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3 days. 1100 shares. 20,000 INR raised.
Our drive to ensure children in shelters get a positive exposure and a holiday experience [[ Link ] is doing quite well thanks to all your love and support!
Let's keep going and hit our target of 10,00,000 /- by April 15th. Let's make sure all children can get an experience like Dream Camps. Together we can! :)
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Make A Difference
02/25/2017 at 12:01. Facebook
Help a child, realise their dreams. Donate to fund Dream Camps for children at risk. [ Link ]
Children in shelters do not have a strong connect to their dreams and have low self confidence. And once they leave the shelter home, the lack of these personality traits can prove to be a big reason why a lot of them can never break out of the cycle of poverty. And so a child from a shelter,...
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Make A Difference
02/24/2017 at 12:23. Facebook
Donate today to fund the dreams of 3500 children living in 70 shelters across 23 cities in India. [ Link ]
Dream Camp is a yearly intervention for our children that provides the child the ability to dream and invest in the future, cope with new experiences and a chance to have a holiday.
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Gift a Dream Camp to a child in a shelter by Make A Difference
Make A Difference
02/23/2017 at 16:59. Facebook
Have you ever heard someone say that girls are not good at sports? Time to show them how our little ones are breaking these prejudices every day! :D

A moment from the #DreamCamp in #Vellore
Remember your favourite holiday as a child? Often due to lack of resources, institutionalised children are deprived of such an experience.
With our #DreamCamp we not only hope to motivate children to connect to their dreams, but also to provide them with a stress free holiday experience. And what a holiday they had in #Hyderabad! :)
No matter what kind of obstacle lies ahead of them, with the right kind of support, children can create magic!

A glimpse from the #DreamCamp in #Nagpur where the theme itself was 'Magic'! :)
No matter how stressed or troubled they feel, children should feel assured that they have a shoulder to rest their head on.

Create that safe space with your loved ones today! :) #DreamCamp #Gwalior
The way to win a child's heart is by listening to them. Always let them speak! :) #Cochin #DreamCamp
Never underestimate the power of love! It can do wonders.

Happy Valentine's Day! :)
How big should you dream? As big as you can of course! You'll always find someone to support you, the way we hope to support our children! :) #DreamCamp #Bhopal
We recognise that each child is capable of extraordinary things. At our #DreamCamps we try to motivate them to connect to their dreams by instilling the confidence that is required. :)
A still from the Dream Camp in #Vijayawada
We are collecting little moments and creating memories!

One such perfect moment from the #DreamCamp in #Trivandrum :D
Takes two to make a perfect team. We are blessed to have much more! :) #Pune
Let your children grow. Let them explore endless possibilities. Let them dream grand dreams!

During a mini adventure at our #DreamCamp in #Cochin! :D
Holidays are incomplete without some drama. Go crazy! :D #DreamCamp #Bhopal
Stay curious and encourage kids to stay the same! :) #DreamCamp #Bangalore
With #DreamCamp we not only want our children to grow, but also to have a stress free holiday experience. Because who doesn't love to have some fun? :D #Bhopal
As a mentor, the best thing you can do is show children positive paths and enable them to make better decisions. Do you agree? :) #EdSupport #Pune
A space to grow, nurture and share. DreamCamps are back! :) #Bhopal
A better nation, a brighter future.

Happy Republic Day! :)