Madam President
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Stand up to Trump and his administration by following these tips for an impactful resistance: [ Link ]

9 Steps for Resisting Trump’s Administration—Straight from a Congresswoman
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Madam President
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It's long past time for you to have a seat at the decision-making table. Join us and #RunToWin →
Madam President
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We’re still hopeful that in a few short years, we can celebrate President’s Day with a Madam President.
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Ella Baker was one of the most influential figures in the civil rights movement & she mentored future activists. #BlackHistoryMonth
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EMILY’s List is doubling its resources to connect women with the tools they need to run for office

EMILY's List begins 'most aggressive' female recruitment effort
America Ferrera is phenomenal and so are you! Join us in celebrating the women who’ve been fighting for generations as well as the new wave of activists that are rising up. Get this tee and support EMILY’s List: [ Link ]
We'll be following Rosa Parks’ guidance to do all we can to make the world a better place. #BlackHistoryMonth
"Experts agree that the reason more women aren't winning elections is because few women choose to run."

We have a solution →

The One Reason More Women Aren't Winning Elections
Maya Angelou's poetry and activism will always inspire us. #BlackHistoryMonth
In 2018, nine pro-choice Democratic women are up for re-election in the Senate. Help these pro-choice champions→ [ Link ]
Fannie Lou Hamer dedicated her life to fighting for civil rights. #BlackHistoryMonth
Who can run for office?

Anybody! We need more diverse voices in elected office. #RunToWin
On her birthday, we celebrate Susan B. Anthony, who fought to give women equal rights and representation.
Powerful women are leading the fight against Trump, and they aren't backing down anytime soon. [ Link ]

How women in power are leading the scrutiny of President Trump
Share a valentine with someone who inspires you to keep fighting!
Trump has driven thousands of women to run for office - and together, we can make 2018 another “Year of Women”! [ Link ]

Trump backlash could make 2018 a new 'Year of Women' for voters
Meet Tammy Baldwin, Maria Cantwell, Dianne Feinstein, Kirsten Gillibrand, Mazie Hirono, Amy Klobuchar, Claire McCaskill, Debbie Stabenow, and Elizabeth Warren – the nine pro-choice Democratic women senators EMILY's List endorsesd for re-election! [ Link ]

Here’s the women EMILY’s List is endorsing for senate in 2018, so read up!
No need for Everclear! If you want to do something about Trump, talk to EMILY's List about running for office. [ Link ]

Opinion | Here’s how you can deal with Trump — besides drinking Everclear