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There's a new exercise trend in town, and this is one you'll actually enjoy.

If you're not part of the "yoga and wine" craze, then what are you even doing with your life?
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There are a few things you need to watch out for when you're in the Mamamia office.

In The Lift With Mia Freedman: Also known as "things to never tell your boss."
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"The issue here isn't Lena. Or her sex tape. Or even her desire to be famous. The issue is far bigger than that."

We live in a world where a woman is vowing to release a sex tape to gain followers.
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Good news. Your social media stalking of the former First Lady can continue.

Where to follow Barack and Michelle Obama.
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Exclusive: This leaked footage shows how Australia’s most notorious new ad was made. Story: [ Link ]
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"Nail clipper", "Potato peeler" and "Vagina spreader" (??) are just some of the explanations confused boyfriends have offered up.

The makeup tool that has men completely confused (and a little afraid).
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The conversation we were never meant to hear has been uncovered. Kind of.

What Donald and Melania Trump were probably whispering to each other during that awkward dance.
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"I met my wife when we were 19, we made a 'if we're not married at 30' pact at age 21, and we got married at 25."

The friends who made "back-up spouse" pacts - and went through with them.
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It was the question everyone was left with after that famous, viral exchange. And we're solving the mystery.

What's inside the Tiffany box Melania Trump gave Michelle Obama? We have an answer.
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23-year-old Alice Payne says she was asleep throughout childbirth after her contractions were misread.

'I had a nap. An hour later, I woke up to discover I'd given birth to my baby.'
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And there's a surprising reason driving the Aussie icon's change of heart.

Kylie Minogue isn't going to be called Kylie Minogue anymore.
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The X-rated masturbation tips every woman needs to know.

The X-rated masturbation positions you never knew you needed.
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"You will always be a part of us... we are constantly inspired by your love." Tributes are flowing for the victims of Friday's car attack in the Melbourne

Family and friends share tributes to the Bourke Street car attack victims.
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The pop star has revisited the colour she rocked 20 years ago. And it looks even better the second time around.

Dannii Minogue's hair has just been given a "90s colour reboot."
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"Gen-Xers grew up questioning everything. They will question you."

The seven ways generation Xers are driving their millennial colleagues crazy.
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And sadly, not everyone is happy about this creepy resemblance.

So, Ariana Grande has a real-life twin. Except, they're not related.
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Spray tan or no spray tan? We'll let you decide. [ Link ]
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Women share where they sourced their favourite outfits.