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Alice Paul fought tirelessly her entire life to achieve that ordinary equality. #WomensHistoryMonth
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If you want to run for office, you’ll want to watch! #RunToWin
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We have to take daily action to keep this movement moving forward. - Gloria Steinem #WomensHistoryMonth
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Jeannette Rankin – an original #NastyWoman and the first woman elected to Congress. #WomensHistoryMonth
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Trumpcare failed to even get a vote! But don’t let your guard down yet.

They will try to repeal the Affordable Care Act again. And this week has shown us there's nothing Republicans won't do in pursuit of their agenda. But we will always be prepared to fight back.
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Even if you think you will never need to use Planned Parenthood, you will probably be hurt if their funding is cut. [ Link ]

How Defunding Planned Parenthood Will Devastate Poor Women, Even If They're Pro-Life
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Republicans have shown astounding tone deafness and cruelty when discussing women's health care. [ Link ]

Yes, Senator, You Wouldn’t Want to Lose Your Mammograms — or Women Voters
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The GOP is willing to cut:
❌ Pregnancy and maternity care
❌ Pediatric care
❌ Hospitalization
❌ Emergency services
[ Link ]

The latest health care cut Republicans are weighing, explained
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Mike Pence's entire career has been harmful toward women. Here's his track record of anti-woman policies: [ Link ]

Vice President Pence is receiving a ‘Working for Women’ award. Here’s a dive into his record on women.
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Trump's policies + Gorsuch on the Supreme Court could be a toxic combination for working women. [ Link ]

How the Trump Administration and Neil Gorsuch Could Be a Toxic Team for Working Women
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Go ahead, prove them wrong. #WomensHistoryMonth
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Our candidates spend their time investing in women, while Trump works to defund Planned Parenthood. [ Link ]

Senate Democrats Introduce Pro-Planned Parenthood Protest Bill
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That’s right. Over 10,000 women have signed up to #RunToWin. [ Link ]
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“Keep fighting. I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.” –Hillary Clinton [ Link ]

'Keep fighting': Hillary Clinton searches for role in age of Democratic division
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Don't be afraid to listen to yourself and what you want to do. #WomensHistoryMonth
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A man that values businesses over women does not belong on the SCOTUS bench. Period. [ Link ]

SCOTUS Nominee Gorsuch Argued Women ‘Manipulate’ Maternity Leave, Students Say
Paid family leave could change the economic and health outlooks for millions of working people. [ Link ]

Paid Family Leave Changed My Life - Rewire