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Looking for a beautifully pearlescent filament that's also easy on the environment? Look no further.

Filament Friday: 3D-Fuel's Biome3D Is a Plant-Based Plastic | Make:
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Being both bartender and host can be stressful. Let a robot mix the drinks for you [ Link ]

Build a Simple Cocktail Drinkbot with Arduino | Make:
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It's dangerous for a kitty to go out alone, give them this [ Link ]

These Intricate, Hand Built Suits of Armor Are Fit for a Cat | Make:
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No one ever said that circuits had to be ugly [ Link ]

The Art of PCBs and Gonzo Circuits | Make:
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For those that strive for smooth and consistent light when taking a photo of a small object, this is for you [ Link ]

How to Build a Tabletop Light Box | Make:
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A giant crochet playground, steampunk art, and artistically strange vehicles. All this and more at Maker Faire Ruhr [ Link ]

Germany Ignites Creativity with 8 Huge Maker Faires in 2017, Starting...
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Deciding whether or not to invest in a project has become almost as difficult as actual crowdfunding [ Link ]

Crowdfunding Tips and Tricks for Creators and Backers Alike | Make:
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The Dieselpunk Cellphone is a DIY mobile handset designed by Bob Murphy based off of the Adafruit Fona development board. Join us as we build it live and then demonstrate it!
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Don't miss! Plan to join us today at 4pmPT/7pmET for a Facebook Live project build sponsored by Digi-Key Electronics. Today we're tackling a Diesel Punk Cell Phone. You're going to want to try it!
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Stay current. Sign up for the Maker Pro newsletter + get fresh intel weekly. [ Link ] #hardware
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Converting your garage into a lab? Looking for some fun experiments to do with friends? [ Link ]

9 Biohacking Projects and Resources to Inspire Your Next Experiment | Make:
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Plan to join us tomorrow at 4pmPT/7pmET for a wicked cool Facebook Live project build when we tackle a Diesel Punk Cell Phone with assistance from the good folks at Digi-Key Electronics. [ Link ]
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Have a cool IoT project that uses SIMATIC IOT2020? Show it off for a chance to win $4,000. And more. [ Link ] #iot2020 #rsonline

RS Components Is Holding a Contest Centered Around Their SIMATIC IOT2020 | Make:
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Feel like your remote is a little too run-of-the-mill? Michael Greensmith might have a way to help [ Link ]

This Steampunk Remote Controls the Radio with Style | Make:
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Using mood lighting to politely wake someone is a good idea. Shaping the light to look like your favorite character is a great (and cute) idea. [ Link ]

Maker Spotlight: Cynthia Cho | Make:
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Several years back, we asked makers how they might MacGyver themselves some fresh water when shipwrecked on a deserted island. [ Link ]

The MakeShift Challenge: Survive a Deserted Island | Make:
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'Gurstelle doesn't merely tell the stories of remarkable inventors from the past, he gets into their fascinating minds by illustrating how to make one's own version of the inventor's handiwork.' —Linux Journal [ Link ]

ReMaking History, Volume 3: Makers of the Modern World
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As Joey Hudy might say: Don't be bored, help someone! Learn how you can aid this talented young maker. [ Link ]

Rallying the Community for a Maker in Need: Joey Hudy Recovery Fund | Make: