Magic: The Gathering
03/24/2017 at 17:03. Facebook
Tonight is Friday Night Magic! Grab your favorite deck, your most exquisite creepy mask, and get to playing!

Note: Please do not use your exquisite mask to strike fear into the hearts of other FNM-goers.
Magic: The Gathering
03/23/2017 at 16:03. Facebook
It's tough out there, especially if you're just a goblin that wants to punish people for playing all their lands.

Illus. Zo-Zu the Punisher by Wayne Reynolds
Magic: The Gathering
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Blake joins Art Director Mark Winters in his latest interview with the creative team!

And remember to join us next week for the start of Amonkhet stories!

Magic Story Podcast: Mark Winters
You've been rused upon by this clever merfolk! What spells in your arsenal can you use to get your revenge?
Do you have a DCI number? Check this article and make sure your Wizards Account is up to date before attending your next major event!

Keep Your DCI/Wizards Account Up to Date
Temporal magic and battle axes abound in Duel Decks: Mind vs Might! Check out the full deck lists here:

Duel Decks: Mind vs. Might
Modern Masters 2017 is available in stores today! Check your local game stores and try a draft of some with Modern's most potent cards.
Happy Saint Patrick's Day!
Help! This doggo needs a name! He's a good pupper. 12/10, would turn to stone immediately upon petting. [Basilisk Collar by [ Link ]
Aether Revolt creative lead Ari Levitch joins us in today's story podcast! Learn how the Inventors' Revolution got its shine.

And remember, Amonkhet stories begin March 29th!

Magic Story Podcast: Ari Levitch
Modern Masters 2017 Soldier Token
: Magali Villeneuve
MFW I remember that Modern Masters 2017 releases this week. Tag a friend to give them +4/+4 until the end of the turn!
Coverage for GP Barcelona and GP New Jersey begins tomorrow, March 11! Tune in to through the weekend!

Magic - Twitch
Renegade Rallier from Aether Revolt is happy to bring back your favorite two-drop aggressive creature of choice, or maybe that land you just put into your graveyard! And he just looks so gosh-dang nice while doing so!

Any of you taking a deck with Rallier to your FNM tonight?
Modern Puresteel Paladin got an upgrade from Sram, Senior Edificer in Aether Revolt! Want to combo off with a delightfully dumb amount of artifacts? Just Sram it!

What sort of deck would you build around Sram?
What's the most pirate-y, broken thing you could do with this expertise in one turn? Please answer in the form of a skypirate shanty.
Some Aether Revolt cards have made an impact on Modern. What Modern deck could use an extra Push?
This weekend some of Magic's best players gathered at Wizards of the Coast headquarters for the Magic Online Championships! Check out some of the best cat copying, vehicle-crewing, and energy generating moments here:

Top 5 Moments of the Magic Online Championships
The full card image gallery for Modern Masters 2017 is live now! What are you hoping to draft from this set?

Modern Masters 2017 Edition
Modern Masters 2017 is coming soon! See the latest previews in our card image gallery on Daily MTG!