Malibu Rum
02/24/2017 at 08:00. Facebook
Her er alt, hvad du skal bruge for at få en sommerlig voksen-fastelavn
Happy Valentines ❤ Skal du fejre dagen med den eneste ene, så er her en drink at skåle i. Opskrift:
Konkurrence, der pepper januarvejret op! Hvor mange gange har vi gemt ordet "Malibu"? Svar og vær med i lodtrækningen om et topfedt Malibu-kit Konkurrencebetingelser:
Pimp din juicekur med lidt ekstra solskin i en mørk måned ☀ Opskrift:
Godt nytår til jer alle sammen i morgen! Skål da lige 2017 ind med den her labre frækkert ✨

Rigtig go' jul fra alle os hos Malibu! Vi trækker lod om et fantastisk Malibu-kit blandt alle, som afslører deres Christmas-crush i tråden her ❤

Vi er SÅ klar til ferie og fredagsdrinks! Og ret vilde med ideen om automatisk refill
Man kan godt være vild med to på én gang - så hvis du både er til Malibu og Mojito, er her den perfekte løsning: En Malibu Mojito, selvfølgelig!
"Earth is in the midst of its sixth mass extinction: Somewhere between 30 and 159 species disappear every day, thanks largely to humans, and more than 300 types of mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians have vanished since 1500."
"In other words, GSCH appears to me to have been formed specifically to sell unproven fetal stem cell therapies to desperate patients without those pesky clinical trial regulations."
Once again there will not be a presidential debate focusing on scientific issues. They did provide written answers to questions, though.
The headlines at Sustainable Pulse present the argument against Alliance for Science. It is, "We don't like that the evidence fails to support our beliefs, so we want you to stop talking about it."
"IgG testing for food allergies is not valid, outside of very specific known IgG mediated syndromes like Celiac disease. Do not buy home IgG food allergy testing kits, and do not trust practitioners who will do wide IgG screening tests and then tell you to avoid long lists of foods. They are not following the evidence."
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Forgotten Superheroes of Science: Mary Elizabeth Barber; News Items: Tardigrade Radiation Resistance, Resistant Lice, Evolving Bacteria, Moon Formation; Who’s That Noisy; What’s the Word: Superfecundation; Your Questions and E-mails: Lightning Strikes; Science or Fiction

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"It appears that science has hit a nerve. Some of the poorest people are growing food and eating, sustainably. You'd think that critics would be celebrating. But to an emotional and science-free movement, when the technology they oppose serves others, they are caught between acknowledging that it is doing good and abandoning their sacred belief that this technology can do no good-- ever. "
“The Health Ministry condemns in the strongest terms the irresponsible campaigns against vaccination of children. Their results are seen, for example, in the increase in measles dozen times in one year."
"As if things weren’t difficult enough, the AAP Section on Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine has published a clinical report in the September Pediatrics that aims to remind providers that it is “time to say no” to one of the our most popular pain medications: codeine."
"To demonstrate that Dsup has protective properties, they took human kidney cells and inserted the Dsup gene into them. When they cultured those human-Dsup cells and exposed them to radiation they found that they experienced 40% less DNA damage than control cells."