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"The desired reaction from the child wasn't what we thought it would be," Williams admitted after his daughter started screaming.

Channel 7's Tom Williams threw a 3rd birthday party for his daughter. It was a huge disaster.
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Even Channel 9 presenter Julie Snook dared to wear the same colour as most others - without a jacket.

All the dazzling looks from the 2017 Allan Border Medal awards are here.
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The father of Thalia Hakin is caught in a nightmare, with one daughter dead, another injured and his wife clinging to life.

Dad of 10-year-old girl killed in Bourke Street attack left "running between hospitals".
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Exclusive: This leaked footage shows how Australia’s most notorious new ad was made. Story: [ Link ]
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At first they were wandering around with glazed eyes like junkies, but now Nikki's kids have found new ways to stay entertained.

Nikki Gemmell's genius method for limiting her kids' screen time.
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Daniel Andrews also provided an update on the condition of the car attack victims who remain in hospital.

Victorian Premier announces new night court and bail law reform in wake of Bourke St rampage.
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The cleaner, who worked at a Gold Coast school, was shocked to find a dishevelled bed, empty bottles and condoms scattered around the staffroom.

Cleaner awarded compensation for humiliating "orgy prank."
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From lockout laws to transport, this is what you need to know about the new Liberal leader.

Where new NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian stands on the state's big issues.
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As if there wasn't enough to love about the Swiss tennis legend.

"The story behind Roger Federer's knee injury made me go 'ohhhh'."
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"Don't these clowns have anything else better to do with their time other than to hold sad, anti-democracy protests?"

Pauline Hanson didn't attend the Women's March, just in case you were wondering.
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The Hollywood blockbuster Pacific Rim II has been filming in the same area, but it is not yet clear which film production is linked to the shooting.

An actor has been fatally shot while filming a Bliss n Eso music video in Brisbane.
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If you're serious about this, it's time to stop making excuses and start taking responsibility for yourself.

You say you want to get fit. Here's what you need to know to make it happen.
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Because achieving real change takes time and patience and smarts and team work.

Here's what you can do to keep the fight alive after the Women's March.
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The aim is for more than 90 per cent of passengers to avoid paperwork altogether.

Passports to be replaced by 'world-first' system at Australian airports.
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If anyone can solve the work life balance issue, this woman can.

Sallyanne Atkinson ran an entire city while raising five children, here's her secret.
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"To think that it's such a happy place and it feels desecrated... I feel devastated for these people."

Bourke Street victims remembered by thousands at a vigil in Melbourne.
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Jo Abi never EVER wants to go on a digital detox.

"I'm not a bad person because I love my smart phone."
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'My children's mum came to pick them up one day in 2014. Then, my babies vanished.' [ Link ]
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'Are people who are size 14 freaks?' Bianca Dye's rude shock at a major Aussie retailer. [ Link ]