Making Change
01/19/2017 at 14:30. Facebook
“These Wal-Mart Training Academies are too little, too late. Wal-Mart is well-known for their mistreatment of workers. As a result, Wal-Mart has attempted to rebrand themselves over and over again. These academies are just another gimmick with no real-world benefits for the workers. Wal-Mart is merely attempting to divert attention from the fact that they pay employees paltry wages and provide...
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What Wal-Mart's higher wages, better training mean for US retail
Making Change
01/18/2017 at 21:30. Facebook
Making Change at Walmart is an organization aimed at holding the retailer accountable for its policies, practices and treatment of its employees. The organization said in a statement that while Wal-Mart claims the program has resulted in a reduction of calls for services to police, it comes at a cost.

“Alleged shoplifters are led to a room in the back of the store by a private security guard;...
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Retail crime a growing problem, threat for businesses
Making Change
01/18/2017 at 14:39. Facebook
Making Change
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Many of us choose not to shop at Walmart. We’ve heard that the superstore is often not beneficial for communities. But why is that? What exactly is...

8 Reasons To Stop Shopping At Walmart
We proudly stand with Greenpeace USA regarding Walmart's canned tuna sourcing. Read more here: [ Link ]

Nonprofits send letter to Walmart, urging it to improve tuna record
Beauty products for black customers are disproportionately scrutinized.

Is Walmart Discriminating Against Blacks by Locking Up Black Hair Products?
Thank you to President Jim McLaughlin and UFCW Local 99 for this informative op-ed in the Arizona Republic. azcentral

My Turn: How Walmart can stop crime at its stores
Four people tried to shoplift six PlayStation consoles valued at $1,791.18 by putting them inside of a kid's toy box and paying for the disguised item, police said.

Shoplifting at Walmart continues to keep Secaucus police, store employees busy
Merry Christmas, Pennsylvania Walmart workers!

People who worked at Pennsylvania Walmarts between 3/19/98 and 5/1/06 all across the state are getting these letters and checks in the mail as a result of Walmart losing a $187.6 million class-action lawsuit.

The case involved hourly employees of Walmart and Sam’s Club who weren't compensated for lunch or 15-minute breaks. Compensation for this...
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Metro area Walmarts rely on police to deal with shoplifting more than any other business, including rival big box stores like Target and…

Twin Cities legislators say Walmart is dumping its security costs on the public | City Pages
Police spend more time at Walmart throughout North Texas than almost anywhere else, and an international workers union want that to change.

Union demands cities fine Walmart for excessive 911 calls
Walmart made's Naughty List this year...

"Back in 2015 Walmart made’s coal list when our investigation into the retail giant’s advertised Made in the USA items revealed 200 instances of false and deceptive U.S.-origin claims. After notified the company about the issue, Walmart pledged to clean it up. And yet this summer we found 100 more Made in the...
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10 Companies that Get Coal in their 2016 Holiday Stockings | Truth In Advertising
Petty crimes at a number of WalMart locations across the U.S. have put a strain on local police forces.

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Wal-Mart Under Fire From Labor Group to Solve Crime Problem - Total Retail
"It’s unfair to all the shoppers that shop at Walmart. Everyone wants to be treated fairly.”

Activists: Walmart discriminates with hair products | The Suffolk News-Herald
What do you think about the amount of crime that occurs at Walmart?

Wal-Mart Is Under Pressure to Fix Its Rampant Crime Problem
"The nearly 30-minute footage shows Rivers in handcuffs on the floor asking police to let her go because she didn't steal the wallet. Her husband can be seen in the video defending his wife. Eventually the victim of the theft cleared Rivers of the theft, but she remained in handcuffs for 15 minutes before she was released without charges."

'What if it was your mother?': Daughter demands action, answers in Wal-Mart incident