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Mafia Game
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Take another look at the Sinclair Parish Fair! Lincoln might cause a bit of chaos here... #Mafia3
Mafia Game
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The Sinclair Parish Fair puts on a fun facade for this dangerous and highly troubling town. Watch your back in Sinclair Parish. #Mafia3
Mafia Game
02/21/2017 at 17:08. Facebook
…that’s what happens when people are too scared to vote. Sheriff “Slim” Beaumont will get what’s comin’ in “Faster, Baby!” #Mafia3
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A brand new area awaits in "Faster, Baby!" On March 28, welcome to Sinclair Parish! #Mafia3
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Drive through sprawling, destructible farmland in Sinclair Parish. Are you excited for some epic Hollywood-style car chases here? #Mafia3
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On March 28, make your way west of the Bayou and into the sprawling township of Sinclair Parish! #Mafia3
Read all of the details on our new DLC, "Faster, Baby!" coming March 28. #Mafia3

What’s New to Mafia III with “Faster, Baby!”
"Faster, Baby!" arrives March 28! Hangar 13 Games gives you all the details in this new inside look at the upcoming #Mafia3 DLC.
Thrilling stunts and car chases await in Sinclair Parish. Get ready for "Faster, Baby!" coming in March! #Mafia3
Sal Marcano rules New Bordeaux with an iron fist. How satisfying was it to take down his empire? #Mafia3
For Olivia Marcano, money wasn't everything. The thrill of being in the mob was more than enough.

Unfortunately for Michael Grecco, "Fish gotta eat like everyone else."

Mafia III #FreeCodeFriday!

We're doing a #giveaway in honor of "Faster, Baby!" coming in March! Leave a comment below telling us what details you want on this DLC over the next few weeks!

Three lucky winners will be chosen on Monday, February 13 (US Only).

Rules: [ Link ]
Roll into "Faster, Baby!" rocking the Classico outfit and Il Duca handgun. Link your My2K account in #Mafia3 today!

SIGN UP: [ Link ]
Don't let Lincoln catch you sleeping on the job. Happy #HumpDay.
Read three things you need to know about our upcoming #Mafia3 DLC, "Faster, Baby!"

MAFIA III: The Story Continues in 2017 - MAFIA III
Case of the Mondays after the big game? Burke's feeling it too...
Grab a glass and enjoy the big game! Who are you rooting for?

ICYMI, we revealed when our story expansions are coming! Which one are you most hyped for?