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Standard Series is happening right now! Play six Standard events at participating local games stores (including casual play) between February 13 and April 16 to earn a special promo!

Participating stores will also receive three exclusive playmats featuring Amonkhet art that they can use to reward players for sportsmanship, helping new players, innovative deck building, or other positive...
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Want to see the packaging for Modern Masters 2017, Amonkhet AND tons of sweet new art? Look no further than Daily MTG today!

Modern Masters 2017 Edition and Amonkhet Packaging
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Hey Facebook! Help us make Magic better by taking this survey and telling us what you thought of Aether Revolt.

Aether Revolt Survey
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Vampires come in many different forms across the multiverse. Most vampires rely on blood for sustenance, but acts of vampirism aren't all sanguine in nature.

Some aetherborn are capable of a form of vampirism known as essence draining. It is a rare gift that allows aetherborn to lengthen their lifespan by draining the life of another living being. For the aetherborn that are capable of this...
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"You got Kaladesh in my D&D!"
"You got D&D in my Kaladesh!"
Plane Shift: Kaladesh has arrived! Plane Shift is a series of rules to bring your Dungeons & Dragons adventure to the plane of Kaladesh. Download it here:

Plane Shift: Kaladesh
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Today on the Magic Story Podcast we hear from Worldbuilding team member James Wyatt talks about what happens when D&D and Magic collide! He also chats about the Art Book and what goes into creating it.

You can also listen on iTunes! [ Link ]

Magic Story Podcast: James Wyatt
Some people play Magic to cast giant spells, win their local tournaments, or meet new friends. For these fans, it's all about the pieces that bring the game to life. Join Maria as she meets some of Magic's biggest art enthusiasts and share their collections with us!
Gremlins are red,
And Aether is blue,
My deck's pretty sweet,
And so are you
Jimmy Wong's Command Zone crew meets up with Josh Kim for some explosive Commander games in the newest Game Knights! Come for the powerful Infect turns, stay for the Infect player getting caught up in a combo of artifacts in the next game.

[ Link ]

Commander Gameplay! Yidris, Silas Renn, Titania, & Oona EDH l Game Knights #3 Magic: the Gathering

Josh Kim from All Chat joins the crew, bringing his Yidris Infect deck to battle against Jimmy's new Silas Renn & Sidar Kondo brew (or should we say "Sidar C...

We've seen the best players in the world take on Aether Revolt standard at the Pro Tour, and now it's your chance to try your favorite deck at Game Day!

Aether Revolt Game Day is a casual standard event where players get to show off their favorite decks in the new format. Top 8 players in the tournament will receive this Yahenni's Expertise promo card, and the winner gets an exclusive...
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Nationals are back! Hear about the latest in organized play changes and the return of a beloved tournament series from Helene Bergeot:

The Return of Nationals and Changes to Grand Prix
In the frigid midwest, one city is home to some of the greatest Magic players (and writers, and deckbuilders, and streamers) in history. Take a closer look at Madison, Wisconsin in the latest Enter the Battlefield!

Enter the Battlefield: Madison

What is it that makes Magic in Madison so special? Enter the Battlefield explores how Madison produces so many talented and successful Magic Players.

Aether Revolt Magic Story has wrapped, but we've got something special planned in the meantime! Here's the first Magic Story Podcast with Doug Beyer!
What card were you most excited to see during Pro Tour Aether Revolt coverage last weekend?

Did you miss the coverage? Go watch it on our YouTube channel! [ Link ]

Magic: The Gathering
Snoot snoooooot! This weekend at Pro Tour Aether Revolt we saw rampaging aether-hungry elephants, roaring skyships, and endless armies of ferocious cat beasts. But today, let's give a shout-out to the gremlins in this awesome draft game between Brad Nelson and Joel Larsson!

Pro Tour Aether Revolt Round 2 (Draft): Brad Nelson vs. Joel Larsson
Congratulations to Team DEXArmy's Lucas Esper Berthoud, Pro Tour Aether Revolt Champion!

Catch all of the videos from Pro Tour Aether Revolt at [ Link ]
Updates from Pro Tour Aether Revolt in Dublin, Ireland - February 3-5, 2017
We have our Top 8 at Pro Tour Aether Revolt! Join us tomorrow to see DEX Army's Marcio Carvalho, Lingering Souls's Donald Smith, Liu Yuchen, DEXThird's Lucas Esper Berthoud, MTG Mint Card's Eduardo Sajgalik, Channel Fireball Fire's Martin Juza, Jan Ksandr, and Channel Fireball Ice's Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa show us who has what it takes to be a champion!

Coverage starts at 1 am PT/4 am ET/9...
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Updates from Pro Tour Aether Revolt in Dublin, Ireland - February 3-5, 2017