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Watch your back...It's #NationalHuggingDay.
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Listen as Waypoint by VICE talks with The Fullbright Company's Steve Gaynor on #Mafia3's dynamic gunfights, handling of race and history, and THAT ending scene.

Steve Gaynor Joins Us to Chat About 'Mafia 3' on a Bonus Episode of Waypoint Radio - Waypoint
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#Mafia3 is nominated for 5 awards including Best Game at the 6th annual New York Video Game Awards! Watch on #twitchtv starting at 5PM PST

NYVGCC - Twitch
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Have you signed up with My2K in #Mafia3 to get your exclusive outfit and gun yet? Follow the link below to get started.

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Forbes calls #Mafia3 one of the 10 best games of 2016 thanks to the atmosphere and detail within 1968 New Bordeaux.

The 10 Best Video Games Of 2016
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Kick up dirt and hit sweet jumps on the Bayou Bridges track! Have you tried it yet?
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It's #NationalHatDay! Don your fedora and trenchcoat by linking your My2K account with #Mafia3 today.
If you enjoyed #Mafia3's story, check out lead writer William Harm's upcoming book, "Let Us Alone Trust in God."

Let Us Alone Trust in God
Mafia III #FreeCodeFriday!

Ready for all of the great content coming to Mafia III? Leave a comment below telling us who your favorite #Mafia3 character is for a chance to win!

Three lucky winners will be chosen on Monday, January 16 (US Only).

Rules: [ Link ]
Waypoint by VICE discusses how the revenge-fueled violence in #Mafia3 fit the game's themes and characters perfectly.

Games Made Violence Meaningful in 2016 - Waypoint
Read why Up Up Down Down/WWE's Xavier Woods says #Mafia3 is his favorite game of 2016.

Xavier Woods and Kenny Omega's Respective Top 10 Games of 2016
Now that you've had time to race your custom rides around New Bordeaux, what do you think?
Gamasutra praises #Mafia3's authentic setting and story, and calls it one of the ten best games of 2016.

Gamasutra's Best of 2016: Top 10 Games of the Year
Dress like the man with nothing left to lose. Don the "Bad Bad Mr. Burke" outfit in #Mafia3 today!
Celebrate the anniversary of the first U.S. presidential election with the man who loves his country: John Donovan.
2017 has a lot more in store for #Mafia3. Which upcoming story expansions are you most excited for?

DETAILS: [ Link ]
Kotaku explains why the open world of New Bordeaux and the compelling narrative in #Mafia3 go hand-in-hand.

Mafia III's Story Works Because Of The Open World
The sleek and stylish Griffin Marauder awaits for the most skilled #Mafia3 drivers. Have you unlocked it yet?
Got a My2K account? Link it with #Mafia3 and score a new handgun (Il Duca) and a sweet, three-piece suit (Classico)!