#MadeinUSA #TBT - Buying #AmericanMade products creates jobs. It's one way to put America back to work.
Wonderful work being done by the Workshops for Warriors.
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Workshop For Warriors: Rebuilding American Manufacturing One Veteran at a Time

Did you know Liberty Tabletop is America's only #flatware company?

Well, now you do.

Liberty Tabletop: America’s Only Flatware Company

#PresidentsDay #Poll - If you could add a 5th President to Mount Rushmore, who would you choose and why?

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Happy #PresidentsDay! Which is your favorite President?
Still think the #manufacturing sector is not growing? Here are 15 facts showing otherwise.

Do you agree?

15 Facts Showing U.S. Manufacturing is Growing

#MadeinUSA, Baby!!

Shared by one of our readers. Thank you for sharing, Cheryl!
"Patriotic spending has a bigger impact than you realize." Kurt Uhlir

Read what Kurt Uhlir, Mike Rowe, John Ratzenberger, and Toby Keith have to say about Making it in America today!

What Mike Rowe, Kurt Uhlir, John Ratzenberger and Toby Keith say about Made in America

Scott has enjoyed his 4 years to date at Mallard Creek Polymers, Inc. It's amazing all the applications MCP's products go into.

SOURCE: Carolina Works
In a 2015 report, the #Manufacturing Institute and @Deloitte Consulting LLC found that the #skillsgap “is real, and it is substantial.”

The report notes that over the next decade, 3.5 million manufacturing jobs will have to be filled, but with the skills gap, this means that two million of those jobs will go unfilled.

Skills Gap: Aging Workforce Puts Strain on Skilled Manufacturing Workers

Do you know the difference between #MadeinUSA and #AssembledinUSA?

Know The Difference Between Made in USA and Assembled in USA?

Ashley Biden Partners with Gilt on "Livelihood Inc", a socially and ethically conscious clothing line inspired by giving back to everyday people.

Kudos to Ashley.

Source: Teen Vogue

Joe Biden's Daughter Launched Clothing That's ACTUALLY Made in the U.S.

#Sharp building $7 billion plant in USA first half of 2017 creating 700K #jobs!

Sharp To Build $7 Billion Plant in USA Creating 700,000 Jobs

#TBT #Reshoring #MFG - Don't you think it's time to bring #manufacturing back home to the USA? We think so! Read why: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Brands and retailers who proudly declare they’re #MadeinTheUSA have serious challenges beneath their patriotic polish.

How American-Made Brands Are Dealing With Domestic Dead Ends

Manufacturers talk about why they decided to locate their production here, what worked and what didn’t—and whether the rewards were worth the travails.

Source: IndustryWeek

The Ups and Downs of Made in the USA

#SageGlass was bought by a French company but its #manufacturing remains in the USA. Operations director talks about the pros and cons of this arrangement.

Made in USA: Growing Panes for a High-Tech Window Company