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How do Russians view their revolutionary past, a century later? And, more relevant: could 1917 happen again in a renascent age of one-man rule?

100 years after the revolution, Russians reflect on their country's evolution
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A curated collection of the week's most fascinating photos:

The 15 most compelling photos of the week that was -
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He's a CFL lineman—and one of Canada's smartest people. Peter Dyakowski got 80% on our biweekly trivia test: Can you beat the score?

The Quiz: Do you think you're smarter than the Maclean's Genius? -
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"Not that he might not do it. But it would be breathtakingly unwise.” Donald Trump is clearly nettled by FBI Director James Comey. What would happen if the President fired him? Experts weigh in:

What would happen if Trump fired James Comey? -
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Are our democratic processes really better when they're modernized? Dale Smith makes the argument against the government's parliamentary reforms:

Canada's House of Commons doesn't need to be modernized -
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"Donald Trump is not new. I guess he’s the chickens coming home to roost." Bill Maher discusses what American liberals need to do in the time of President Trump, offers criticism of Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, and explains why Chris Rock and Larry David are, in a way, old ladies.

Bill Maher on Donald Trump, liberal activism, and GOP responsibility -
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Donald Trump and Republican leaders have pulled their bill to repeal Obamacare—which appeared destined for stunning defeat. Who knew U.S. health care could be so complicated? [ Link ]
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Trump approves Keystone, gives his daughter an office in the West Wing, watches the Trumpcare bill get pulled before a vote, and claims credit for a company's plan (announced two years ago) to bring jobs to America:

Daily Trump Tracker: A pipeline of Trump's very own -
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He released his second budget on Wednesday, but Bill Morneau finds himself falling in our weekly Ottawa power rankings.

Bill Morneau serves up a sleeper: Ottawa Power Rankings -
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After two budgets, it has become apparent the Trudeau government will fail to meet many of its most substantial promises to Indigenous peoples, write Rob Gillezeau and Jeffrey Ansloos.

On First Nations issues, 'sunny ways' was just a phase -
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Saskatchewan is showing Alberta how to solve a budget problem with both revenue and spending measures – and that compromise can be found.

Saskatchewan swallows the fiscal pill Alberta refuses -
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Wednesday's federal budget reflected how deeply the Trudeau team believes levers and buttons exist that it can use to guide Canada's economic direction, says Jason Kirby.

A budget for make benefit glorious economy of Canada -
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The Liberals are having two economic conversations with Canadians at once. Will it work?

Bill Morneau's budget speech for two Canadas -
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TransCanada says it has received presidential permit from the U.S. State Department to build the Keystone XL pipeline. But hurdles still await.

U.S. gives TransCanada permit for Keystone XL -
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On health care, Donald Trump is about to see his deal-making abilities ratified in a legislative showdown on the House floor – or dramatically rebuffed.

Can Donald Trump make a deal on health care? -
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Which Canadian co-wrote the 1982 hit song, 'It's Raining Men'? If you know, take our daily Canada150 quiz and you could win a prize!

The Canada150 Quiz Countdown trivia test: Day 52! -
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On Quebec, and Andrew Potter, and the notion of 'tread carefully': [ Link ]

On Quebec and Andrew Potter: Tread carefully, Canada -
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The vast majority of Republican voters think Donald Trump is doing a good job. But they're also fiercely loyal to their party. What happens if Republicans in Congress start to abandon the president?

How long can Trump's love affair with Republican voters last?
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Canadians once stowed away $53 billion in Canada Savings Bonds in a single year. The program's popularity has dwindled so much that the Liberal budget announced the demise of the CSB. A look back at its heyday:

An ode to the Canada Savings Bond -