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Made In America Movement
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Bring on the "American Made" cheer!

Enter our 12 days of #AmericanMade Christmas giveaway now:

12 Days of American Made Christmas

Vote with your wallet this holiday season and help make a difference within your local community.

Spend it where you earn it. Buy Locally and American Made to support our economy!

12 Days of American Made Christmas

We've partnered with several of our favorite brands to bring you our annual "12 Days of #AmericanMadeChristmas #Giveaway"!

Enter for your chance to win #MadeInUSA gifts from these pretty cool brands.

12 Days of American Made Christmas

#PearlHarbor75 Never Forget December 7th, 1941.

Today, Dec. 7, 2016, marks the 75th anniversary of the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, which brought the United States into World War II. Like other transformative events, Pearl Harbor registered as “history” from the very moment it happened; Pearl Harbor Day loomed large for many years, especially for those journalists who served in the war...
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We're kicking off our 5th Annual 12 days of #AmericanMadeChristmas! Here is your chance to win some #MadeInUSA gifts.

12 Days of American Made Christmas

We are launching our "12 Days of American-Made Christmas" Promotional Campaign! [ Bit.ly Link ]

Enter for your chance to win one of many #MadeinUSA prizes starting Dec. 7th at 9am EST!

[ Bit.ly Link ]

These are a few of our favorite brands included in our "12 Days of #AmericanMade Christmas Giveaway" launching tomorrow morning at 9AM EST!

12 Days of American Made Christmas

#Carrier gets tax breaks and 1,300 #jobs are being outsourced to #Mexico.

Carrier Gets Tax Breaks, But Still Sending 1,300 Jobs To Mexico

We're kicking off our 5th Annual 12 days of #AmericanMadeChristmas! Here is your chance to win some #MadeInUSA gifts. Enter now:

12 Days of American Made Christmas

Have you checked out the #Holiday issue of Pure American Magazine? This first issue has some pretty cool articles, a couple of reviews of some American made products, and even some simple recipes, including one for homemade dog food! [ Bit.ly Link ]

The Spring/Summer issue will publish in March. Let us know what you'd like to see in this next issue. If you are an American brand and would like...
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#DYK - If each of us spent just $64 on #MadeinUSA products during this season alone, over 200,000 new #jobs would be created in the USA!

Are you doing your part? Are you a #jobcreator? Let us know!
#MFG #Jobs - #Carrier plant will not move to #Mexico. At what cost? Good move or bad move? You tell us.

Read the article for the details...

Carrier Plant Will Keep Jobs in U.S.A

How could we not give these guys a shout out? Thank you, Blackbox Case, for an outstanding image!

Check out these impressive looking cases, made out of real wood in the beautiful state of Colorado. And next week, you will all have the chance to win one of three of these beauties!!!

Stay tuned for more details to come.

(We love you too, guys!)
Do you know where your #Tilapia was swimming before landing on your plate? Here is a list of 10 common food products you may be using, and where they might be coming from.

A List of 10 Commonly Used Foods Made in China


Don't miss this Incredible chance to save on America's most comfortable recovery sandal. [ Bit.ly Link ]

- 50% Off Up to 3 Pairs, when you buy ONE
- Free Shipping
- 100% Made In U.S.A.
- Conform to your feet w/ body heat
- Epic recovery for runners, athletes and anyone on their feet all day!
- Give the gift of comfort this year!

Visit - while...
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#AmericanMade #CyberMonday is almost over. Check out some #MadeinUSA deals we found. Get to shopping! → [ Bit.ly Link ]
#CyberMonday begins NOW for #MadeinUSA #Telic Footwear [ Bit.ly Link ]

Buy one pair and get up to 3 more at 50% OFF while supplies last! If you have been waiting to try these out, this is the perfect chance to do so.

Give the gift of comfort & running recovery this year!

This offer expires at midnight tonight. Get to shopping NOW → [ Bit.ly Link ]
#CyberMonday #Ad Special event going on over at our friends Jacob Bromwell! Save 50% off of your entire order.

BONUS: Purchase any copper flasks and get a surprise gift! At checkout enter FB in Salesperson and SAVE50 in discount section to receive half off your order. SHOP → [ Bit.ly Link ]
#DYK - Americans will spend $720 on average for gifts this year. As ABC reported, if each of us spent just $64 on #AmericanMade products, we could create about 200,000 new jobs!

Every year we renew our commitment to look for the #MadeinUSA label. And every year we ask our readers to commit along with us by pledging to #BuyAmerican Made.

Will you pledge to #BuyAmericanMade during...
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We are proud to #BuyAmerican and do so every chance we get. Will you commit to looking for the #MadeinUSA label this season? Have you purchased any #AmericanMade products these past few days?

Share with us and tag the brands so we may show them some #MadeinUSALove!