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"We need to look at what the evidence tells us about when exams are effective – and when other types of assessment are more suitable."

Senior Lecturers Penny Van Bergen and Rod Lane explain why we need to rethink the design and purpose of exams, rather than do away with them altogether.

Should we do away with exams altogether? No, but we need to rethink their design and purpose

Macquarie Minds Showcase: Getting better care for asthma

The complex dynamics of our healthcare system mean that new discoveries in medical research don’t necessarily translate to immediate improvements in patient outcomes.

In this workshop on 14 December, you'll learn about the new approaches to let patients benefit from the latest discoveries in asthma treatments sooner. You'll also get...
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Macquarie University
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“I did Computing 1 with no computer. The lecturer, poor old Harry Hancock, used to draw pictures on the blackboard of what a computer looked like if we had one.”

John Croucher talks about the early days of Macquarie in the latest episode of our Pioneering Minds podcast. Have you tuned in yet?

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(Image: Macquarie University Archives)
Macquarie University
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It's no secret that our campus' nature game is strong. We recently handed over our Instagram account to the talented Belinda Fabian (AKA @beacurious) who set out to capture the diversity of flora and fauna on campus.

Isn't nature beautiful? Be sure to follow us on Instagram (@macquarieuni) for more!
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Macquarie University’s researchers employ the latest technologies at the Australian Synchrotron to mimic the Earth’s conditions to better understand the composition and movement of its crust – and that of other terrestrial planets.
Macquarie University
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Flashback Friday: Is there anyone out there who remembers when Wally's Walk looked like this?

1970s Student Starter Kit: flares, briefcase, statement hair.

(Image from the Macquarie University Archives)
Macquarie University
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"The cool thing about circus is that it teaches you a lot of different things. It really teaches you about trust because you have to work in partnership with a lot of people; you build up a lot of strength and resilience because it’s quite tough. Even if you’re doing juggling or acrobatics, you have to work hard at it to hone the skills.

"Circus encompasses a lot of different skils - you...
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Macquarie University
11/30/2016 at 23:00. Facebook
"It may allow the industry to reclaim a role in health policy, part of a wider strategy by tobacco companies to rebrand themselves as nicotine companies with a key role in the fight against smoking."

Health Studies lecturer Ross MacKenzie on how e-cigarettes could 'health wash' the tobacco industry.

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How e-cigarettes could 'health wash' the tobacco industry

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Things are beginning to look rather festive around these parts!

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Why do we procrastinate?

In this week's edition of Ask Macquarie Anything, Penny Huisman from Campus Wellbeing explains why.

"Everyone procrastinates; some procrastination is normal and very common. It’s only a problem when it starts to affect important parts of our lives.

"Generally, we procrastinate for three main reasons. One - we have unhelpful thoughts or beliefs. For instance,...
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Macquarie University
11/29/2016 at 22:15. Facebook
Pioneering Minds Podcast: Macquarie's first student

This week on the Pioneering Minds podcast we hear from Professor John Croucher AM, recipient of the Order of Australia, author of 30 books and a man who just happened to be the very first Macquarie student. He chats about life on campus in the '60s, his travels after graduation and his latest literary project. Subscribe and listen:

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Macquarie University
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There's just two weeks to go until Macquarie Minds Showcase and we can finally reveal our special celebrity guests: Mikey Robins and Marc Fennell!

Mikey, one of Australia's most well-known media personalities, will be moderating the panel talk ‘Taking Discovery Beyond Research’ where Macquarie researchers will share their stories of the many...
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Macquarie University
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"I chose Psychology because I have always been interested in why people do what they do and why humans are so unique. I strongly believe that the mental health stigma needs to be broken down and I am passionate about being a part of that movement.

"The biggest highlight of my five years at Macquarie definitely has to be spending a month in Fiji working with Empower Pacific – a non-government...
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Meet PadBot: the future of learning.

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Fantastic wisdom from Dr Maya Angelou
Love science? Want to learn more about the business behind science and innovation? What about practical and effective ways to bring discoveries (perhaps your own?) to the market?

It's possible with our new Master of Science degree! Find out more about the course at our free webinar on 29 November. Details here: [ Macq.it Link ]
"Not so many [publishers] do take up the other platforms for disseminating the writing that they’re publishing and I think that that is going to have to change - not because print is dead, but because there are so many exciting platforms.”

Publisher extraordinaire (and Macquarie alumna!) Bronwyn Mehan chats with us about the future of publishing and what makes storytelling so vital in the...
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Pioneering Minds by Macquarie University on iTunes

Flashback Friday: There's been a fair bit of chat over on Twitter this week about the examples of Brutalist architecture around Macquarie. Anyone recognise this building and area on campus?

(Image courtesy of Macquarie University Archives.)
Macquarie is still Sky Blue!

We've renewed our five-year partnership with Sydney FC, which means the team will continue to use our campus as a training ground.

The agreement also means increased interaction between Macquarie University and the club across a range of educational, corporate and research associations, such as internship opportunities for our students and player engagement with...
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Macquarie University and Sydney FC kicking goals with new partnership

“I developed a passion for tuition and understanding the concept of learning during my studies. In my opinion - and this might sound a little corny - one of the most pure things that you can do is to impart knowledge and educate.

“Studying law was a way that I could interpret static concepts and statements in an interesting way. I found that, with creative interpretations of syllabus...
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