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“I like to have a balance in my studies – my law, Chinese and music subjects are all very different, so I am always interested in what I am learning about. Law’s really interesting – there’s something new every semester and it’s challenging.

“I came to Macquarie in Year 11 for Macquarie in a Day and I really enjoyed walking around campus and going to a few dummy lectures - the uni's got a...
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Did you catch Mighty Car Mods at the FIRST Robotics comps in Sydney last week?

Check out this special episode, where Moogs and Marty go behind the scenes to capture all the action! #omgrobots

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Life at university is a mix of fun, hard work and occasional randomness - such as this daytime sumo wrestling match held on campus in 1996.

Does anyone from our alumni community remember this?

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Our Pioneering Minds podcast is back for 2017!

Associate Professors Chris Baumann and Hume Winzar discuss all manner of competition in our world today, from Australia’s current education standards versus the rest of the world, to brand relativity and Einstein himself.

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Did you know that there's scientific merit to having 'a song'?

"For people who share a significant song with someone, the effects can be powerful and persistent, retaining meaning well into older age."

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Turns out sharks are even savvier than we thought, with new research demonstrating that they form strong social networks that are relatively unaffected when several members leave the group, and can learn how to avoid capture.

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“I didn't achieve the required ATAR for admission into a law degree at Macquarie, but knowing that the university had a pathway that allowed you to work towards gaining admission into a law degree was why I chose Macquarie Uni over other universities.

“I love the opportunities that are made available to you here, as well as the diversity of where your degree can take you. In order to fulfil...
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Final day of the FIRST Robotics South Pacific Regionals at Olympic Park! #omgrobots
Flashing back to a snap of our former University Library. Who knows what this building is home to now?

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Did you know that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people still die 10-17 years younger than other Australians?

Closing this health gap cannot be done overnight and a long-term commitment is needed with permanent adequate funding, and investment in real partnerships across all areas of life. While the majority of the outcomes of the Close The Gap campaign remain stagnate or have...
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"This is my eighth season involved in FIRST Robotics. I did three as a high school student and this is my fifth as a mentor. Initially I wanted to pay back what I got out of the program, but I’ve been here longer now as a mentor than as a student, so I guess I just fell in love with the program and seeing what an impact it can have on all the teams, particularly the robots in the outback...
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It's Red vs Blue Alliance battles here at the finals of the FIRST Robotics Southern Cross Regional! Check out Team MQ (AKA Thunder from Down Under) in yellow! #FIRSTRobotics #omgrobots
This week is Brain Awareness Week - the perfect excuse to be reminded of five simple steps to keep your brain in top shape.
With the FIRST Robotics regional comp underway at Sydney Olympic Park, we revisit our Pioneering Minds podcast episode with Luan Heimlich, director of FIRST Australia.

Listen to Luan chat about the FIRST Robotics program and answer the pressing question: will robots replace humans?

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We're proud to be supporting this week's FIRST Robotics comp series at Sydney Olympic Park. Stay tuned for live coverage throughout the week! #omgrobots
Is there a better way to end the week than with a view like this? Happy weekend from our City Campus!

Thanks to @anastasiauau for sharing your #mymq moment with us on Instagram.
Are You Old Enough to remember when Dragon played at Macquarie?

This #FlashbackFriday we rewind to the April Sun at MQ in 1977, when rockers Dragon performed outside the Union Building (today known as the Campus Hub).

Dragon were formed in Auckland, New Zealand in January 1972 and relocated to Sydney, Australia in May 1975. Dragon was regarded as one of the greatest rock bands of the time,...
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In the final of our Golden Jubilee lecture celebratory posts we take a look at the history of our uni's coat of arms.

While we all recognise the lighthouse of today, our first coat of arms was based on Lachlan Macquarie’s family crest. However, it was discovered that while Macquarie used a coat of arms, he was not officially allowed to do so. The issue was resolved by the University paying a...
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Meet some of the incredible women of our Macquarie community.

#InternationalWomensDay #beboldforchange
What was life like for Macquarie's first students? Professor John Croucher, who was part of the first cohort back in 1967 (and partial to a thin tie), remembers that time well.

Hear Professor Croucher talk about the early days of the uni including the first lecture, which was held 50 years ago this week.

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