Last year, Make-A-Wish granted more than 30,000 wishes worldwide thanks to the support of doctors, medical professionals, volunteers, donors and supporters, like you, that help to make wishes possible.

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Wish families are your friends, neighbors and relatives. Find out ways you can help support them.

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After Livia's one-true-wish for a dream house and accessories for her beloved Barbie dolls was granted, she was inspired to organize a fundraising campaign in her town to bring toys to the children at the local hospital. Thank you to Mattel for their generous donation that not only helps to transform the lives of children battling critical illnesses worldwide but, inspires children, like...
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On World Water Day, we would like to share this video of Eunjeong's wish to build a well in Tanzania. A wish is an experience that has the power to transform the life of a child, a family, a local community and the global community...forever.

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The impact of a wish on a child's life is truly powerful. After Daisy received her sensory equipment, her dad said, "We'll be forever grateful because it has improved the quality of her life and she'll get many more years of fun out of this." cc: Make-A-Wish UK
"I will always remember this day! I was so happy and I haven't thought about my illness - I only thought to have fun. In the evening, after this beautiful day and the party, I really didn't want to remove my makeup." -Gloria, 14, I wish to have a table and makeup mirror, Make-A-Wish Switzerland
More than 40,000 volunteers help us grant thousands of wishes each year around the world. Learn more about volunteering in your country: [ Link ].

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After Netanel's wish, his mother wrote a letter explaining that she hopes that Netanel will read one of the books that he received from his wish experience to his own children some day, and would start by saying, "Once upon a time, there was a very sick boy, and he met wonderful people who allowed him to dream.."

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When a child's wish is granted, the seemingly impossible becomes achievable. And if the impossible can happen once, children can believe in their ability to live with or even overcome their illnesses. By joining the Wishmaker club, you can create those moments for wish children every month. Join today: [ Link ]

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"The smile and fun she had with her brother was amazing. It is priceless to see a smile after such a hard start to life with cancer.” -Wish mom

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Avani, 3, from India wished to have a doll house and kitchen set. Her wish came true thanks to the generous support from Jewelers for Children! Since 2002, the jewelry industry has provided ongoing support to help make thousands of wishes in India, like Avani’s, come true – thank you!

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A critical illness can throw children, like Otis, off their path temporarily. A wish helps them build the physical and emotional strength they need to get back on track and fight their illness.

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Forty international affiliates grant wishes for children in nearly 50 countries worldwide. Find out which countries we currently serve here: [ Link ].

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Watch Elspeth's wish video and read her story: [ Link ]
Research shows children who have a wish granted build the physical and emotional strength they need to fight a critical illness, giving them a higher quality of life and better health outcomes.

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A wish-come-true allows everyone involved to experience true happiness, giving children renewed energy and strength, bringing families closer together, and uniting communities. Thank you to BioTrust Nutrition and their generous community of supporters for helping to grant transformative wishes for children fighting critical illnesses!

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17-year-old Colton, who has Ewing sarcoma, wished to meet his favorite band, Black Sabbath, at their latest concert in Birmingham, UK. (Ozzy Osbourne, Make-A-Wish Vermont, Make-A-Wish UK, Make-A-Wish America)
In honor of International Women's Day, we celebrate Kathrine's wish-come-true to meet her role model, Pia Wurtzbach Official who continues to inspire her to stay positive and confidently beautiful! Thanks to Miss Universe and Make-A-Wish Philippines for making this wish happen!
You have the power to make a life-changing wish come true for a child with a critical illness– giving them the freedom to enjoy a life beyond illness.

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A granted wish is an important and powerful therapy that helps a child build the confidence and strength they need to fight a critical illness.

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