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“I think I've learnt to just say 'Yes' to as many opportunities as I can, because you never know what will happen. For example, I heard about the uni's LEAP refugee mentoring program and decided to apply for it, even though I was fairly sure I wouldn't get chosen, being a first-year. They did end up choosing me though, and it's been a really awesome and rewarding experience.

“It's been very...
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Are you a budding entrepreneur who's full of ideas and loves solving problems?

Well, there's $5,000 in prizes up for grabs for you at the MPID Healthcare Hackathon next month, made possible by the Macquarie Park Innovation District and NAB.

The Hackathon will take over our Campus Hub Atrium from 25-26 February. Keen? Register here:
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Received an offer and need to refresh/get up to speed on some skills?

While we can't help you out with Dr Strange-like abilities to manipulate the forces of the Universe, we CAN help you stay one step ahead with our chemistry, maths and lab work bridging courses!

[ Link ]
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This Friday we're flashing back to a chilled-out day on campus during the 1970s. Hair and flares for days!

(: Macquarie University Archives)
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Welcome to our 2017 cohort!

Congratulations to all those who received an offer yesterday evening. Not sure how to accept? It's easy. Just head to our offer page and follow the steps: [ Link ]
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#AMA: Will chewing the same flavoured gum while studying for a test improve memory?

Says Dr Celia B. Harris from the Department of Cognitive Science:

"A range of research studies have shown that memory is better when the context during learning or encoding the material is matched to the context during test or retrieval. Different kinds of contexts have been used to demonstrate this...
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Study business in the business end of town

Interested in postgrad study in business, accounting or applied finance? Come along to our Info Night on 31 Jan, when you can find out more about the courses on offer and check out our revamped City Campus.

[ Link ]
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"We found that 40% of 203 Sydney homes we sampled contain lead in garden soil above the Australian health guideline of 300 milligrams per kilogram."

Researchers from our Department of Environmental Sciences explain how you can minimise lead exposure in your backyard (via The Conversation).

[ Link ]

Elevated lead levels in Sydney back yards: here's what you can do
“Thanks to the flexibility at Macquarie, I have fulfilled my academic curiosity while studying from various departments such as Media and Music, International Studies, Education, Linguistics, IT and Cognitive Sciences.

“In my first year, I suffered from depression due to financial and personal problems. As an immigrant whose English was so poor, I hardly understood the lecture content and...
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Flashback Friday

Made a New Year's resolution to get into shape? The weights room at our Sport and Aquatic Centre has changed a fair bit since the Seventies!

Take a virtual tour: [ Link ]

(Image: Macquarie University Archives)
New research from our Psychology department indicates that our body image can be changed in just two minutes.

[ Link ]

(Via The Sydney Morning Herald)

From muscle man to puny in two minutes
A breakthrough new eye test that can screen for pre-clinical Alzheimer's disease will be trialled at MQ Health this year.

Professor Ralph Martins and his team will use a hyperspectral camera to scan eyes for the beta-amyloid protein in the brain - the presence of which indicates presymptomatic Alzheimer’s.

This simple eye test is not only far more cost effective than brain scans, it also...
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“Attending the UN Association of Australia’s Media Peace Awards in Melbourne with the SBS/NITV Media Mentorship program was the biggest highlight of uni last year. We were able to celebrate the promotion of humanitarian issues by the Australian media and talk to the journalists behind these stories.

“The mentorship has also provided many opportunities to meet and network with industry...
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What do religious beliefs and ethnicity have to do with the way we save money?

Study suggests religion, ethnicity can affect saving habits
Can you dig it?

Macquarie has been working in collaboration with Tel Aviv University and Universität Heidelberg on an archaeological dig at Tel Azekah, 32 kilometres from Jerusalem.

Check out the awesome footage and find out more here: [ Link ]
Flashback Friday: French New Wave film or the Macquarie of yesteryear?

(Photo: Macquarie University Archives)
Best of Pioneering Minds: Episode 20 - Professor Jennie Hudson and adolescent mental health

Hear Jennie discuss the genetic markers that indicate anxiety in children, and the most effective ways that parents can help their kids avoid and overcome anxiety and depression.

Soundcloud: [ Link ]
iTunes: [ Link ]
Starting uni this year, or know a someone who is?

Register for our Undergraduate Info Evening this Thursday. There, you can find out all you need to know about enrolments, study and pathways options, and more.

[ Link ]
What makes Australian beaches so awesome?

No doubt many of you will be hitting up a patch of coastline this summer, so we asked Dr Shari Gallop from the Department of Environmental Sciences exactly what the magic formula is that makes Aussie beaches so fantastic.

"The geological setting plays an important role in where beaches form, and what they look like. Australia has an ancient and...
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Happy New Year, everyone! Thanks for all your support throughout this year - see you in 2017.

(P.S. Are you a new student coming to MQ next year? Follow Macquarie University Campus to be in the know of upcoming events, club activities, uni hacks and more.)

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