This Jahanara Romney jean jumpsuit was made in 1969 for Wavy Gravy, the unofficial master of ceremonies at Woodstock. The design is emblematic of his political style, which combined serious activism with an irreverent playful disposition typical of hippie culture. #JahanaraRomney #WavyGravy #jumpsuit #Woodstock #CounterCouture #counterculture [ Link ]
Next Thursday, swing by the Store for a free event with Matthew Ward. Meet the artist and shop his latest work, and save 20% on all purchases in the Store!

An Evening with Matthew Ward TRUNK SHOW

"Perhaps this exhibit would not resonate so meaningfully, would not leave the viewer to go out in the unseasonably cold of Columbus Circle on the verge of tears, if our own political situation were not so terrifying. Our ability to marshal our defiance—to turn ourselves into glowing, sparkly flowers of resistance—suddenly seems more powerful, more important than ever." —Vogue Magazine visits...
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A New Exhibit Explores the Radical Style of ’60s and ’70s Counterculture
The Association of Art Museum Directors made the following statement in response to the release of the proposed federal budget, which eliminates the National Endowment for the Arts and the National Endowment for the Humanities:

AAMD Statement on Proposed Elimination of NEA and NEH
A jewelry designer based in Greece, Amalia Petsali originally studied painting and presented her work internationally. Her investigation into color and design led to an interest in microsculpture using wood, wire, textiles, and metals, and finally to the designing and making of jewelry. Petsali proceeded to study silversmithing and gemology, and today she creates handmade, one-of-a-kind...
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Calling all artists and designers! Are you interested in a Museum residency? Join us this Saturday at 2 pm to learn more about our Artist Studios program. #MADArtistStudios [ Link ]

Artist Studios Program Info Session
Garments created by @luciacuba, one of our artist residents. At MAD, Cuba is working on a new chapter of her ongoing project “Exercises on Health,” exploring notions of health and its absence through garments and wearable devices. The series will translate conversations with MAD visitors around the meanings and dimension of health into wearable forms using mixed media, transcending the...
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Judith Leiber spent sixty-five years in the handbag industry, from an apprentice in Budapest to the owner of an internationally renowned handbag company based in New York. Opening April 4, ‘Judith Leiber: Crafting a New York Story’ spotlights the artist’s most iconic works alongside her more traditional and experimental forms; pictured here is the first metal bag Leiber designed, in 1967....
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MAD’s resident artist Yoshiyuki Minami uses and advances manual textile-making techniques to create cloth that he turns into one-of-a-kind garments. He restricts himself to using sustainable, locally sourced materials and employs spontaneity to dictate his work, critically assessing and developing processes for each of his designs. Visit him at the Museum every Wednesday. [ Link ]...
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LOOT: MAD About Jewelry, the Museum's annual week-long sale of artist-made jewelry, starts April 4!
'Counter-Couture: Handmade Fashion in an American Counterculture.' Now on view at MAD. [ Link ] #counterculture #countercouture #fashion #craft #1960s #1970s #60s #70s
The Museum will be closed Tuesday, March 14, 2017 to ensure the safety of our visitors and employees during the anticipated blizzard.

Wednesday is the last day to view 'Voulkos: The Breakthrough Years,' 'Françoise Grossen Selects,' and 'Lauren Kalman: But if the Crime Is Beautiful...'

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"The more authentically you present yourself, the better off you are. You can use your clothes and style as a way of accessing a deeper, more meaningful understanding of who you are, in the face of a lot of cultural forces that do not want you to do that." —Michael Cepress, curator of 'Counter-Couture,' in i-D. [ Link ]

rediscovering radical 70s fashion in san francisco attics | read | i-D
Mark your calendars! On Saturday, March 25th at 2 pm, MAD will host an Info Session about our Artist Studios Program, a paid residency opportunity for emerging to mid-career artists. [ Link ] #MADArtistStudios

Artist Studios Program Info Session
"The thrill…comes from encountering something beautiful but not entirely tame" —Modern Magazine on 'Françoise Grossen Selects.' It closes March 15, so this is the last weekend to view it! #fiber #fiberart #textile #rope #FrancoiseGrossen #FrancoiseGrossenSelects
'Voulkos: The Breakthrough Years' closes on Wednesday, so this is the last weekend to see it!

"...recontextualizes the significance of this revolutionary gets the sense of watching a mind catch fire as it realizes that many of the previously held conceptions of what constitutes a medium are merely arbitrary, and that form itrself can be wholly reimagined." — Artforum

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