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Tonight is the first FNM with the Aether Revolt set in the wild! Light up your torch gauntlets, crew the nearest vehicle, and let us know where you're headed to play tonight!

And remember: The latest update to the Banned and Restricted list goes into effect today.
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Hey Facebook! Want to help make Magic better? Tell us what you thought of Aether Revolt by taking this survey!

Aether Revolt Survey
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It's Aether Revolt day!! Join Kirsty for a chat about Launch Weekend and Draft!
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01/19/2017 at 19:10. Facebook
Nate and Chris are here to talk about some of the most exciting new cards from Aether Revolt for standard. If you're looking for fun new deck ideas to take to your next FNM, join us!
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Tezzeret controls the Consulate with an etherium fist. The revolution starts tomorrow, but it starts brewing today! What sweet decks are you planning to bring to the fight at #MTGFNM this weekend!
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Rejoice rebels, for the Skysovereign has fallen from the skies! Gamesville Tabletop in Gainesville, FL, helped us reclaim the skies with these incredible decorations from their Aether Revolt Prereleases this past weekend! Did your local store help contribute to the war effort? We are looking for stores that went above and beyond to provide a great experience for their players, so give them a...
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In today's Magic Story, the flagship Skysovereign has fallen and the Consulate's defenses are weakening. The renegades and Gatewatch divide their efforts to attack Tezzeret's operation on multiple fronts.

Magic Story - Breaking Points
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Breaking news from Ghirapur!
Comic by Inkwell Looter
More MTG Inkwell Looter comics available here: [ Link ]
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Last week, Hall of Famer Frank Karsten wrote a great article for Channelfireball looking ahead to some sweet new brews using Aether Revolt! From crazy combos to cool new ways to pimp your ride, Karsten gives some great ideas for you to look at for Standard at Friday Night Magic this weekend!

Standard Brews with Aether Revolt
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This weekend we saw players around the world crafting their first decks with Aether Revolt at the prerelease! Thopter swarms, Consulate peacewalkers, and adorable gremlins were all over the place.

What were your best moments from the prerelease weekend?
This is a message from Sekar Rabi of the Department of Security and Enforcement.

Sources close to the renegade movement have confirmed that notorious sky pirate Karpani Zevanwat (known by the alias Kari Zev) and her ship, the Dragon's Smile, have been involved in ongoing attacks on our city. Zev, along with her crew and a monkey that goes by the name of Ragavan, is wanted for numerous raids...
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Prerelease is this weekend!!! Not sure where to go, how it works, or what we're talking about? Then here's a picture of a monkey! And if THAT doesn't help, you can click the link below for all the info you need.

Happy Prerelease! [ Link ]
It's Prerelease this weekend! UK Community Manager Kirsty is here to answer any of your questions.
Take a look around for your local prerelease! This weekend is your chance to play with Aether Revolt early at events all over the world.

Prerelease is a celebration of the newest set for players of all kinds, even if you've never visited your local game store.

For more information, check out! [ Link ]
We heard you were in need of a sky pirate with a goggle-wearing monkey. You're welcome. [ Link ]
Chris and Nate are here to unbox an Aether Revolt Prerelease kit! Join us as we crack some packs and see what you can expect at an event this weekend!
In today's Magic Story, skyship captain and notorious pirate Kari Zev is sympathetic to the renegade cause—for a price.
"A promising followup to a set with hidden depth" - Ars Technica UK reviews Aether Revolt!

Aether Revolt review: Magic’s new set is powerful—if you can crack its puzzles
All of Aether Revolt has been previewed, which means it is time for PRERELEASE! Find an event near you at the link below, and come build with us! No need to plan too much in advance. You can always improvise when you get there. : V