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Making Change
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"It’s unfair to all the shoppers that shop at Walmart. Everyone wants to be treated fairly.”

Activists: Walmart discriminates with hair products | The Suffolk News-Herald

Making Change
12/07/2016 at 22:36. Facebook
What do you think about the amount of crime that occurs at Walmart?

Wal-Mart Is Under Pressure to Fix Its Rampant Crime Problem

Making Change
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Making Change
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Making Change
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"The nearly 30-minute footage shows Rivers in handcuffs on the floor asking police to let her go because she didn't steal the wallet. Her husband can be seen in the video defending his wife. Eventually the victim of the theft cleared Rivers of the theft, but she remained in handcuffs for 15 minutes before she was released without charges."

'What if it was your mother?': Daughter demands action, answers in Wal-Mart incident

Making Change
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Making Change
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BREAKING: Walmart just settled a landmark class-action suit alleging anti-LGBTQ bias. Read our statement here:
[ Changewalmart.org Link ]

Read more about Jacqueline and the suit here: [ Bloomberg.com Link ]

cc Pride at Work UFCW OUTreach

NEW: Walmart settles landmark class-action suit alleging anti-LGBTQ bias | Making Change at Walmart

Three Walmart stores in Virginia are locking up ONLY African-American hair products. You’ll notice in the pictures that other hair products have no additional security. What kind of message does this send to Walmart’s workforce, 46% of whom is African-American? What kind of message does this send to the surrounding communities, which are roughly 40% African-American?

Sign our petition to tell...
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Jury awards California truckers $54M in Wal-Mart wage suit

Wal-Mart loses pay fight with California truck drivers

Walmart faces a class action lawsuit alleging it failed to provide required notice of employees' right to continued health care coverage under COBRA.

Walmart Class Action: Retailer Failed to Provide Proper COBRA Notices

We support UFCW Local 655 and UFCW Local 88 ! Check out their commercial, and shop local this Thanksgiving.

New UFCW Local 655 Commercial takes aim at Walmart

This is completely unacceptable: "As cited in the study, Walmart provides paid leave only to salaried employees, not hourly." via PL+US

Report: These big businesses offer no paid family leave, or keep it secret


Did you experience racial or any other kind of discrimination while working at Walmart? Feel free to send us a private message or reply in the comments.

2 ex-workers sue Walmart for discrimination at Providence store

Take a minute to read our statement regarding the 2016 election:

Statement on the 2016 U.S. Election

"I don't understand how Walmart can let someone stand on their porch and collect their personal information from someone if they haven't checked their credentials."

Walmart shopper says scammers took her voter registration information

Photos from Making Change at Walmart's national week of action, October 2016.
"The second week of June, when the Walmart opened, is when the profits immediately started to drop, Aylor explained. She went on to say that her store had faced a lot of adversity before the opening of the Walmart, but nothing could compare to the drastic decline in profit." via San Angelo LIVE! Eskimo Hut at the Lake

Small Business Owner Faces Closure Thanks to New Neighborhood Walmart

Thank you to ABC 7 News - WJLA for coming out to our DC action on Thursday!

“Trump is carrying this kind of hateful rhetoric attacking Latinos and veterans and Muslims. I can go on and on,” said Randy Parraz, who helped organize Thursday’s protest. Parraz and other demonstrators called on Wal-Mart to stop selling Trump-related products.

Sidewalk outside Trump's new D.C. hotel becomes protest central