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When Zach, a U.S. Army #Veteran, returned home from deployment, he felt angry and detached from those closest to him. With #mentalhealth treatment and the support of his family, he got back on track.

Share his story of strength.

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During Aaron’s deployment to #Afghanistan, he saw his team leader get wounded. That trauma stuck with him — causing him to feel isolated and on edge even after he returned home.

A fellow #Veteran told Aaron to get support at VA. Hear how his life changed once he reached out: [ Link ]
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#Veterans can have a hard time opening up — even to family and friends.

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“When I got back home, things were awesome for a couple months … and then after a little while, it starts to go away.”

When Bryan came home from #Iraq after a leg injury, he felt more than physical pain. Hear his story: [ Link ]
“Find somebody that you can connect with.”

Those are Dawn’s words for fellow #Veterans who are facing new challenges in civilian life. Hear how VA therapy helped her overcome her experience with #PTSD after serving in #Iraq.

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Being homeless is one of the most difficult things anyone can face. In this video, #Veterans who overcame homelessness describe their experiences and the resources and people who helped them.

If you know a Veteran who is #homeless or at risk of becoming #homelessness, find information and resources at [ Link ]
This Valentine’s Day, let your #Veteran loved ones know they are not alone no matter what challenges they may be facing. Tell them about #MakeTheConnection and encourage them to visit if they could use some extra support.

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At one point, #sobriety felt nearly impossible for Gerald, a U.S. Marine Corps #Veteran. But with the support of VA and a renewed sense of spirituality, Gerald is now 25 years sober.

If you know a Veteran who is having problems with alcohol, encourage him or her to #MakeTheConnection today:
#Veterans: No matter what you may be experiencing, support is available to help get your life on a better track. Use the resource locator to find support in your community.

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“Get the reassurance that there is help out there.”

Between Antoinette’s 20 years of #military service and school responsibilities, she always felt stressed and anxious. Hear how VA therapy helped her learn to manage #stress.

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As a #Servicemember, you were always ready for the next mission. Now that you’re a #Veteran, it’s your mission to take care of yourself. Reach out for support.

“Civilian life is not military life.” Hear Darren’s advice for fellow #Veterans adjusting to the civilian workplace after transitioning from #military service:

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Many #Servicemembers have faced situations that required them to be on high alert. After service, feeling on edge may interfere with some #Veterans’ ability to enjoy life — but there are ways to cope. Find out how:

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“I couldn’t focus on any of my schoolwork.”

For Ash, a United States Air Force #Veteran, going back to school as a civilian proved more challenging than he had expected. Hear how therapy helped this #StudentVeteran adjust:

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Thousands of #Veterans and #militaryfamily members have found helpful local support through the resource locator.

Fill in your ZIP code or state, and check the boxes for the types of programs or topics that interest you:

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For years, Trista didn’t acknowledge the effects that military sexual trauma (#MST) was having on her life. When she finally decided to open up to a counselor about her experience, it changed her life for the better.
Karin felt hopeless and on edge after experiencing military sexual trauma (#MST) during her career in the U.S. Navy. Hear how she got on the road to recovery with the help of a mental health counselor.

Do you know a Desert Era Veteran? Hear stories from #DesertStorm #Veterans who discovered ways to successfully manage life’s many challenges.

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After returning from deployment, many Veterans feel as if they are constantly on edge — as if they’re constantly on high alert or “on guard” against potential risks or threats. This symptom is common among #Veterans who have been exposed to #combat or other traumatic events.

Hear how these Veterans describe the feeling — and how they’ve learned to manage it:
“It’s really nice to talk to someone who’s not trying to judge you.”

Jennet’s father died while she was serving in #Iraq and that made transitioning back even more challenging. Listen as she describes how counseling helped her overcome #depression.