Madison Beer
03/23/2017 at 00:37. Facebook
just received a yummy t-shirt in the in the mail from a fellow L.I. girl... thank you, love the t-shirt and the cause!! best of luck with your endeavors and thanks for supporting teens in a positive way [ Link ] good luck with your event and sorry I can't make it
Madison Beer
03/17/2017 at 18:15. Facebook
i love featuring all your letters each week :) if u want, u can send fan mail to the address on that envelope!!
love allllll the little gifts and notes and letters so much. u guys seriously make me so happy
to me...
i couldn't love this more...
you're dope too. thank u guys for your constant love
miss you all already :( thank you for welcoming me to your country
the love I received from my Italian family is much appreciated! love you all so much. Grazie
thank you for one of the most special moments in my life Dolce & Gabbana
i try and read everything so im sorry if i read your letters super late but i love them and you guys so much!!!
I LOVE U GUYS SO MUCH this is so cute
a very special evening! thank you for having me amfAR The Foundation for AIDS Research such an amazing cause...
ice ice baby Adina's Jewels
honestly loving all my new goodies, my hair smells and feels so good! Thanks IGK Haircare
happiest girl when i get to read all your letters :)
your fan art is my favvvvv
thank you for this awesome feature & linking me with such fashion icons!!

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