Mahindra Rise
03/25/2017 at 05:30. Facebook
This #EarthHour 2017, #RiseForGood by switching off all your non-essential lights from 8:30pm - 9:30pm IST.
Mahindra Rise
03/23/2017 at 12:58. Facebook
Listen to the MGP3O as it whistles past sharp turns at a whooping 240 kph. Made of carbon composite, its super light body allows it to pick up 0 to 100 kph in just 3 seconds! This petite yet power packed machine is a product of inspired R&D and engineering excellence of our Italy facility. #FutureOfMobility
This World Water Day, our commitment to remain water positive is stronger than ever. #RiseForGood
At Pininfarina, designs are always future ready.
We spend 26 times more on R&D because every penny spent on it gets us a step forward in our quest for a cleaner, smarter and greener future! #Rise with #innovation

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Emphasising the importance of investing in R&D, Pawan Goenka comments that "If you don't spend that kind of money in R&D, you will never remain at the front line."

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What is a skier doing inside a wind tunnel? She is perfecting her posture and testing her equipment with our technologists at Pininfarina, Italy.

All designs, from cars to motorcycles to aero planes, undergo a test for aerodynamics and aeroacoustics at this facility where a 13.3 metre long tunnel can reach wind speeds of upto 250kph! #Rise with #Innovation
Meet Tanmay Dixit. At 35 years of age and 11 years into working for us, Tanmay is in-charge of robotics and automation at the paint shop in our Chakan factory near Mumbai.

The paint shop houses more than 50% of the factory's technically advanced equipment, the most impressive of which are the robotic arms you see behind him.

Running this complicated machine, which can spray paint upto 40...
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Trringo turns a year old today. The brainchild of simplicity and innovation, Trringo allows farmers to rent farm equipment and pay as they go. For most farmers in rural India, a tractor is a big investment and renting from the few who own one can be both uncertain and disappointing.

With this simple innovation, farmers around the country can now rent tractors and implements through the app...
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A year into the future of farm technology. A year of Trringo.
Here’s a view inside the Eurostar e320 – a high speed rail connecting continental Europe and Great Britain. The Eurostar e320 was designed at Pininfarina - an Italian design firm which also designs Ferraris and Cadillacs - a feather on our cap when we acquired it in 2015.

Simple yet disruptive innovation in design such as rounded cabin corners and cross functional areas has helped optimise...
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This Women's day, push the boundary of possibilities with #WomenWhoRise. #RiseForGood
Here's to women who are resilient through all of life's challenges. Here's to #WomenWhoRise. Here's how we #RiseForGood. Read the full interview here:
Here's to young achievers. Here's to #WomenWhoRise. Here's how we #RiseForGood.
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Here's to women who lead by example. Here's to #WomenWhoRise. Here's how we #RiseForGood.
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Here's to making an impact. Here's to #WomenWhoRise. Here's how we #RiseForGood.
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At Shop J of Mahindra's Chakan factory, state-of-the-art machinery is making the difficult task of gear cutting more efficient.

A task that requires immense precision, gear manufacturing used to involve at least 10 different complicated processes. But we have managed to make the process a lot more efficient using technology that’s truly ‘cutting edge’.

Calibrated to perfection, these...
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We're exploring a high-end electric sports car designed by Pininfarina especially for India. Read more here: