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At age 15, this young refugee girl had already been married and divorced. Watch the full story from Christiane Amanpour's trip to Jordan's Zaatari Refugee Camp: via CNN
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"In Pakistan, opting for a sport like rugby, this is like out of the mould for our society. I think we are making change. We are the one(s) who are gonna be the inspiration for other girls." — Feliza Mahmood Mirza. via TIME

Pakistani Women Make Memorable Rugby Debut
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Ritam, Ruhi and Preeti are working with local organisations in India to ensure young girls can go to school instead of work.
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She could be a historic activist or cultural icon. She could be a trailblazer in your own life: your mother, daughter, teacher or friend.

We’ll feature our favorite submissions on the Malala Fund blog leading up to International Women’s Day on Wedne‌sday, Ma‌rch 8. ENTER:

Who inspires you?
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Tell us about a woman who inspires you to take a stand!

International Women's DayCalling for Submissions
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"I motivated four girls to rejoin school and am assisting 22 girls in their studies. I now have better understanding of educational and social issues that affect girls. Now my dream is to become police officer and help girls stay in school." — 15 year-old, Huma
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Marley is set on using books to change the world and we couldn't be more excited!

12-Year-Old Marley Dias Is Publishing An Activism Guide For Children And Teens
"When I was a young girl in Pakistan, I never dreamed that one day I would have millions of friends like you, fighting for girls like me." — Malala
Like millions of other girls around the world, 15-year-old Omaima aspires to go to school, but because she is a refugee her future remains uncertain.

With an uncertain future, Omaima finds hope in education
Meet our new CEO, Farah Mohamed.

“Malala has ignited a movement around the world and I am honored and excited to join her and the Malala Fund team to help make her vision a reality.”
Girl Rising's book aims to inspire a young generation of changemakers who will help build a better future for girls.

The Amazing 'Girl Rising' Documentary is Now a Book
“We have to make sure that when politicians and diplomats make promises, that they do not forget them when they leave the room. Education is so important for refugee children but until now it has not been given enough attention.” — Muzoon, 19 year-old Syrian refugee
In Bihar, India more than 12,000 community members are now engaged in a discussion about girls' education and hundreds of girls have returned to school after learning about Malala's story.

Learn more about our work in India:
Refugee girls have already lost homes, friends and family. Each year of school they miss, their hopes for a brighter future fade. This must stop — the world must join together to fight for their education.

Syrian refugee children in Lebanon at risk of child labour, missing out on education
“I helped 25 girls to get enrolled in school. Before this, they were engaged in child labour; football making or sewing.” — Samreen, 11 year-old student

A look at how Malala’s story has inspired girls in India
Increasing number of girls completing secondary education by 1% could increase a country's economic growth by 0.3%. Learn more at
Despite challenging circumstances, these girls — like so many others — persisted with courage to fight for their rights.

8 girls who persisted and spoke up for their right to education
Inspired by Malala's story, Preeti is looking toward the future with hope and determination. “I have no fear now and have decided that I will continue my studies and work as well.”

Read Preeti's story:
Azimi hopes to watch her students compete internationally, challenge stereotypes and combat violence against women in Afghanistan. via The Huffington Post

Stunning Photos Of The Young Afghan Girls Fighting Stereotypes With Martial Arts
“We realize the importance of light when we see darkness. We realize the importance of our voice when we are silenced.” — Malala