One golden child and one problem child.
Kisses for me
Having a blast with my Sim in The Sims 4 City Living! This is fun for real. Here's how to create your own: [ Link ] #TheSims4 #ad
She escaped Juvie to visit me at work! This Sims version of me as Callie from #TheFosters is great. [ Link ] #ad #TheSims4
I'll drive you to school IF you don't talk during my Spice Girls playlist.
When you're a gladiator and a sim. The Sims #TeenChoice #thesims4 #ad
Very glad Tom introduced me to these young women. Bibiana and Tindi are sisters who grew up in Tanzania, where people with albinism are being attacked by a black magic cult with a false belief that the body parts of people with albinism bring good luck. After losing both of their parents to AIDS, Bibiana's right leg and three fingers were severed by an intruder when she was nine. With the...
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Just three culinary experts who are all equally qualified to be judges on a cooking show.
w/ my vegan friends
Happy 6th birthday @juliansergi. This is my favorite picture of us :)
When you tell the driver you will direct them but you too busy being a narcissist (via @shots)
Salad days
Blessing your timeline with the beautiful women I'm with.