The days are slowly getting hotter, time to stock up on the summer essentials. #treatyourself #SmoothAndCreamy #Maltesers
We had such a laugh with our Feed Your Screen comp the first time, we've decided to do it again!

Snap a photo of you feeding your screen Maltesers, for the chance to win Hoyts Australia movie tickets for you and your friends. We have 18 prizes of 5 tickets to be won. T&Cs here: [ Link ]
Time to introduce something fresh. #MaltesersMint
The Maltesers Munching Game: any time you hear the ladies say any of the following, you eat Maltesers. #TheBachie16
No-one said it's an easy decision. #PorQueNoLosDos #FathersDay
Just when you thought it couldn't get any better... #Maltesers #SmoothAndCreamy
A better reason to bite a medal. #TheGames
The lighter way to enjoy chocolate. #TheGames
It's back! Get 2 for 1 movie tickets with specially marked packs of Maltesers and M&M'S. Quick, it's for a limited time only. T&C'S here:
New Maltesers Smooth and Creamy, now available in an ice cream aisle near you!
Deliciously different, inside and out. #ComingSoon
Something smooth and creamy is on its way. #ComingSoon
When your milkshake brings all the Maltesers to the jar. #TreatYourself
Pretty much.
We pimped the humble Woolies' mud cake!
To give yours a revamp, stack three cakes and smother them in Maltesers, Teasers Bars, icing and other delicious things.

Voilà, a delicious transformation only your tastebuds will recognise.
Milk or Dark Maltesers hot chocolate? That is the question. #HotChocolateSeason