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"I kept catching my reflection in the mirror and thinking, who is that 40 something woman stuck in a lazy hair timewarp from when she was 24?"

'Why I chopped all my hair off after 20 years of messy buns and lost elastics.'
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The actress says Swedish sexual assault laws are "almost too progressive", and make men "vulnerable".

Pamela Anderson, who's spoken of her own rape, now wants to protect men accused of it.
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How to choccy dipped marshmallows.

Read: [ Link ]
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Moral of the story: make sure the camera is off before you bicker with your spouse.

Novak Djokovic and his wife had a lovers' tiff and accidentally streamed it to the world.
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"I understand that people want to find him, that people want answers. But to make money from someone's decision to vanish is ethically questionable." - Monique Bowley

The world's new viral podcast has a concerning dark side.
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More than 2.1 million people watched the first episode, yet the critics still aren't impressed. But there's one huge thing they've missed.

Four things the critics got so very wrong about Big Little Lies.
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'We went straight to the police. They're taking this very seriously. I never would have known anything was amiss without the advice here,' she wrote.

Reddit just saved a pregnant woman from what could have been a very dangerous situation.
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"I hear this thud. And I'm thinking, 'Please don't be a human. Don't let that noise be a human'."

Wippa's parenting nightmare: "My toddler has fallen a metre off the edge of the stairs."
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It's not exactly comfortable to pull off... but the gross results are SO worth it.

We tried the blackhead busting face mask social media is obsessed with.
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"I have an underlying feeling of guilt," admits mum-of-two Kim Henshaw.

"It’s always on my mind, in the background, that I've given my kids my disease."
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"The sentiment is beautiful, but she didn't realise what the card was trying to say," her baffled grandson said.

A grandma thought she was sending a cute birthday card. It was actually very, very rude.
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An 'I'm a Celebrity' contestant just tweeted their pay packet for the show and our minds are blown. [ Link ]
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The youngest duo use the highly controversial ingredient, leaving rivals very unimpressed.

One tiny ingredient sparks a huge division on 'My Kitchen Rules'.
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How the 'Kate Middleton Effect' destroyed one woman's fashion label. [ Link ]
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“Lane Bryant can promote a model with stretch marks. And Kim Kardashian West can get hers removed. And no one should get angry about either one.”

Two different examples of stretch marks. Neither is "right".
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"I'm broken hearted," wrote one fan in response to the clues.

Hawk-eyed fans are convinced Megan and Tiffany have broken up.