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Your duty as a teacher does not end after class. It is only the beginning!
A glimpse from one such moment in #Vellore :)
Make A Difference
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Make A Difference at the Dream a Dream Change the Script Conference 2017. Representing the team are two of our Aftercare Youths, Kalavathy, a BCom undergraduate, and Leelavathi, a law student at BILS, from our shelter in Bangalore and Natasha Das, Director Life Skills, Make A Difference.
Spreading MADnes and smiles wherever we go! :)
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Raghav Meattle is our third runner for the Half Mumbai Marathon to successfully finish the run on 15th Jan 2017!
Passionate about driving change through actions, Raghav will continue raising funds in the coming months to support at least 10 children in shelter homes for a year.
Donate to Raghav's run and share this with your friends and family to help Raghav reach his goal.
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Tracy Thomas joins the wall of fame of MAD runners out there by successfully finishing the Mumbai Half Marathon on Jan 15th 2017!
With a third of her fundraising target for children in shelters already met, Tracy is looking forward to reaching her goal in the upcoming month!
Help Tracy reach her target by donating to her fundraising page here: [ Link ] #SCMM
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Congratulations to Avinash Shahri for finishing the Mumbai Half Marathon successfully on Jan 15th 2017.
His dream run continues though as he is still raising funds to support at least 10 children in shelters in India.
Show some love to this dream champion and share this with your friends and family now! :)
Donate to Avinash's page here:
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Spending time with our children for a few hours gives us the motivation to do more and more. For us, Sundays are truly MAD! :D #Chennai
Set a goal and then go for it! Because dreams matter. :) #Bhopal
Runner #3: Avinash fundraising for children in need of care and protection.
Avinash Shahri is a Sales & Marketing Professional working for a Marketing Solutions firm. A former MADster he belives that once a MADster is always a MADster. He strongly believes in the work that MAD does and is running to raise funds for at least 10 children in shelter homes through the #SCMM 2017...
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Runner #2: Tracy Thomas is fundraising for children in need of care and protection.
Tracy Thomas, a full time mom and a part time running enthusiast is our second runner for the SCMM 2017. Having completed 2 marathons till date, Tracy wants to make the next one count by running for MAD and raising the cost of at least ten children in shelter homes.
Support Tracy by donating...
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Meet Raghav Meattle. A singer - songwriter based out of Mumbai. With a undying passion for music, Raghav is running in the Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon 2017 to transform the lives of at least 10 children in shelter homes. With the growing number of children at risk of being trafficked, engaged in child labor, facing physical, sexual and mental abuse on a daily basis, Raghav wants to...
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When kids have something to tell you, you better pay attention! It provides you with access to a whole new world! :D #EdSupport #Nagpur
If you could learn something new everyday, wouldn't you be filled with curiosity and joy?
That's what we are aiming at with our kids! :D #Pune
Always indulge in a bit of dreaming. Who knows what you may find on looking beyond! :) #Candid #Bhopal
An interactive classroom environment is enriching and a lot of fun! Students always have new things to add to the lesson! :D

A glimpse from an #EdSupport class in #Vizag
A hug from a friend can make the hardest of days a breeze! :) #Trivandrum #Candid
Capture moments and smiles. Create memories! We are doing the same in #Cochin! :)
To the year that was, and to the year that will be. A big thank you to all our supporters for making a difference.

A very happy new year to you all! :)
Our New Year resolution is to support each other through thick and thin. Because all you need is a bright smile! What's yours? :D #Bhopal
As we near the end of 2016 we are expressing gratitude to all those who have made our journey possible! Here's one such happy moment from #Vizag!
What are you doing? :)
Our children are preparing for New Year's already! What about you? :D #Cochin