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Aubrey has just been told she can wish for anything. A memory comes to mind of laying on a surfboard, waves gently rocking her back and forth, and her dad paddling beside her. It's tinged with happiness. This moment, this memory, is the inspiration behind Aubrey's wish. (Make-A-Wish Tri-Counties)

Make-A-Wish® America: Aubrey’s Tropical Wish Brings Her Warmth and Lasting Memories
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Time for these nine kids to see who will dominate at the track! Thank you, Monster Jam, for giving them the chance to experience the Monster Jam World Finals 2017!

(Make-A-Wish Greater Los Angeles, Make-A-Wish North Dakota, Make-A-Wish Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, Make-A-Wish Kansas, Make-A-Wish Texas Gulf Coast and Louisiana, Make-A-Wish San Diego, Make-A-Wish Michigan, Make-A-Wish Southern...
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Trisomy is a group of conditions where a person has 3 copies of a chromosome instead of 2, leading to an array of life-threatening healthcare conditions like the ones seen in Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) and Trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome). A child who has these conditions can be referred for a life-changing wish. (SOFT - Support Organization for Trisomy 18, 13, and Related Disorders)

Make-A-Wish® America: Referral Inquiry Form
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In 2014, Addy received her wish to be a pop star in her own music video after a tough fight with cancer. Today, she is celebrating 3.5 years of being cancer free - way to go, Addy!
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Delilah coasts through the water, her flippers propelling her forward. Colorful fish and coral pass beneath her as she concentrates on breathing through her regulator. Being submerged in the water feels like seeing the world for the first time. It’s a little nerve-wracking, but she knows that she has Steve right beside her to show her what to do.

Make-A-Wish® America: 4 Wish Kids Who Love Science
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What do Dwayne The Rock Johnson and wish kid Taitusi have in common? A shared love for chicken, the color red, Call of Duty, and Taitusi’s “favorite treat”, Rice Krispies Treats. Check out the heartwarming video that he posted to his Instagram for Taitusi!

Dwayne Johnson Fulfills 13-Year-Old Boy’s Make-A-Wish with Rice Krispies Treats
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Nicholas has always been captivated by U.S. history. After being diagnosed with a rare blood disorder, he spent countless hours escaping the hospital bed in the pages of U.S. history books. When given the opportunity to choose anything for his wish, Nicholas had his heart set on visiting Virginia to stand where the icons of history once stood. (Make-A-Wish Colorado, Make-A-Wish Greater Virginia)

Make-A-Wish® Colorado: Stepping into the Footsteps of our Forefathers
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In August of 2015, Alex and his family took the trip of a lifetime to fulfill his wish of playing golf in St. Andrews, Scotland. Having been a fan of golf since he was young, Alex was excited to go to the birthplace of golf and play on the first-ever golf course. (Make-A-Wish Illinois)

Make-A-Wish® Illinois: Alex Golfs In Scotland
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More than anything, 17-year-old wish kid Mya, who underwent a liver transplant, wanted to give back to something that had given her so much. And yesterday she did just that.
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In 2001, Anthony's wish to be a pilot was granted. Now, more than 15 years after his wish, he is a commercial pilot!
We don’t grant wishes for short-term smiles. We grant wishes to positively impact long-term health results: [ Link ].

15 Years On, Make-A-Wish Kid Is Now An Airline Pilot
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For more than 30 years, WWE has been a dedicated partner of Make-A-Wish. Not only has WWE contributed generous financial support, it has gone above and beyond to help create life-changing wishes for thousands of children battling critical illnesses. From meeting WWE talent, to attending special events like WrestleMania, we thank WWE for all of the incredible wishes they have helped us grant...
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What do Make-A-Wish New Hampshire wish kid Carter and a pug named Ollie have in common? Find out below!
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Researchers studied the effects of granting wishes on children with cancer, and found significant improvements in hope, positive
emotions, health-related quality of life and anxiety.
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Pots and pans clank about, burners hiss, quick hands and sharp knives chop at veggies and meat. The kitchen staff scrambles to make everything perfect for their hungry customers. A professional kitchen is no place for the faint of heart. But for Jonah, this is all he has ever dreamed of doing with his whole life. And after defeating cancer, Jonah knew that his life in the kitchen would be no...
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Make-A-Wish® America: I wish to go to culinary school
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We are thrilled to announce that Subaru of America, Inc. donated more than $3.5 million to Make-A-Wish through its #ShareTheLove event! A huge thank you to all the Subaru retailers that hosted events benefiting local chapters, such as Chilson Subaru in Wisconsin who held their annual toy drive. They hosted wish kids like Andrew who wished to visit Freedom Scientific.
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Tehya grew up believing she could accomplish anything, regardless of her medical condition. She overcame her physical challenges to become a cheerleader, gymnast and swimmer. (Make-A-Wish San Diego)

Make-A-Wish® America: Tehya Uses Her Wish To Help Others
If we could give you a piece of advice today, it's this.
“I want to focus on how that wish can change their life. Positive thinking is half the battle. I know that. People make it.”

Francesca was granted a wish while she was a high school student battling a brain tumor. After, she enrolled in college and became a Make-A-Wish Greater PA and WV intern. Now, she is writing stories about wish kids for her chapter.

Make-A-Wish 'kid' writes to spread hope for children fighting illness
There are nearly 650,000 social workers in the US. They help wish kids at every stage of the healthcare process, including wish referral. In honor of Social Work Month, we give them a big thank you for all they do! (National Association of Social Workers, Association Of Pediatric Oncology Social Workers)
"When I started my copywriting internship at Make-A-Wish, I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I had never interned outside of school before, completed self-paced work projects, or been in a place with more than 20 employees. I felt utterly unfit for the office environment, even though I’d be doing something I loved." Read Sam's six ways to stand out as an intern on Wish Nation.

Make-A-Wish® America: 6 Ways to Stand Out as an Intern