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Watch how Pixar connects all of their movies together! ~Ryan

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Listen to Majic Mornings with Ryan for a chance to win a Blu-ray combo pack of Deepwater Horizon, starring Mark Wahlberg and Kurt Russell.

Mark Wahlberg leads an all-star cast in Deepwater Horizon, inspired by the thrilling story of real-life heroes on a burning oil rig. Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, own Deepwater Horizon now on Digital HD, Blu-ray & DVD.#AD

Majic Mornings with Ryan - Deepwater Horizon
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Beyonce couldn't do it. Bieber couldn't do it. But Ed Sheeran did it. ~Juliet

Ed Sheeran Is The First Artist To Debut 2 Songs In The Top 10 Simultaneously
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What a neat trick! My windows have been fogging a lot given the weather lately. I'm totally gonna try this . ~Juliet

Find Out How to Fog-Proof Your Car Windows With 1 Unexpected Ingredient — Shaving Cream!
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Yay!!! My favorite show on tv right now! - Sheryl
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How would you feel about Apple disabling the text function for users who are driving?

Apple Sued for Choosing Not to 'Lock-Out' iPhones Behind the Wheel to Prevent Texting and Driving
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Seriously impressive....and proof that you can learn anything and everything on YouTube!

This woman built a house using YouTube tutorials
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Her secret to a long life is simple....."Keep Busy"!

Betty White Just Revealed the Secret to Her Long Life
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Is there anything that you would be willing to give, for free, to the new First Family?

Stylist Won’t Do Marla Maples’s and Tiffany Trump’s Inauguration Day Hair for Free
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HERE is the WRONG Way to make extra money at work!! :) #WorkdayPayday #MoneyMoneyMoney #Ad
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Do you think she deserved to be fired for making a joke about a student's misspelled word?

A School Administrator Corrected a Student’s Spelling on Twitter. She Was Fired.
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One have to drink 5 or more cups a day. I would never sleep!

How Coffee Might Slow Down Aging
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