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02/14/2017 at 06:17. Facebook
There are a lot of crazy things you do when you're in love. Especially when you do things you don't usually do, but you do so, because you're willing to #AdjustForLove, just like the Mahindra Gusto's Height - Adjustable Seat, that will always adjust to you. #HappyValentinesDay!
It fills us with pride to be part of the Mahindra family, and be made in India. Happy Republic Day!
Enjoy the fun, games and festivities on this auspicious occasion. May luck be in your favour today. #HappyMakarSankranti
Wishing everyone a #HappyPongal. What new things are you doing to celebrate the festivities with family?
Presenting the winner of our #AdjustPlease Contest - Jatin Suri. Kindly DM us your full name, address and contact number to claim your prize by 6pm today.
This year, spend time travelling - seeing new places, trying new food and taking a lot of nice pictures to save the memories. Wishing everyone a #HappyNewYear!
We all have that friend who’s always late, and keeps you waiting whenever you’ll meet. To compensate for that friend you always adjust for, you deserve the riding comfort of the Mahindra Gusto’s Height-Adjustable Seat, that will always adjust for you.
From adjusting how much money you spend at the end of the month when waiting for salary day, to watching a horror movie with your friend even though you get really scared, to sitting on the half seat on the train. Tell us those moments, when you’ve needed to #AdjustPlease in your life. Stand to win an exciting prize! #Contest
Have a BFF (best fitness friend) who wakes you up early to exercise, when you’d rather get those extra minutes of sleep? For all the compromises you make, the one thing you shouldn’t compromise on, is a comfortable ride, thanks to the Height-Adjustable Seat of the Mahindra Gusto. #AdjustPlease
Most people don’t realize that tall people don’t have it easy, whether it’s bending down when walking through a corridor, or getting cramped legs on a scooter. Share this with a tall friend that would do well with Mahindra Gusto’s Height-Adjustable Seat.
No matter how your day was, adjust it in style with the Height-Adjustable Seat of the Mahindra Gusto. Happy Monday! #AdjustPlease
There are a lot of adjustments you need to make in your everyday life, to pursue your passions. So here’s to being able to keep both feet comfortably on the ground and enjoying the ride, with the help of the Mahindra Gusto’s Height - Adjustable Seat. #AdjustPlease
There are a lot of things you have to adjust to in life. The one thing you don't have to adjust to is riding in comfort, thanks to the Height - Adjustable Seat of the Mahindra Gusto #AdjustPlease
Presenting the winner of the #ItsNotDiwaliTill #Contest. Kindly DM us your details by 6 pm today.
Music, mithai or meeting friends and family for a grand celebration. Share that Diwali ritual that will never ever change #ItsNotDiwaliTill #Contest
Whether it’s with your mom, dad, brother or something you do on your own, share that ritual that makes Diwali a Happy Diwali #ItsNotDiwaliTill #Contest #Win #exciting #vouchers
#ItsNotDiwaliTill you’ve done that thing that makes you feel like the festivities have started. Tell us your favourite Diwali ritual and stand to win exciting vouchers. #Contest
The festival of lights has plenty of delights. To celebrate the fun and madness, stay tuned for our #ItsNotDiwaliTill #Contest