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ISRO’s 104 satellite launch is the highest number of satellites launched in a single mission. Before this, the record was held by Russia with 37 satellites launched in a go.
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Today is Martyrs Day in India. Let's pay a tribute to all the Martyrs for their Sacrifice.
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For the lovers of Indian music.
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Mumbai, the city that never sleeps, runs on a strong public transport system. And its BEST bus makes an integral part of a Mumbaikars daily life. This easy mode of travel made its way to the city streets way back in 1926, when the first bus ran between Afghan Church and Crawford market.
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Can you complete this popular Bollywood dialogue?
Nothing beats Indian summer better than this.
Want some tea?
Happy Holi!
Going by the legends and the stories from the bygone era Khadau came into existence because saints believed that electric current flowing in the body is absorbed by the earth due to gravity. And since wood is a bad conductor of electricity, therefore to save biological potency, these beautiful toe slippers were created.
Happy Women’s Day!
When repeated in a rhythm, OM creates vibrations in the body which influences endorphin secretion. A chemical that makes one feel relaxed and refreshed. Hence, uplifting an individual’s mood and improving interpersonal relationship. So the next time you feel dull or dreary, sit in a relaxed position, close your eyes and start chanting OM.
In Hindus, it is customary to tie a red thread - commonly called a mauli or kalava, on the wrist while performing any puja. According to the legends, in the Vamana avatar, Lord Vishnu pushed King Bali into the underworld. It is believed that he tied a red thread on the wrist of Bali, to grant him immortality. That began the practice of tying a red kalava on the wrist of people, to grant them...
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This happens only in India.
Besides lending color, mehendi is a very powerful medicinal herb. Application of mehendi helps reduce stress because it cools the body and keeps the nerves from becoming tense. This is the reason why mehendi is applied on the hands and feet of the soon-to-be bride and groom. Also, being a highly antiseptic agent, mehendi protects against viral diseases. Apart from this, it improves blood...
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Wish you all a very Happy Mahashivratri....! :-)
Played with cowries, this Indian game was highly popular during the era of the Kings. It was used to improve eye-to-eye coordination and to teach teenagers war tactics and strategy. Also, the game was used as an important tool in developing counting skills. The game is played between two - four players, wherein each player races their coins on a board of 5x5 squares to reach the innermost...
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Winning the most coveted award – the Oscar, in the year 1982 for Costume Designing for the cult movie Gandhi, Bhanu Athaiya became the first Indian to win an Academy Award. Having worked in over 100 films, since 1950s, with noted Indian and International filmmakers, this prominent Indian Costume Designer started her career as a freelance fashion illustrator for various women's magazines in...
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He is a popular Indian comic book character, created by cartoonist Pran. The comic comes in ten Indian languages including Hindi and English and has sold almost ten million copies. It has also been made into a television series. The character was created in 1971 for the Hindi magazine Lotpot. It soon became popular among kids and the adults alike. According to a Diamond Comics press release,...
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You must have danced to its beats and have celebrated this joyous festival with your family and friends, but can you answer this easy question related to its origin?

A. Madhya Pradesh B. Punjab C. Gujarat D. Maharashtra
Patolas are hand-woven silk sarees that are created in Patan, Gujarat. The name Patola is derived from the Sanskrit word Pattakulla. Manufactured by the resist dyeing process using the warp & weft technique, Patolas are double ikat sarees. The sarees are painted with motifs and patterns inspired from animals and other elements of nature. The craft of weaving them rests exclusively with the...
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