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Magic: The Gathering
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Today's Magic Story is up! The Gatewatch are on the run, and Gideon is uncertain how much planeswalkers should meddle with the affairs of other planes.

Quiet Moments

Magic: The Gathering
12/06/2016 at 18:18. Facebook
In the follow-up to Kaladesh, "It's Time to Take the Power Back" with Aether Revolt. Ingenuity will only get you so far when the revolt comes. Releasing January 20, 2017.
Magic: The Gathering
12/06/2016 at 00:12. Facebook
Magic: The Gathering
12/05/2016 at 18:41. Facebook
Join community managers Nate and Chris explore building a standard deck around cards featuring the Consulate! Gotta keep those Renegade forces in check, right?
Magic: The Gathering
12/01/2016 at 19:14. Facebook
The Kaladesh Consulate has an update regarding recent events in Ghirapur. Make sure to follow them to see even more of the world and story of Kaladesh!
Magic: The Gathering
12/01/2016 at 17:51. Facebook
Just learned how to play? Getting back into Magic? Want to practice for the Pro Tour? Gavin has a guide on how to take the next step! Standard is Magic's most widely played format, and this article is your answer to what it is and how to start playing.

Standard Operating Procedure

Magic Story is back with the first episode of Aether Revolt! 'In the Dead of Night' is here.

In an effort to quell a Renegade uprising, the Consulate of Ghirapur has forcibly confiscated all unapproved devices from the inventors of the city. Access to energy sources was drastically cut, and a mandatory curfew was set in place. In the middle of all of this, Yahenni, an aetherborn socialite...
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Magic Story - In the Dead of Night

Greece took home the trophy at the World Magic Cup - can you seize victory in the Standard Showdown this Saturday? [ Wizards.com Link ]
Why just speak for the trees when you can smash with them, too?

If you like everything from squirrels to elves to GIANT SPIDERS, then here's a great article to help you build your own Standard deck. Build over the next few days and we'll see you on Saturday for the Standard Showdown!

How to Build with Green

Happy Monday! How was your first Standard Showdown? What did you think?
After the first Standard Showdown yesterday, how will you be improving your deck? Share your nimble innovations with us!
Start your engines! Standard Showdown begins today at a local game store near you!

Standard Showdown

Who all is playing in the Standard Showdown tomorrow?! Tell us what you'll be piloting!
Holiday shopping is tough enough already. Use our holiday guide to find the best present for the Magic-loving friend in your life, for beginners and super-fans alike!

Magic Holiday Gift Guide and Holiday Buy-a-Box Promotion

The beginning of Standard Showdown is just two days away! Is your deck built to last or built to smash?
The Standard Showdown begins this weekend! Get your favorite deck ready and battle it out at your local game store in a celebration of standard. Participating stores will receive special booster packs with premium cards as prizes for this event! Get more info and find a store near you: [ Spr.ly Link ]
Get a look inside the minds of some of the best Magic teams in the world in our Open House series! The World Magic Cup teams from Italy, France, and Denmark share their preparation for this prestigious event and talk about their lives outside the Pro scene:

2016 World Magic Cup Open House

The crew from Enter the Battlefield travels to Santiago, Chile and explores the local Magic scene!

Check out the rest of this globetrotting series on our Youtube page: [ Spr.ly Link ]