New to Sydney? There's so much to see and do. Check out these top tips for how to make the most of your days as a Sydney-sider.

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"I chose my degree because I loved maths and wanted to do a course that was challenging, but also gave me lots of career options at the end. There are many programs and initiatives for students to gain exposure to the real world and the working world.

"The campus is lovely, everything is well-organised and there are lots of opportunities to get involved. Through the Lucy mentoring program I...
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A big welcome to all our students to another year at MQ! Need help getting all your ducks in a row? Be sure to follow Macquarie University Campus so you don't miss important news, events, uni hacks and more ????

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Following the latest discovery of a group of Earth-size planets orbiting the red dwarf star, TRAPPIST-1, comes debate as to whether its planets really can sustain life, given they are orbiting a red dwarf. We asked our own Dr Lee Spitler what he thought:

“As we understand life, it is important to be close to a star, but not too close to get the right amount of light to live. A dwarf star...
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A new study on corporate social responsibility reveals that 90% of business students are willing to sacrifice a percentage of their future salary to work for a socially responsible employer.

Macquarie Graduate School of Management - MGSM's Associate Professor Debbie Haski-Leventhal and lecturer Mehrdokht Pournader explain.

(Via The Conversation)

Business students willing to sacrifice future salary for good corporate social responsibility: study
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Check out all the highlights from #MQOWeek, Day 2!

New students, be sure to follow Macquarie University Campus for uni hacks, events and community news throughout the session ????
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While we're enjoying the last days of summer, geophysics student Tom is cruising around Antarctica on board the Research Vessel 'Investigator', as part of an epic voyage to map the seafloor to predict future melting patterns.

Read more about the expedition here: [ Link ]

Instagram post by CSIRO • Feb 20, 2017 at 11:25pm UTC
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Tunes, chill-out zones and plenty of freebies! #MQOWeek is buzzing!
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New research finds that discipline in schools has a greater impact and is more important to educational performance when compared to monetary investment.

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Discipline key to lifting grades
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Thanks to everyone who turned up and enjoyed games, food and more on Day 1 of O Week at Macquarie University! Who's here today? Don't forget to share your O Week moments using the hashtag #MQOWeek! (FYI, there's a GoPro Hero5 and $500 travel vouchers to the winners of the best pics!)
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“’Being Jasper’ is a character profile of Jasper Newstead, a young Sydney man living life with two different identities as both himself and his drag alter, Krystal Kleer. It explores the struggles and strengths that Krystal provides Jasper and vice versa.

“I'm not sure what sparked my interest [in film] initially, but I do remember hassling my wonderful parents from the age of about eight,...
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Yes, they may have poor eyesight and tiny brains, but ants are much smarter than we think.

New research reveals that these eusocial insects have the ability to learn new skills and respond to changes in the environment despite their seemingly obvious hindrances.

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Can you recognise the voices of your friends and family without seeing them? Turns out goats can, proving that they have better developed cognitive abilities than previously thought!

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Research and teaching is going virtual at Macquarie!

Researchers from the Department of Cognitive Science and the ARC Centre of Excellence in Cognition and its Disorders (CCD) have been using the Oculus Rift to provide an immersive VR experience; building virtual reality environments using software development tools that are affordable, powerful, and readily available.

Our research uses...
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This is your last chance to register for the MPID Heathcare #Hackathon, which will be held on campus from 25-26 February.

(Did we mention that there's $6,000 in prizes to be won?)

Register here! [ Link ]
Researchers from our Department of Biological Sciences are partnering with Wild Ark for a new project to identify 100 species whose ranges, if adequately protected, restored or managed, would maximise the protection of the world’s biodiversity.

Says WildArk founder, Mark Hutchinson: "This research will allow us to identify priority nature hotspots for protection from a species perspective...
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Our pop-up Macquarie University Incubator was officially opened last night during the Macquarie Park Innovation District (MPID) Global Innovation Summit.

Developed thanks to a $1 million grant from the NSW Government’s Boosting Business Innovation Program, the Incubator is open to entrepreneurs and start-ups looking to turn their ideas into a thriving business.

At present the Incubator,...
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The way that motor neurone disease (MND) progresses from one neuron to the next has long remained a mystery. It turns out zebrafish may hold the answers.

In a world first, researchers at MQ Health are using a refined UV laser ‘ablation’ in living zebrafish to learn how MND progresses from one neuron to the next.

Says MQ Health postdoctoral fellow in Biomedical Sciences, Marco Morsch:...
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Love is in the air on campus!

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“Studying the world of business has allowed me to come into contact with surrounding industries and areas of study, and my degree has opened up a lot of opportunities for different career paths. I realised I don't have to be an accountant; but learning to be one has given me some instrumental, technical and transferable skills.

“I walked out of high school feeling like I knew absolutely...
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