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And everywhere I look around me
Your creation’s so wonderful
And the more that think about it
Makes me love You even more
How the river finds the way to the valley
Is just so magical
And the way the night turns into day
It’s a miracle!

Maher Zain - Close To You | Official Music Video

Official music video for "Close To You" from Maher Zain's new album "One. Filmed in South Africa, and directed by Amr Singh. Watch "One" album (International...

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Alhamdolillah just arrived at Arlanda Airport thank you all for this wonderful week.. I reeeeally had a great time with the whole team and all of you who came out to the shows I'm already looking forward to next tour InshaAllah
Maher Zain
01/18/2017 at 21:53. Facebook
We're just done from the studio in Hilversum, Holland ☺ we have something coming up for you in a couple of weeks InshaAllah so stay tuned
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Maher Zain
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Alhamdu Lillah, I'm so happy that my music video "Number One For Me" passed 60 Million views on YouTube! Thank you all for your support & love, and don't forget to keep sharing the love ;)

Watch it NOW: [ Link ]
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بِكَ مُلهِمي
(With Your Name, My Inspiration)

بِك مُلهِمي يَشدُو فمي
(With your name, O my inspiration, my heart sings)

والشّوقُ يجري في دمي
(The yearning for you runs in my veins)

وإليك دوماً أَنتمي
(And to you I always belong)

يا سيّدي يا محمد
(O my master, O Muhammad!)

ماهر زين ومصطفى جيجيلي - بِكَ مُلهِمي | Maher Zain & Mustafa Ceceli - Bika Moulhimi

أغنية "بِكَ مُلهِمي" لماهر زين ومصطفى جيجيلي، من ألبوم ماهر زين الجديد "One"، إنتاج أويكيننج ريكوردز. Maher Zain & Mustafa Ceceli - Bika Moulhimi (Official M...

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Maher Zain
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Im reeeeeally reeeeeeaaallly sorry for this but I had to share it with you
Maher Zain
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Maher Zain
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Thank you #rotterdam
(And sorry for stealing everyone's videos from Instagram)
Maher Zain
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Always refreshing with a #fruitplatter but do you see anything that doesn't belong there ? #fruit #healthyfood
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Giving up should never be
Something you decide to do
Wipe the tears from your cheek
God knows what you’re going through
So don’t surrender to what was
Put your faith in what will be
Everyday is a brand new start, yeah

Maher Zain - Let It Go | ماهر زين (Official Lyrics 2016)

Official Lyric Video for "Let It Go", from Maher Zain's new album "One". Watch "One" album (International Version) YouTube Playlist:

Maher Zain
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Halfway done
Maher Zain
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It's almost 2 am and me and Tim felt like working out a bit after the burger we ate ...
Maher Zain
01/14/2017 at 22:59. Facebook
You just have to try this place out MashaAllah amazing ☺
Maher Zain
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Maher Zain
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Maher Zain
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If you live in #amsterdam or #rotterdam you have to eat at @meramnl .. I promise you won't regret it #turkishfood