Mafia Game
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Lincoln's rocking a classic look. The "Blue Genius" outfit awaits in "Faster, Baby!" #Mafia3
Mafia Game
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Lincoln's got a handy new trick to maneuver his ride out of a tough situation. #Mafia3
Mafia Game
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Lincoln teams up with the intense Roxy Laveau to liberate Sinclair Parish. "Faster, Baby!" speeds your way next week! #Mafia3
Mafia Game
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Drive up, on, and through anything that comes your way in Sinclair Parish. "Faster, Baby!" hits on March 28! #Mafia3
Mafia Game
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In a hot pursuit? A well timed shot could get you out of a jam. #Mafia3
Mafia Game
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Father James had a hard time telling the tragic story of Lincoln Clay. #WorldStoryTellingDay
β€œI remember back in ’68 when this guy – Lincoln Clay – came tearing through town, smashing up everything.” Play it in #Mafia3 "Faster, Baby!"
Burke and the Irish mob may have fallen on hard times lately, but they're still living it up! Happy #StPatricksDay!
Improvise to survive. Shooting out a conveniently placed trap might get you out of a jam in "Faster, Baby!" #Mafia3
Beware the #idesofmarch. Lincoln and his family know a thing or two about betrayal.
Chucking explosives out the window is a quick way to get those mobsters off your tail. #Mafia3
They won't know what they're walking into. Throw a proximity mine down and let the fireworks ensue! #Mafia3
"Faster, Baby!" might be all about intense stunt driving, but Lincoln might hit a few potholes along the way.

CONCEPT ART: Lincoln might be meeting some seedier fellows in "Faster, Baby!"

Gamasutra breaks down Hangar 13 Games Narrative Director Bill Harms' #GDC2017 presentation on writing #Mafia3

Writing Mafia 3 : 'We had a lot of very uncomfortable conversations'
Sinclair Parish is full of opportunities for intense Hollywood inspired stunt driving. Ready to tear a path through it? #Mafia3
We are honored that #Mafia3 is nominated for best narrative and performer (Alex Hernandez as Lincoln Clay) by the BAFTA Games Awards!
Re-Elect Sheriff Slim Beaumont? Lincoln's got another plan in mind. #Mafia3
Sleek. Powerful. Durable. Take home your very own 1968 Lassiter Nightcrawler when "Faster, Baby!" launches on March 28.
Never one to sit on the sidelines, Roxy is taking matters into her own hands. #Mafia3