“It’s remarkable that my character is a wax figure and the idea that I’m a part of this exhibition is not something I ever expected.”- Tom Hiddleston

We spoke with Tom Hiddleston and director, Jordan Vogt-Roberts about our new Kong: Skull Island experience! Check out this exclusive look of our cutting-edge animatronic KONG and see what they had to say about our brand-new adventure here at...
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Calling all Hiddlestoners! What do you think Tom Hiddleston thinks about being a part of our new Kong: Skull Island experience? Write your comments below. #FaceTheKing #FamousFun #NotJustWax #NYCWAX Bustle

Tom Hiddleston's Wax Figure Is Here & The Hiddlestoners Will Have A Lot To Say About It — PHOTO

Yippie-Ki-Yay! Happy Birthday to Bruce Willis who turns 61 today! Come celebrate his big day and party with our A-listers here at Madame Tussauds New York #FamousFun #NYCWAX #Birthday #DieHard
It's St. Patrick's Day and happy hour is all day at Madame Tussauds New York! Enjoy our new Kong: Skull Island jungle juice or our "Shamrock" cocktail for a limited time only! Come celebrate with us! #NYCWAX #StPatricksDay #KongSkullIsland #HappyHour #FamousFun
For all you fashionistas out there! Did you know that our sexy Sofia Vergara wax figure is flaunting an original Marchesa dress at our A-list party!? Swing on by and see her sparkle in the lime light! #FamousFun #NYCWAX #SofiaVergara #Marchesa
Are you ready to embark on an adventure deep into the tropical environment of the infamous Kong: Skull Island!? During this experience you will be challenged to evade the traps of colossal petrifying spiders and uncover artifacts from the film! Be prepared to journey through the secluded bamboo jungle and then join our new wax figure of Captain James Conrad to #FaceTheKing! #KongSkullIsland...
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Thank you ShowTickets.com for helping us celebrate the announcement of our new Kong: Skull Island experience. During your visit you will feel like you are stepping into the movie where you come face to face with an animatronic Kong head scaled to the true size of the King himself. #FaceTheKing #KongSkullIsland #ShowTickets

Experience: Kong: Skull Island Experience at Madame Tussauds New York

Kong: Skull Island​ is now in theaters, and Madame Tussauds New York​ is celebrating with a brand new exhibit, the Kong: Skull Island Experience. #FACETHEKIN...

What creatures in Skull Island have 8 legs, are the size of skyscrapers and walk among the skull crawlers? ....SPIDERS! Walk through bamboo, avoid 10 foot "MOTHER LONG LEGS" and unearth the secrets of Kong: Skull Island. Purchase your tickets today! [ Goo.gl Link ]
#FaceTheKing #KongSkullIsland #NotJustWax #FamousFun #NYCWAX
Did you know that Tom Hiddleston and the cast of Kong: Skull Island had to imagine what Kong looked like while filming? They wish they had our 18-foot animatronic KONG! #FaceTheKing #NYCWAX #KongIsKing #FamousFun

Tom Hiddleston Wax Figure Is Stunningly Realistic in 'Kong' Attraction

Calling all Tom Hiddleston fans! Check out a sneak peek of our Captain James Conrad wax figure mentioned on Access Hollywood at the Kong: Skull Island Hollywood film premiere!

#FaceTheKing #KongSkullIsland #KongIsKing #NYCWAX #FamousFun

[ Accesshollywood.com Link ]

'Kong: Skull Island': Tom Hiddleston Loves The Enthusiasm Of His Fans

Thank you Jimmy Kimmel Live for last night's shout out to our handsome wax figure of Tom Hiddleston as "Captain James Conrad" in our new Kong: Skull Island experience! #FACETHEKING #NYCWAX #KONGISKING #FAMOUSFUN

Tom Hiddleston on Kong: Skull Island

Tom talks about his time shooting Kong: Skull Island, weekends with the cast, learning to surf in Hawaii and his very handsome wax figure. Fool Release https...

Awaken Kong! Feel the Roar of the largest ANIMATRONIC in NYC and unearth the secrets of Skull Island! #FaceTheKing #KongIsKing #KongSkullIsland #NYCWAX
A big welcome back to our friend Paris Hilton who stopped by, suited up and saved New York in our hyper-reality Ghostbusters Experience [ Instagram.com Link ]
Did you see Tom Hiddleston on MTV's Facebook live yesterday? Not only does he star in the Kong: Skull Island film coming out tomorrow but he is also featured as Madame Tussauds New York's newest wax figure in our brand- new #FaceTheKing experience as Captain James Conrad! #KongSkullIsland #FamousFun #NYCWAX
Are you ready to step into the deep jungle of the South Pacific and go Face to Face with Kong? Today is the day because our new epic experience, Kong: Skull Island is finally open! Walk through the tropics with Tom Hiddleston aka "Captain James Conrad" and witness the greatest King of Skull Island. Hurry on in to feel the ROAR... the King is waiting for you! Click the link below to learn more...
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He's watching you!

The King of Skull Island sees all! Did you know our animatronic Kong's eyeballs are 22 inches wide? That's over 100 times larger than the human eye! We can't wait for you all to see what Madame Tussauds New York has in store for you. Opening tomorrow, Tuesday March 7th, come #FaceTheKing at #KongSkullIsland! #FamousFun
Did you hear?! Luke Bryan met up with us in NYC Wednesday to reveal his figure for #MadameTussaudsNashville (just before his sold-out show at MADISON. SQUARE. GARDEN)! Now, “That’s MY Kind of Night!” Welcome to the family, Luke! Congrats to our Nashville team on their new amazing country star figure! #FamousFun
"Copy That Sergeant" ... Time to strap on those combat boots and brace yourselves for a mission of a lifetime! In just 4 days you will enter a world full of astounding mythical creatures and come face to face with the terrifying king himself, KONG! It's almost time to #FaceTheKing #KongSkullIsland #FamousFun #NYCWAX
...."Over and Out"

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