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"As an athlete, I may be physically strong, but real strength comes in the power of my words." —Noorena, 19 year-old education activist from Pakistan

Noorena makes her presence known on the squash court — and in the fight for girls’ education
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"If I don’t go to school, I will become nothing in the future; if I go to school, I will become a doctor. I want to become a doctor." — Lina, 12 years-old

Afghan Children, Deprived of School, Tell of Their Deepest Fears
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Zaynab travelled to Washington, D.C. and visited the monuments. Follow her trip on Instagram Stories via @MalalaFund !
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Noorena, a 19 year-old Pakistani athlete and activist, came to the United Nations to advocate for girls' education.

Noorena makes her presence known on the squash court — and in the fight for girls’ education
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What can you and your friends do to support girls' education around the world? Get involved:

Join Malala in her fight for girls education!
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"I can only hope that I too can contribute to this great cause and pray for a world where all our children get equal access to education and other opportunities." — Zarnab

Zarnab, a 22-year-old girl from Pakistan, believes now more than ever in education for all
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At 20 years-old, Negin is one of Afghanistan's first female conductors.

For This Afghan Woman, Studying Music Is An Act Of Resistance
Every girl deserves to learn for 12 years and lead without fear, yet more than 130 million girls remain out of school. Get involved:

60 Stunning Photos Of Girls Going To School Around The Globe
With an uncertain future, Omaima finds hope in education:
On the sixth anniversary of the Syria crisis, we are thinking of Tasneem and all refugee girls still fighting for their future. #WithSyria
Thanks Starbucks for supporting girls' education!

Starbucks Contributes $100,000 to Malala Fund
"I enjoy coming to school. It makes the day worthwhile." via BBC News

International Women's Day: Meet the grannies going to school - BBC News
Malala's hidden talent: performing Pitch Perfect's "Cups" song at her school's music show.
This week Gulalai and Noorena are joining Malala Fund from Pakistan to advocate for better data and funding of girls' education at the United Nations.
Muzoon, a Syrian refugee and Malala Fund advocate, told UK's House of Lords "Girls need teachers, not husbands" in her International Women's Day speech.
"I was lucky to have a mother and father who gave me the opportunity to learn and the freedom to imagine a bright future for myself. Every girl deserves this same support." — Malala
This boxing academy in Kenya is teaching girls much more than how to throw a punch. via @AlJazeera

The boxing girls of Kenya
Happy #InternationalWomensDay! Will you invest in girls today and help them become tomorrow's leaders?

"Today, on International Women’s Day, we recognise how far we have come ― but also how far we have to go."

Read Malala's full Women's Day message:

Let’s march forward