We really loved all the entries for our #AdjustPleaseSituation Contest. After going through all the amazing answers, here's our winner! Please send your details by 3 pm today to claim your prize.
This Holi, pick your favourite colour and make it a power packed celebration with the Mahindra Gusto 125 #HappyHoli
When she rides, she rides with a purpose, which is not always an obligation. She gets to where she needs to go, breaking stereotypes along the road leading to her dreams, and her life is her prerogative. Here's wishing all women a Happy #InternationalWomensDay #WhenAWomanRides #WomensDay
Here’s the 3rd and final situation. You’ve decided to cook a special meal for your loved one, and you rarely cook, so you decide to make something simple. Then she informs you that her parents are coming too. What will you do? #AdjustPleaseSituation #Contest
It’s time to ride on to situation 2 - You have made dinner plans with your girlfriend/wife, but your friends have made a plan to watch your favourite T20 cricket team together on the same day. What will you do? #AdjustPleaseSituation #Contest
Here’s the 1st situation - There’s a surprise party planned for your friend at their house. The problem is that he comes back early, and you need to take him out for a while, to give everyone else time to organises things. Tell us how you’ll adjust the plan and keep him busy for an hour with your Mahindra Gusto. #AdjustPleaseSituation #Contest
If you’re a master at making adjustments in life, get ready to take part in a fun activity, where you’ll have to solve some tricky situations in our #AdjustPleaseSituation #Contest. Stay tuned! Exciting #prizes to be won.
Adjustments have become part of the way we live. While some can be a compromise, some can be innovative, like the way we cool hot chai in a saucer. Here’s to the adjustments we’ve grown with, and the Height - Adjustable Seat, that makes sure you always have a comfortable ride. #AdjustPlease
Ever had to get an extra cushion as a child so that your head could rise above the table in a restaurant? Here’s to all those adjustments that you’ve grown up with and the one adjustment that makes riding better - The Mahindra Gusto’s Height Adjustable Seat. #AdjustPlease


Right from childhood, we’ve been making adjustments all our life. Like using any old furniture, a wall, a box or tire as stumps when playing gully cricket. Here’s to all the adjustments we’ve grown up learning, and the one adjustment that makes riding better - The Height Adjustable Seat of the Mahindra Gusto #AdjustPlease
A raised hand means that you have to talk to the hand and stop. If you ride on Indian roads, you’ll surely experience this.
Here’s to the adjustments that have become part of our life, and one adjustment that makes riding better- Height - Adjustable Seat of the Mahindra Gusto #AdjustPlease
There are a lot of crazy things you do when you're in love. Especially when you do things you don't usually do, but you do so, because you're willing to #AdjustForLove, just like the Mahindra Gusto's Height - Adjustable Seat, that will always adjust to you. #HappyValentinesDay!
It fills us with pride to be part of the Mahindra family, and be made in India. Happy Republic Day!
Enjoy the fun, games and festivities on this auspicious occasion. May luck be in your favour today. #HappyMakarSankranti
Wishing everyone a #HappyPongal. What new things are you doing to celebrate the festivities with family?
Presenting the winner of our #AdjustPlease Contest - Jatin Suri. Kindly DM us your full name, address and contact number to claim your prize by 6pm today.
This year, spend time travelling - seeing new places, trying new food and taking a lot of nice pictures to save the memories. Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear!
We all have that friend who’s always late, and keeps you waiting whenever you’ll meet. To compensate for that friend you always adjust for, you deserve the riding comfort of the Mahindra Gusto’s Height-Adjustable Seat, that will always adjust for you.
From adjusting how much money you spend at the end of the month when waiting for salary day, to watching a horror movie with your friend even though you get really scared, to sitting on the half seat on the train. Tell us those moments, when you’ve needed to #AdjustPlease in your life. Stand to win an exciting prize! #Contest
Have a BFF (best fitness friend) who wakes you up early to exercise, when you’d rather get those extra minutes of sleep? For all the compromises you make, the one thing you shouldn’t compromise on, is a comfortable ride, thanks to the Height-Adjustable Seat of the Mahindra Gusto. #AdjustPlease