overtake his reputation as a polished charmer and uncompromised icon of the New Hollywood Cinema. Our interview with him in November: [ Link ]

Warren Beatty's worthy return to Hollywood -
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So, yes, we can be sure now: Capping a wild final scene at the Oscars, Moonlight has won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

'Moonlight': The black American Bildungsroman that won the Oscars
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"People ask me all the time, ‘what kind of stories do you want to tell, Viola?’ And I say: exhume those bodies. Exhume those stories. The stories of the people who dreamed big and never saw those dreams to fruition; people who fell in love and lost."

Here's Viola Davis's emotional Oscars speech -
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Michael J. Fox made a surprise appearance at the Oscars. Read @briandjohnson 's 2013 interview with him: [ Link ]

Michael J. Fox: Back with a future -
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Asghar Farhadi won the Academy Award for best foreign film—but boycotted it over Donald Trump's travel ban. Read his statement:

Read Asghar Farhadi's statement for his Oscars win -
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Canadian Sylvain Bellemare has won the Oscar for sound editing, for the film Arrival:

The arrival of Denis Villeneuve -
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'La La Land' has gone from critical darling to the villain of this year's Oscars.

Is 'La La Land' really the Oscars villain? -
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Jason Kenney says that as immigration minister, he tried to convince the Obama administration to renegotiate the Safe Third Country Agreement, but was rebuffed.

A tougher refugee border pact? America said no -
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Charlie Angus has entered the race to be the next leader of the federal New Democrats. John Geddes spoke to Angus earlier this year about his past and what he sees for his future.

Charlie Angus comes in from the cold -
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Why we should not jump to sweeping conclusions just yet about the conservative movement in Canada.

Manning Manifests: Was this the whole picture of Canadian conservatism? -
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Why Moonlight, nominated for eight Oscars tonight, deserves all the praise it has received.

Why 'Moonlight' is fully deserving of its high-voltage buzz -
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What if instead of banning cell phones from the classroom, schools started being more flexible?

Should schools welcome cell phones in class? -
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Why, in 2016, La La Land, nominated for 14 Oscars tonight, felt like the escapism we needed.

La La Land is a musical tonic for the times -
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Think you know a lot about Canada? Answer our daily Canada150 quiz correctly and you could win!

The Canada150 Quiz Countdown trivia test: Day 26! -
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There were moments of real division between Conservative party leadership candidates this weekend.

What made sparks fly at the Conservative leaders' debate -
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Kady O'Malley reports from the Manning Conference, which ended in a debate: should media be funded by rich patrons, propaganda pushers or the public purse?

Manning Manifests: CBC a prime target as conference winds down -
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When it comes to the plan to resettle 1,200 Yazidi refugees, Rona Ambrose says, "democracy worked in this instance."

Will Yazidi refugee effort bolster Canada's confidence in government? -