The business case for more women in #manufacturing #leadership is strong. Research has shown that there is a verifiable link between women in leadership and improved business performance.

Strengthening the Ability of Women in Manufacturing Leadership
Oh, say, can you see,
By the dawn's early light,
What so proudly we hailed
At the twilight's last gleaming?
Happy 1st Day of #Spring! Welcome to the world tiny little #Eaglet.

#VernolEquinox #SpringEquinox
#MadeinUSA means so much more than just a label.
It means Quality.
It means Value.
But, most importantly,
It means jobs in the USA!

What does the Made in USA label mean to you?
This #MadeinHawaii company makes all of their products with domestically sourced ingredients! Meet Ola Hawaiian Body Products.

Artisan Wild Crafted Natural Beauty Products From This Land of Aloha
Happy #StPatricksDay!
There is a difference between #MadeinUSA and #AssembledinUSA. Here are some tips on finding #AmericanMade products.

Made in USA? Tips for Finding Certified American Products
#Reshoring #MFG - Play-Doh has not been #MadeinUSA since 2004. That will all change soon!

Play-Doh Will Be Made in The USA For The First Time in a Decade
#MFG #SkillsGap - A gap’s growing between US #manufacturing workers set to retire in the next 10 to 15 years and those on the other end of the spectrum.

Attracting Future Generations of US Manufacturing Workers
Check out the best #AmericanMade appliances according to Consumer Reports.

Did your favorite brand make the cut?

Consumer Reports: Best American Made Appliances
#TBT - Watch how Grist Org explains why your $8 shirt is a huge problem.

(We do not endorse the Presidential comment at the end of the video.)
“If I took my $2.4-million payroll overseas, I’d be paying $400,000,” Mark Andol said. “But you need to support the country you live in too.”

Please, support Mark and The Made in America Store.

At The Made in America Store, It’s a Challenge to Keep Aisles Full
The fact remains that when clothing is #MadeinUSA, it will be produced in factories held to much higher labor standards, resulting in much higher production costs. At least in the short-term, U.S. customers would pay higher prices for #AmericanMade clothes.

The million-dollar question is: will consumers vote with their dollars for #MadeintheUSA clothing?

Is America Ready for “Made in the U.S.A.” Clothing?
Do you believe #manufacturing is coming back?

More Proof That American Manufacturing Is Making A Comeback
#Keystone #Pipeline Won’t Only Use Made in USA Steel Despite #Trump Promises.

Keystone Pipeline Won’t Use U.S. Steel Despite Trump Promise
8 reasons #manufacturing is great for the USA!

We can come up with a few dozen more. Why do you believe #mfg is good for America?

8 Reasons Manufacturing Is Great for America
9 policies that could spark new growth in #factory #jobs and the economic benefits they bring.

How to Revitalize U.S. Manufacturing
Feeling #patriotic? Double check the tag before purchasing an item bearing the #AmericanFlag.