It was great fun going through all the amazing #KhudKaBodyguard Contest entries. After going through all the amazing answers, here's our winner! Please send your details by 4 pm to claim your prize.
Here’s wishing everyone a happy and safe Holi! Remember to think about the planet too, by not wasting water, and having fun with all the colours that make this festival special.
If any thief tries to steal the Mahindra Centuro, tell us how the Mahindra Centuro’s Anti -Theft Alarm will warn the thief about its power in our #KhudKaBodyguard Contest.
The bike thief is very confident he can steal the Mahindra Centuro, and tries to taunt it. Tell us how the Mahindra Centuro’s Anti-Theft Alarm would respond confidently to the thief. #KhudKaBodyguard #Contest
The Mahindra Centuro’s Anti -Theft Alarm comes with many features, that keeps it prepared for all types of bike thieves. Get ready for our fun #KhudKaBodyguard Contest, where you’ll have to answer like a bodyguard.
The Mahindra Centuro comes with a encrypted Remote Flip Key. So, if anyone tries using another key, the Anti -Theft Alarm will start buzzing. #KhudKaBodyguard
No thief can take panga with the Anti -Theft Alarm of the Mahindra Centuro. If they try to start the bike without the right key, the engine immobilizer will lock the engine, and once you lock it, the Centuro becomes #KhudKaBodyguard
Mahindra Centuro has its own Anti -Theft Alarm, which means Monday to Sunday, morning to night, once you lock it, it becomes #KhudKaBodyguard.
You ride with him, and he takes care of your bike when you're away. Now get to know him better! Tell us in comments who you think is #KhudKaBodyGuard?
As we celebrate #RepublicDay, let’s remember the brave jawans that make sure we enjoy the privilege of being part of the republic of India.
Be the khiladi of the sky! May your kite be the best one, flying high. #HappyMakarSankranti!
Bring in the festivities with your family and celebrate the good luck of the harvest season. #HappyPongal
Congratulations Ruchika Upreti on winning our #DilwalaStyle #Contest. Please DM us your full name, address and contact number by 6pm today.
Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear! May 2017 be a joy ride filled with wonderful surprises
Whether it’s what you wear, your terrible jokes, wearing your lucky chain or bracelet, tell us what’s your #DilwalaStyle to impress the one you love and stand a chance to win an exciting prize!
Everyone has a special talent that’s their #DilwalaStyle! Tell us what’s your signature style of impressing the one you love and stand to #win an exciting prize. #Contest
Everyone has their own style to impress the one they love. Whether it’s their signature look or that one dance move that they do at every party that makes them a super hit. We’re celebrating everyone’s #DilwalaStyle.
You don’t have to wear the coolest clothes or come up with amazing shayaris to impress the one you love, just express it in your own signature way, like the signature look of the Mahindra Mirzya’s stylish body art. #DilwalaStyle